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"Step aside, I want to go to my room." Yoshiko Sato looked at the black-clothed man with a cold expression, her eyes glinting chillingly.

As a first stage grandmaster, Yoshiko Sato had found the black-clothed man was not an ordinary person. He had powerful strength with killing intent all over him.

If it had been another time, Yoshiko Sato would have killed the man with a slash of her sword, but she had been wounded in the battle with Qingfeng Li and could not afford to use her strength.

It was a tense moment and a battle could break out any minute.

"This gentleman, would you please tell me your room number?" At this moment, a receptionist walked over and asked the black-clothed man.

The black-clothed man frowned, a chilling light flashing in his eyes. He glanced at the receptionist and turned to leave. Before he turned away, he cast a cold glance at Qingfeng Li with killing intent in his eyes.

"Yoshiko, help me to the room. Hurry." Qingfeng Li murmured urgently.

He had sensed a strong killing intent on the black-clothed man. He had sensed the same intent before, from the Instructor of the Assassin School in Russia. The man must have come from Russia and was very powerful.

The black-clothed man didn't make his move because he didn't know Qingfeng Li's condition and Yoshiko Sato's presence made him hesitate. These two reasons combined with the sudden appearance of the receptionist stopped him from attacking.

Qingfeng Li knew that he must quickly recover his strength, or otherwise he would be in danger if the black-clothed man came back for him.

Inside the hotel room.

Pale-faced and strengthless, Qingfeng Li sat on the sofa and said weakly, "Yoshiko, go get a bowl of hot water and wash my feet."

Yoshiko Sato nodded. She went into the bathroom, get a bowl of water and then began to wash Qingfeng Li's feet.

If the Pacific Islanders had seen this, they would have been shocked, and Yoshiko's suitors would have died from jealousy. 

Yoshiko Sato was the young mistress of the super Ninja Clan on Pacific Island and one of the four beauties. Though as a Femme Fatale, she had killed a lot of man, she was still loved by many men. It would be unbelievable to see her give a foot massage to Qingfeng Li.

Obviously she had never washed feet for anyone or give any massage, and thus her motions were clumsy and stumbling. Qingfeng Li didn't mind her clumsiness because all he needed was rest and recovery of his strength.

"Yoshiko, how can I reach the grandmaster realm?" Qingfeng Li asked, a trace of bafflement in his voice.

He had directly reach the half-grandmaster realm after devouring the Blood Sun's bloodline. However, he didn't get a breakthrough after devouring Yoshiko Sato's three-tailed fox bloodline.

Yoshiko Sato smiled slightly, "Master, you need to gain a personal enlightment of your cultivation and martial techniques to break the boundary and reach the grandmaster realm."

"Master, I was exercising Sky Fox martial techniques with the awakened three-tailed bloodline when I caught a three-tailed fox and from it, I gained an insight which brought me into the grandmaster realm."

"Of course there are many ways to enter the grandmaster realm. Besides the insight, you can reach it through taking grandmaster elixir, or by receiving the power transferred from a grandmaster."

"Lastly, two half-grandmasters can have sex and combine the man's Yang and the woman's Ying, allowing both of them to promote to the grandmaster realm."

As the young mistress of a super clan of the Pacific Island, Yoshiko Sato had a vast knowledge in ancient martial arts, at least much more than Qingfeng Li did.

Qingfeng Li nodded. Yoshiko Sato told him several methods but most of them were not available to him. Though he had the book Alchemy Art of Elixir King, without an alchemist's furnace and proper materials he couldn't make the necessary elixir.

As to having sex with a half-grandmaster, Qingfeng Li regarded it impossible. Though Yoshiko Sato was a good choice, he couldn't find enough strength to do it. Besides, with a killer outside, it was not the time for sex.

He was left with only one way and that was territory insight since territory was the power only a grandmaster could possess.

Qingfeng Li was now a half-grandmaster, only one step from the grandmaster realm. All he needed was a juncture, a juncture for breakthrough.

While Yoshiko massaged his feet, Qingfeng Li sat on the sofa and began to try and gain an insight.

At his level, it was no longer enough to simply increase his strength. He needed a higher level of insight or a spiritual resonance.

He reviewed in his mind the third passage in the True Martial Emperor Techniques. It was a passage on the grandmaster realm and contained the detailed method by a grandmaster on how to gain an insight.

A territory was a magical power. Similar to the ancient formation array, a territory was an unique area conjured by mental strength and inside this mental area, the grandmaster was unrivalled.

Qingfeng Li's exercises had a nature of fire and so did the Red Fiery Sword Techniques. The territory he needed to understand were of the fire nature.

There were many kinds of territory. For example, the territories of metal, wood, water, fire and earth belonged to the five elements. The territories of wind, rain, thunder and lightning had natural properties while darkness, time, space and gravity were special territories.

In short, territories were limitless. You must choose a territory according to your own physique, which decides the nature of your exercises.

Qingfeng Li opened his heart to the fire-natured vital essence in the air. By internal channeling of the vital essence, he put together the fiery vital essence in his body and the fire-natured vital essence from the air and made them communicate with each other. 

The vital essence had its unique nature and thus possessed feelings. They were like spirits wandering in the air in the form of particles in countless numbers. All you needed to do was to get in touch with them.


The Red Fiery Sword on Qingfeng Li was humming, which was the result of the stimulation it received when Qingfeng Li got in touch with the fire-natured vital essence. It was a fire-natured sword and it contained a fire-natured meteorite.

Qingfeng Li drew out the Red Fiery Sword and found four flame patterns on it. Originally it had only one flame pattern and after Qingfeng Li exercised three sword techniques, there appeared three flame patterns.

Now with the insight that Qingfeng Li had gained, the fourth flame appeared on the Red Fiery Sword.

With an open and clear mind, Qingfeng Li entered a magical realm where the invisible fire-natured vital essence revolved around him, creating a territory.

Yes, this was a territory and a fire-natured territory, specifically. In this territory, Yoshiko Sato's body was immovable and due to the burning sensation, her sweat kept flowing down and soaked her dress, revealing her tempting white skin.

"Grandmaster realm. Is this the territory power only known to the grandmaster realm?" Qingfeng Li said in a low voice, appreciation in his eyes.

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