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"Qingfeng Li, I am the young mistress of the Ninja Clan and one of the four beauties of the Pacific Island. I will never be your, a Huaxia man's, servant."


 Qingfeng Li took out a small leather whip and lashed it at her body viciously, leaving a red welt.

Since she was seriously wounded when her three-tailed fox bloodline was devoured, she could do nothing but take the beating.

Looking down on the welt on her body, Yoshiko Sato's white skin flushed red with shame, mortification, rage and all kinds of other complicated emotions.

As the young mistress of the Ninja Clan, she was treated like a princess by everyone. No one had ever dared to beat her or insult her, and it would have been unimaginable that a Huaxia man would whip her.

 "Jerk, you dared to beat me. I will not let you off easily!" Yoshiko's face turned ashen, killing intent flashing in her eyes. She hated Qingfeng Li so much that she wanted to kill him on the spot.

Pa, pa, pa…

 The little black leather whip danced like a black snake in Qingfeng Li's hand and slashed viciously at Yoshiko's body, leaving countless welts on her tender skin.

Yoshiko Sato felt mortification and anger when she received the first few lashings. However, as Qingfeng Li increased his strength in his whipping, she became excited with arousal.

Yeah, you got it right, Yoshiko Sato was excited with arousal.

It seemed that the young mistress had a tendency to self-abuse. When Qingfeng Li whipped her, she became so aroused that her charming face turned pink like red wine and her beautiful eyes were filled with lust.

"F**k! I've heard that the Pacific Islanders loved self-abuse and now I know it is true." Looking at the aroused Yoshiko Sato, Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and was speechless.

 Pacific Island was an amazing nation where the people loved not only abusing others but self-abuse and being abused by others as well.

Qingfeng Li lost his interest and lowered his whip, but Yoshiko Sato was interrupted in her enjoyment when he stopped the lashing. 

 "Why did you…stop?" Yoshiko Sato asked in confusion since she had been enjoying it very much.

 "Yoshiko Sato, if you agree to be my servant, I will let you live and I will whip you every day. But if you don't agree, I will kill you." With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li said coldly.

Her expression changed at Qingfeng Li's words, all kinds of emotions flashing across her charming face.

 "Impossible. I will not be your servant even if you kill me." Gritting her teeth, Yoshiko Sato answered in a cold voice.

 As the young mistress of the Ninja Clan, Yoshiko Sato had her pride and dignity. She would never agree to be a servant to a Huaxia man, even at the price of her life.

 Qingfeng Li froze in surprise for a moment, not expecting she would refuse to submit even at the threat of her life.

 But Qingfeng Li would not let her die even if she wanted to. Since she was the young mistress of a super power from the Pacific Island, making her his servant would be a huge blow to the forces of the Pacific Island.

 "Wolf King's Eye." Qingfeng Li murmured and then his eyes turned fiery red with glints of blood, wwo hexagram-shaped flames twirling and gleaming in his eyes

The Wolf King's Eye was very magical. It was not only one of the Bloodline martial techniques, but one of the bloodline power which were integral to the ancient Wolf King bloodline. It could confuse the rivals and make them submit by hypnosis.

However, Qingfeng Li rarely used it since it was very exhausting. Each time after use, he became very exhausted both mentally and physically.

As with the bloodline power, the Wolf King's Eye was only effective to those with the same power as his own. It was also useless to people with stronger strength.

 His Wolf King's Eye could control Yoshiko Sato but would be useless with the Red-cloaked Cardinal from the Tiger Continent because the latter was much more powerful.

 Looking at Qingfeng Li's red eye, Yoshiko Sato's mind and face became blank. She looked at him with admiration as if he was an ancient god and she had a sudden urge to kneel down before him.

 "Yoshiko Sato, I am the ancient wolf god. Be my servant, and I will bring you to glory." Qingfeng Li's eyes flashed a shadowy light and it was engraved in her brain like a spiritual contract.

 "Yes, master, Yoshiko Sato is willing to be your loyal servant." Yoshiko Sato kneeled down deferentially, looking up at Qingfeng Li with admiration in her eye.

 I have finally gotten control of Yoshiko Sata and made her my servant. A flash of pleasure appeared on Qingfeng Li's face.

 But his happiness didn't last long. He was attacked by a surge of dizziness and almost fainted from mental and physical exhaustion.

The after-effects of the Wolf King's Eye and bloodline awakening finally caught up with him. Qingfeng Li felt lucky that he already had Yoshike Sato under control. In his current state, he was so weak that any ordinary person could have killed him easily.

"Yoshiko Sato, I order you to take me to the nearest hotel to rest." With a pale face, Qingfeng Li said weakly.

 "Yes, master." Yoshiko Sato answered respectfully. Supporting Qingfeng Li with her arms, she walked with him to a nearby hotel.

 When they walked into the hotel, the security guard and receptionist were both dazed by Yoshiko Sato's beauty because they had never seen a woman sexier than her.

 "Who is that guy supported by such a charming woman to a hotel room? She is wasted on him." The guard muttered, eyes full of jealousy and envy.

 Qingfeng Li had of course heard the guard's words. He would have slapped the guard if he was not exhausted but right now, he had no choice but to ignore him.

 "Beauty, what's the matter with this gentleman?" When Yoshiko Sato finished checking in and prepared to walk to the room assigned to them, a black-clothed man stopped her.

 The medium-sized black-clothed man was not a Huaxia, but from Russia. He had a thick beard and a high-bridged nose, speaking Chinese with a Russian accent.

 Yoshiko Sato smiled lightly, "Step aside, we need to go into the room and rest."

 "Beauty, you have not told me what the matter is with this gentleman and why he needs your help to walk." The black-clothed man asked lightly, yet there was a hint of malicious killing intent in his voice.

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