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"Qingfeng Li, I admit that you are the strongest among those of the younger generation that I have ever met. But you will be defeated today." Yoshiko Sato smiled coldly.

Yes, the martial techniques of Qingfeng Li were indeed very powerful, but Yoshiko Sato believed that once she unleashed the strength of her bloodline, she would surely defeat him because bloodline martial techniques were even more powerful than grandmaster-grade martial techniques.

Yoshiko Sato had absolute confidence in her bloodline martial techniques.

A flash of surprise appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes. He just couldn't understand how this woman still had the confidence to beat him. Was it possible?

"Yoshiko Sato, I don't know where you got your confidence. Unleash all of your techniques now or you will lose your last chance." With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li was very sure of himself.

Yoshiko Sato was displeased at Qingfeng Li's confidence. He was even more arrogant than her, the young mistress of the Ninja Clan; this fellow desperately deserved a good beating.

"Qingfeng Li, I will awaken my bloodline and show you its power. No martial techniques can beat my bloodline." Yoshiko's face was filled with pride. She looked at Qingfeng Li disdainfully, as if he was an easy prey.

Bloodline power?

There was a trace of awkwardness on Qingfeng Li's face. What the f*ck? I thought you would launch some stunning ultimate technique or something. Your ace in the hole is just your bloodline? He felt a bit embarrassed for her.

Any other person would have been scared at the mention of a bloodline power, since it could give you the strength to go past your current stage and defeat people who were at a higher level. However, Qingfeng Li was not scared in the least because he possessed his own bloodline power.

Furthermore, the bloodline power contained in his body was absolutely the most powerful one.

Both the ancient Wolf King bloodline and the dragon bloodline were first-grade. The Wolf King bloodline was even blessed with the power to devour any other bloodline to increase its own strength.

Of course, his bloodline with devouring ability was not unrivalled. If he encountered an opponent with much more power than his, he won't be able to devour it. But since Yoshiko Sato's strength was almost at the same level of his, Qingfeng Li was not at all afraid of her bloodline power.

Yoshiko Sato opened her mouth and uttered a tweeting sound. Anyone hearing the sound would feel great pleasure, as if their blood was being heated by it.

A fox totem floated up from her body. It was a fox phantom with red fur, seductive eyes and three red tails.

 "Three-tailed fox bloodline?" Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows and recognized the bloodline immediately.

 Among all the ancient bloodlines, the three-tailed fox bloodline was a unique one with two features. The first was the ability of seduction and the second was the ability to devour its rival's bloodline strength.

Of course the devouring ability was much more inferior than that of the ancient Wolf King bloodline.

 "Do you think you alone possess a bloodline power? I, too, am blessed with a bloodline." Qingfeng Li sneered.

Yoshiko Sato thought herself unrivalled with her three-tailed fox bloodline power so she didn't realize that Qingfeng Li's bloodline was much more powerful than hers.


Qingfeng Li uttered a wolf howl permeated with wild bleakness, unleashing his primordial bloodline.

His eyes and every part of his body turned fiery red, a sign of his bloodline awakening. Each time he woke up his bloodline, he felt as if his body was being boiled in magma, like a well-cooked big shrimp.

A black Wolf King phantom appeared on Qingfeng Li's body. Wild, arrogant, overbearing, the Wolf King looked down at everything with a king's dignity.

"Bloodline? You too have bloodline power?!" Seeing the Wolf King bloodline on Qingfeng Li, Yoshiko Sato's pupils contracted with astonishment.

Yoshiko Sato's last and biggest trick was her bloodline power and bloodline martial techniques. She thought that with those, she would have the strength to overpower everything. Now, she wasn't so certain, as the strength of the bloodlines would determine who the winner would be.

Yoshiko Sato believed her own bloodline power would surely defeat Qingfeng Li's. She had absolute confidence in her three-tailed fox bloodline.

 "Sky Fox Claw." With a chilling yell, her right hand turned into a claw. It ripped open the air and slashed at Qingfeng Li with a violent force.

The Sky Fox Claw was so powerful that it created strong gusts of wind and cracked the ground wherever it passed. If it landed on a human body, it would cause instant death.

The Wolf King shadow on Qingfeng Li raised its head and howled. It lashed out one of its paws and collided with the Sky Fox Claw viciously.


Two ancient bloodline powers collided with each other, creating a horribly huge force which collapsed the area they were standing on.

The earth shook and cracks of crevices spread outward like spider nets

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Under this violent force, a dozen giant trees nearby collapsed onto the ground with huge banging sounds, dust rising high into the air.

The collision of the two bloodline forces caused frightening destruction. It was fortunate that it happened on an empty street during the night and the destruction did not extend to the surrounding buildings. The damage was limited only to the ground and the trees.

"Three-tailed fox bloodline, devour." Yoshiko Sato murmured, ordering her bloodline phantom to devour the Wolf King bloodline into its body.

But when the three-tailed fox bloodline shadow approached its target, the Wolf King suddenly opened its mouth and, in one bite, devoured the three-tailed fax bloodline phantom into its body.

The ancient Wolf King bloodline was the strongest devouring bloodline. The three-tailed fox bloodline's devouring ability was nothing before it and could only be eaten.


When her awakened bloodline shadow was devoured, Yoshiko Sato received a serious wound and a spurt of blood shot out of her mouth. Her face turned very pale and her charming expression vanished.

"How is it possible that you can devour my three-tailed fox bloodline?" All the self-confidence and arrogance were gone from her eyes and were replaced by bafflement and disbelief.

 She had devoured several people's bloodline power on Pacific Island and that was why she had reached the first stage of grandmaster realm at such a young age. She had never imagined that her own bloodline would be devoured by Qingfeng Li.

"Yoshiko Sato, young mistress of the Ninja Clan, as I said before, I will make you my servant today." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, a trace of arrogance and overbearing pride in his voice.

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