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Chapter 785: The Beauty's Attack

 "You are good. You blocked my grandmaster level attack." A trace of surprise appeared on Yoshiko Sato's charming face, obviously having not expected that Qingfeng Li could block her long sword.

It must be noted that Yoshiko Sato was a peerless elite in the Ninja Clan, the young mistress who had received the most favor by the clan. She had cultivated her great power by exercising the best martial techniques from a very young age, consuming the best elixirs and awakening the Three-tailed Fox bloodline.

In the younger generation on Pacific Island, Yoshiko Sato was absolutely a super strong fighter in disguise. Only a few absolute demons could be her rival.

"Was that a demonstration of grandmaster realm power? You are too weak." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, a trace of disdain in his eyes.

In his eyes, Yoshiko Sato was only in the first stage of the grandmaster realm and thus her strength was much weaker than the Red-cloaked Cardinal from the Tiger Continent's Holy See.

When they were in the Tiger Continent Holy See, the Red-cloaked Cardinal had released his territory and Qingfeng was completely frozen, not even being able to move even a finger.

"Sky Fox Phantom." Yoshiko yelled, swinging the Sky Fox blade in the air continuously. Countless flashes of phantoms, like demon foxes, rushed with a strong force at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng's expression changed because he saw

a different scenery before his eyes. The darkness and the street disappeared and he suddenly stood in an extremely beautiful place where cherry flowers were in full bloom.

Under the cherry trees, a charming beauty walked towards him from the distance. She had a seductive face and a ravishing body, tempting a man to entertain dirty thoughts.

Fantasy. The Sky Fox Sword Techniques had created a fantasy for Qingfeng Li to indulge in.

With a strong mentality, Qingfeng Li quickly recovered from the confusion caused by the cherry flower fantasy.

"Fire Fiery Blast, break it for me." With an angry yell, Qingfeng Li lashed his Fire Fiery Sword into the air and a torch of fire burst out and burned all the cherry trees.

With the burning of the cherry trees and flowers, the fantasy vanished and the familiar street returned.

"Damn it. You destroyed my fantasy realm." Yoshiko Sato yelled, fury on her charming face.

Yoshiko Sato was very angry that her attack had been blocked, and the fantasy she created was destroyed. She wanted to push Qingfeng Li onto the ground and whip him viciously.

"I say, beauty, can't you release greater strength instead of using these low-grade techniques?" Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, a trace of mockery in his eyes.

He was now a half-grandmaster and could jump realms to fight stronger opponents so an ordinary first stage grandmaster was

was no opponent to him. He could only be defeated by a grandmaster of a higher stage.

Yoshiko Sato was a young genius and a super strong fighter in the younger generation on the Pacific Island, but now she had encountered an unbeatable enemy, Qingfeng. He was more gifted than her and thus held her in his control.

"Qingfeng Li, I plan to make you my servant so I have not used my most powerful technique. I am afraid that I will kill you if I use it." Yoshiko Sato smiled coldly, killing intent in her voice.

"Yoshiko Sato, do your best. If you kill me, you deserve the victory, but if you fail, you will be my servant." Qingfeng Li smiled with contempt.

Yes, it was true that Yoshiko Sato had not launched her most powerful strike, but Qingfeng Li didn't use his most powerful technique, either. He had learned the third Fire Fiery Sword technique and was not afraid of anyone at Yoshiko's level.

With a cold smile, Yoshiko Sato replaced her charming expression with a cold killing intent.

"Sky Fox Technique, Sky Fox Glaring Sun." She said in a low voice thick with killing intent.

The long sword in her hand was tossed up suddenly. It slashed through the air and turned into a red glaring sun dashing towards Qingfeng Li.

Of course, it was not the real sun,

real sun, but a glaring sun formed by vital essence.

One had to admit that this sword technique of Yoshiko Sato's was extremely powerful and had touched the edge of conception.

What is conception? It is an intangible object with a powerful striking force. Like a grandmaster realm, it is an attack technique, similar to but also different from mental attacks.

Qingfeng Li felt the threat from this strike. The Sky Fox Glaring Sun must have held at least 10,000 kilograms of striking strength, which was evidenced by the explosions in the air that it caused.

"Red Fiery Wave." Qingfeng Li couldn't afford to be careless. He infused the vital essence into his sword and launch his most powerful sword technique.

His right hand whipped out the Red Fiery Sword and the vital essence turned into a huge wave of flames, like a burning waterfall rushing towards Yoshiko Sato's glaring sun.


The two sword forces formed by their respective vital essences collided with each other and created an earth-shaking loud sound. The air exploded and a huge vortex formed around them.

The violent energy carried in the vortex burst out into the surrounding area, causing the gravel and pavement on the ground to be torn out and launched into the air in countless pieces. The big trees were uprooted and the ground became uneven, with holes appearing everywhere.

The destroying force of this force of this strike went beyond Qingfeng Li's imagination. It was fortunate that he had learnt the third Red Fiery Sword Technique, or otherwise, he would not have blocked his opponent's death strike.

After this attack, the surrounding areas of the street were ruined beyond recognition. It was fortunate that it was night with almost no people on it and so no one witnessed the huge destruction.

This attack exhausted Yoshiko Sato's strength. Pale-faced, she was filled with disbelief when she saw Qingfeng Li still standing there quietly after blocking her attack.

"You…blocked my attack?" Yoshiko Sato gasped, showing her white teeth. Her charming eyes were filled with shock.

Yoshiko Sato found that she had underestimated Qingfeng Li's combat strength. He was like a demon and couldn't be defeated by her strongest sword attack.

On the Pacific Island, as long as Yoshiko Sato launched the Sky Fox Glaring Sun, the ancient warriors of the younger generation would be defeated without exception. She had been proud and smug, thinking of herself as the No. 1 of the younger generation.

When she met Qingfeng Li, her self-confidence and pride were all destroyed because all her attacks were useless. She couldn't defeat him.

"Damn it. Qingfeng Li is too powerful. To defeat him, I'll have to use the power of the bloodline." With an icy cold expression on her face, Yoshiko cursed silently.

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