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Chapter 784: Young Mistress of the Ninja Clan

It was silent in the shadows behind Qingfeng Li. Though he had called his stalker to come out, they remained lurking in the darkness.


Qingfeng Li picked up a pebble with his right hand and flung it through the air into the darkness.

However, the pebble hovered in the air when it arrived at the outer edge of the shadow, and wouldn't go in.

Its hovering in the air?

A flash of fear appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes. This was the power of the territory field, which was characteristic of a grandmaster level martial artist.

The stalker was a grandmaster. At the thought of this possibility, Qingfeng Li could not suppress the shiver that spread throughout his whole body.


The hovering pebble exploded into countless pieces and a charming woman walked out.

The woman was in her twenties with a seductive face. Her beauty was different from that of Ruyan Liu since she was even more seductive, tempting people with her black eyes.

She had huge breasts, which were not concealed by her slim gauze dress. One could clearly see her white skin and the deep valley between her breasts.

At a closer look, the gauze dress the woman was wearing was actually a kimono, a traditional clothing of the Pacific Island.

"Are you from the Pacific Island?" Qingfeng Li's expression changed.

"Yes. My name is Yoshiko Sato, the young mistress of the Pacific Island Ninja Clan." The charming woman said, a trace of hauteur in

her voice.

The Ninja Clan, one of the five super families on Pacific Island, was a well-known clan even in the whole Dragon Continent. Many strong fighters had come from this clan.

Yoshiko Sato was called the clan's absolute genius in the last century. She awakened the three-tailed Fox bloodline when she was only ten years old. With the bloodline power and bloodline martial techniques, it took her only a dozen years of practice to reach the grandmaster realm.

Yoshiko Sato, the Flower of Pacific Island and the Femme Fatale?

Qingfeng Li's expression changed. He had never met Yoshiko Sato, but he had heard about her reputation as one of the most beautiful women on the Pacific Island with a strong clan background and even stronger martial strength. It was said that many men had met their end at her hands.

"Qingfeng Li, you killed the King of Ninjas from our Ninja Clan. I will give you a chance to become my servant or I will kill you." Yoshiko Sato said the chilling words with a charming smile.

To be a servant of a previous enemy was more painful than to be killed.

Qingfeng Li laughed arrogantly. Huaxia people and the Pacific Islanders were enemies and he would rather die than act as a servant of a Pacific Islander.

"Yoshiko Sato, unrivalled beauty of Pacific Island, I will also give you a chance to be my servant and massage my feet. If you accept

accept I will let you live." Qingfeng Li's words were more arrogant than those of Yoshiko Sato.

"You are asking for your death. As a grandmaster, I will grant your wish." Yoshiko sneered, her eyes glinting chillingly.

Qingfeng Li had angered Yoshiko Sato. She decided to catch the man and put him in iron chains before giving him a good whipping.

Yoshiko released her territory and prepared to engulf Qingfeng Li in it.


Kicking so hard on the ground with his toes that a big hole appeared under him, Qingfeng Li flew backward for over 30 meters and dodged the grandmaster territory.

Qingfeng Li knew that a grandmaster realm usually covered an area with a radius of about 30 meters. Yoshiko Sato had just entered the first stage of the grandmaster realm and her power was not very strong yet, which was why Qingfeng Li could dodge it.

"Yoshiko Sato, you are a grandmaster but you can do nothing to me if I keep clear of your grandmaster territory." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, mockery in his eyes.

A streak of chilling light flashed in Yoshiko Sato's eyes and her face looked furious. Obviously she had underestimated Qingfeng's speed, which had allowed him to dodge at the moment when she released her territory.

"Qingfeng Li, even if I don't use my grandmaster realm, I can still kill you." Chilling light in her eyes, Yoshiko regarded Qingfeng Li with sheer contempt.

A grandmaster with 10,000 kilograms of strength and

strength and powerful martial techniques was more than enough to deal with a half-grandmaster.

"Yoshiko Sato, show me your moves. I told you I will make you my servant tonight and give me a foot massage." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, confidence in his face.

Other people would have called him an arrogant ass if they had heard Qingfeng Li's words. He was basically asking for death by saying that he would try to make the young mistress of the Ninja Clan and one of the four beauties on Pacific Island his servant.

Obviously Yoshiko Sato had been greatly angered by his words. She drew out a sword and held it before her body.

Emitting a flowing red light, the sword was crimson with a length of about one meter and a width of two fingers. On the surface of it was engraved a picture of a fox, giving the sword its name, the Sky Fox blade, one of the ten famous swords of the Pacific Island.

"Sky Fox Sword Technique." Yoshiko said with a low voice. Infusing her vital essence into the long sword, she hacked viciously at Qingfeng Li.

The sword slashed the air into two halves, showing the strength of a grandmaster.

Of course, the power came from not only Yoshiko Sato as a grandmaster, but from the Sky Fox Sword Techniques as well. They were grandmaster-grade sword techniques and the most treasured sword techniques in the Ninja Clan.

It was the Sky Fox Sword Sky Fox Sword Techniques that had helped the ancestors of the Ninja Clan conquer countless strong fighters of the Pacific Island and establish the Ninja Clan. The grandmaster-grade sword techniques had been passed down from one generation to the next.

"Very good. I shall see which is better, my Fire Fiery Sword Techniques or your Sky Fox Sword Techniques." Qingfeng Li's eyes lit up at Yoshiko's sword, like a predator looking at its prey.

Qingfeng Li was now unrivalled in the half-grandmaster realm and he needed to challenge a higher-grade rival to break through. Yoshiko was in the first stage of the grandmaster realm and was perfect for him.


With his right hand, Qingfeng Li drew the Fire Fiery Sword hand from his back and hot air rushed around his body.

He infused vital essence into the long sword and slashed it through the air in a violent attack towards the Sky Fox Sword held by Yoshiko Sato.


The Fire Fiery Sword and Sky Fox Sword collided with an explosive BOOM in the air. They seemed to have met their natural enemies and were battling it out as if they were alive.

Qingfeng Li had a sudden feeling that the two swords had fought each other before. Now, as if they had encountered their old enemy, they began to fight by themselves.

He even suspected that fifteen years ago, the Sword King had gone to the Pacific Island and challenged the Ninja Clan.

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