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"You drive," Ruyan said seductively when they arrived at her Maserati.

Qingfeng nodded and got Ruyan to sit beside him. He then drove towards Noble Palace.

Qingfeng drove intentionally slow since Ruyan was pregnant so they took around an hour to reach home.

It was 7 p.m and there were still quite a few people in the villa. Alice and Jiaojiao were also there besides Qingfeng and Ruyan.

As for Xianzhi Qin and Niching Luo, they both had left Eastern Sea City to their clans after knowing that Qingfeng had killed the three half-grandmaster tier fighters.

"Brother-in-law, It's been a while since you came here last," Jiaojiao said with her lips raised up. She started to act naughty while holding Qingfeng's arm.

"Jiaojiao, isn't that why I am here?" Qingfeng smiled while pinching Jiaojiao's little face.

Jiaojiao still wasn't happy about Qingfeng's answer though, so she asked him to cook as punishment.

Qingfeng would definitely not argue against cooking since he didn't want the pregnant Ruyan to cook, nor eat whatever Jiaojiao made.

Qingfeng walked to the kitchen. When he was ready and about to cook, Alice suddenly walked in and held him from behind.

"Alice, I'm cooking now. What are you doing?"

"I miss you. I want it."

"Alice, we are in the kitchen. Next time, okay?"

"Nope, I want it now," Alice whispered at him seductively.

Qingfeng had been holding himself for a while, so now that Alice was seducing him, he totally lost control. He pressed Alice against the table and started to *** with her.

It is quite fascinating having sex in the kitchen. While Ruyan was still watching TV in the living room, Qingfeng was satisfing Alice.

Half an hour later, Qingfeng finally finished his journey and returned to cook.

He cooked fast and prepared all the courses swiftly. Yet, Alice still lied on the floor while Qingfeng was moving the meals out. She clearly had been severely punished by Qingfeng.

"Qingfeng, isn't Alice with you in the kitchen? Why is she not out to eat yet?" Ruyan asked while frowning.

Alice slowly walked out of the kitchen once Ruyan finished her words. The blush on her face was as red as wine, her slightly sexual gaze also make it look obvious that she had been moisturized.

"Alice, why is your face so red?" Jiaojiao asked confusedly.

Jiaojiao remembered Alice still looked fine before entering the kitchen. Why did she suddenly change this much? That was kind of weird.

Alice stuttered and her face blushed in response to Jiaojiao's question. She didn't know how to explain to her since she couldn't just say that they just had sex in the kitchen.

Ruyan, as someone who had slept with Qingfeng in bed and in the kitchen, definitely understood what the blush on Alice's face stood for.

Damn it, this jerk Qingfeng! How dare you made love with Alice in the kitchen behind me? Ruyan complained in her mind.

Ruyan was a bit mad and she pinched Qingfeng's thigh aggressively, which led to a bruise developing.

"Gosh, what did you pinch me?" Qingfeng stared at Ruyan and complained as he couldn't understand why she pinched him for dropping her home and even making dinner for her.

"Well, what did you just do with Alice in the kitchen?" Ruyan glared at Qingfeng and asked passive-aggressively.

Qingfeng was shaken as he figured out that Ruyan found out what he had just done with Alice in the kitchen.

Undoubtedly, having a girl with both good looks and high IQ could be a bad thing sometimes. She may be able to find out some of the secrets that you are hiding from her.

"Ruyan, you don't know that Alice got a rash recently. I was just trying to help her scratch her itch."

"So scratching her itch from her body to her face, huh?"

"You don't know, Alice has sensitive skin. I am good at medicine so I can cure her issue," Qingfeng said seriously.

Ruyan totally lost her words when she saw the serious look on Qingfeng's face. What an asshole that turns bullshit into truth!

This was such a haunting dinner. Qingfeng felt weird that Ruyan didn't actually blame him for having sex with Alice.

Alice said she felt unwell and went up to the bedroom for a nap after taking a couple bites of her food. She was obviously still recovering from the "battle" with Qingfeng.

Now, there was only Qingfeng, Ruyan, and Jiaojiao in the dining room.

"Brother-in-law, the doctor said my sister is expected to give birth to the baby in ten days. Could you come to the hospital that day?" Jiaojiao asked while blinking her huge eyes.

Although Jiaojiao looked innocent, she did have lots of tricks in her mind. You better not fall into her traps with her innocent face since that's how Qingfeng made his mistakes in the past.

She asked that question from Qingfeng for a purpose. She wanted him to know that her sister was going to give birth to his baby and that he has to be there for it.

What could Qingfeng do? He certainly had to say yes. He nodded, "Jiaojiao, I'll be there with Ruyan in ten days."

"Qingfeng, I want to have birth in Tianjing Maternity Hospital, that is the best maternity hospital in Huaxia," Ruyan said gently while touching her stomach.

Tianjing Maternity Hosptial was the best hospital to give birth in Huaixa. They had the best medical equipment and doctors so many rich and wealthy people would want to give birth there. After all, the child meant everything to parents. Safety and health during the procedure is paramount.

"Sure, I'll go with you in a few days," Qingfeng smiled while holing Ruyan's little hand.

Qingfeng and Ruyan had been talking for more than two hours. Qingfeng didn't leave until finally, when Ruyan went to bed.

"Take care, brother-in-law. Remember to come here often," Jiaojiao said out loud to Qingfeng at the door.

Qingfeng waved his hand to imply that he got it and left.

It was eleven at night. There were barely anyone on the street which made it quite silent.

When Qingfeng was about to head towards the hospital for Xue Lin, he frowned as he felt some noise behind him.

"Come out, you have been tracking me for a while, haven't you?" Qingfeng said calmly while looking back in the dark.

Qingfeng has felt something wrong once he left the residential area. He felt someone who might even be a professional tracker was following him that he almost failed to realize. That mysterious someone might be a peerless master.

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