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Manli stood up and tried to speak up for Jun Ye once she saw his hopeless gaze, "Jun Ye is the cousin of the National Medical Association's President. I hope you can exempt his apology this time."

"I've said before, he has to apologize on his knees if he lost despite whether he was Yunshan's cousin or Yunshan himself," Qingfeng affirmed indifferently.

Qingfeng even waved his hands after his words to indicate that he was definitely not above slapping Manli again if she kept trying to oppose him like this. Qingfeng wasn't scared to turn Manli's face into a swollen plum at all.

Although hitting women was immoral, some women did deserve a slap.

Manli freaked out once she saw Qingfeng's palm since it reminded her of the twelve consecutive slaps she received from him yesterday. She wouldn't want to have the same humiliation twice.

Manli sat down and stopped caring about Jun Ye as she couldn't even save herself from trouble with Qingfeng.

"Jun Ye, keep your word and kneel down to Professor Yunhe Zhang right now," Qingfeng sneered and stared at him mercilessly.

In front of the crowd, Jun Ye had no choice but to finally kneel down and apologize to Professor Zhang. "I'm sorry."

Qingfeng had won the competition with Jun Ye. Not only did Jun Ye apologize to Yunhe, he also returned his position of being a hospital director back to Xu Zhao.

Nonetheless, Qingfeng also gained the title of the President of the Eastern Sea Medical Association and was even granted the right to challenge the President of the HuJiang Medical Association.

Nevertheless, many people were still reluctant to accept this fact.

But once Qingfeng claimed that he was going to donate the 100 million dollars as a fund for medical appliance and lab equipment, all the medical members started to adore Qingfeng as being the President.

Jun Ye has corrupted lots of funds when he was the Medical Association's President. There wasn't enough medical appliance for other researchers to conduct their experiment. Now, they definitely felt thrilled that Qingfeng was willing to donate for more medical equipment.

"Qingfeng, Thank you very much," Yunhe Zhang said with tremendous gratitude.

Qingfeng smiled, "Professor Zhang, I've promised you that I'll beat Yunshan Ye, the National Medical Association's President since you've saved my wife. This is just the first step, next, I'm going to challenge the Hujiang Province Medical Association's President."

Yunhe was even more touched when he heard what Qingfeng said.

Qingfeng had pissed off all reporters from the Eastern Sea TV Station so they now all looked hilariously grumpy.

All the reporters were on the same team with Jun Ye before the competition started, they have even reported that the winner must be Jun Ye. Yet now, they were going to regret for their ignorance.

The Eastern Sea TV reporters went up to ask Qingfeng questions timidly, especially the female reporter with blonde hair. She looked pale as heck, as if she had just lost her parents. Actually, she was Jun Ye's mistress, but apparently she won't get any money from Jun Ye anymore since he lost his job.

Among all the other reporters, only Xiaoliwais the happy one since she was the only one that reported confidently that Qingfeng would win. Qingfeng didn't let her down, as expected.

"Mr. Li, do you want to say anything about your success today?" Xiaoli ran up to Qingfeng and asked with her microphone excitedly.

This was such an explosive scoop! Xiaoli was so thrilled since she was the only one who got to interview Qingfeng.

Qingfeng took the microphone and said, "I have to thank many people, my wife, my parents, my ladies, and of course, the beautiful Ms. Xiaoli. Thanks for believing in me since the beginning."

Xiaoli flushed immediately when she heard what Qingfeng said. She didn't expect Qingfeng would actually mention her.

Xiaoli left right away once she finished her questions with Qingfeng. She needed to go back to work on her report for Qingfeng and explain how he won the match.

The crowd also started to scatter since the competition had finished.

"Qingfeng, can you walk me home?" Ruyan walked to Qingfeng's side and whispered at his eyes with a slight hint of desperation.

Qingfeng nodded, "Sure, I drive you home."

Qingfeng wanted to spend more time with Ruyan since she was so stressed about her coming labour. She was going to give birth soon and Qingfeng felt slightly sorry that he hasn't spent much time with her.

However, Qingfeng forgot one thing. Everything in this competition was televised live and satellite broadcasted to the whole province. Everybody could see him, the judges, and the audience as long as they had a TV.

Meanwhile, Xue Lin was watching the competition in the hospital. She smiled warmly when she saw Qingfeng won as she felt so happy for her husband.

However, when she saw Ruyan walked up to Qingfeng and hold his arm, her smile became a scowl of hatred, an intense one.

"Ruyan, you vixen trying to seduce my husband again?! I will for sure win Qingfeng over."


Xue Lin threw the glass she was holding onto the floor angrily. It smashed into pieces harshly.

Xiaoyun Mu who was sitting next to Xue Lin also felt so pissed when she saw Ruyan and Qingfeng were together on the TV. Yet, she had never seen Xue Lin being so mad like this before.

"Hun, you just recovered. It's bad for your body when you become as angry as this." Xiaoyun said worriedly as she was scared that her daughter would go unconscious again.

Xue Lin took a deep breath and tried to control herself. She said coldly, "I will not allow this vixen to do whatever she wants. I have to show her who the boss is here."

Xue Lin has an intense grudge against Ruyan, to the point where she just wanted to pull her hair and scratch her face. Damn, why does this vixen have to hold onto my man while there are tons of other guys out there in Huaxia?

Xue Lin became even colder and more resilient after being though all these runaway and unconsciousness. She was packed with anger and hatred.

She had decided that she has to show her power and threaten Ruyan. She was even planning how to punish her in her mind right now.


Ruyan suddenly had a loud sneeze once she walked out of the hospital. She asked confusingly, "Did I just sneeze? Who is cursing me? "

"Ruyan, you think too much. Who is going to curse such a beautiful lady?" Qingfeng smiled while holding Ruyan's little hand.

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