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The French guy looked at Qingfeng with his blue eyes in astonishment once he heard Qingfeng say that he could save her. "I'll give you 10 million…no, 100 million dollars if you bring my daughter back to life!"

What? 100 million dollars?

The crowd held their breath once they heard what the French man said. Many of them were shocked while staring at him.

One dollar was about seven yuan at the time. As a result, 100 million dollars would become 700 million yuan.

Undoubtedly, this dude must be a super billionaire to offer such a huge amount of money as a reward.

Jun Ye stared at the French guy in admiration and almost called him daddy. Even his yearly salary was just a couple million bucks as a hospital director, not counting his underground income of course.

Yet, Jun Ye knew that he wouldn't be able to get this money now since he didn't cure the little girl.

"I'm going to treat her, so you can go f*ck off to somewhere else," Qingfeng sneered as he pushed Jun Ye away when he arrived in front of him.

Qingfeng didn't want to waste any more time. Now, every single second could determine whether the little girl could be saved or not. Jun Ye was still trying to resist until he saw Qingfeng's fierce glance. He finally shut up and moved to the side.

Qingfeng walked beside to the little girl. He realized that, although she was no longer breathing, her heart was still beating subtly.

He put two fingers on her wrist and started to feel her pulse.

Once Qingfeng felt her pulse, he suddenly tensed up. He felt that the body of this little girl was way different than that of any regular others. She had a distinct set of meridians that moved with a novel rhythm.

"What a powerful energy," Qingfeng looked deeply at her as he felt a strong force originating from the girl's dantian when he was feeling her pulse.

The reason why this energy was described as powerful was because threatened even Qingfeng a bit. Technically, Qingfeng was as powerful as a half-grandmaster level fighter and regular people wouldn't even be his opponent. Yet, the power from this little girl was intensely intimidating.

Luckily, the power seemed to be locked inside her body as a body of energy and was still inactive.

Qingfeng finally realized that the parents of this little girls must be extraordinary. That French guy wasn't only a rich dude, but he also carried an invincible power that was even subtle to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng frowned and decided not to think about this. Now, what he needed to do first is to save the little girl.

He took out his nine needles and inserted them into the girl's body to stanch the blood.

After the blood was controlled, Qingfeng started shuffling his hands as he started to connect the bones of the little girl with the Chinese bone-connecting technique.

Since the process was extremely painful, the little girl started to frown and tighten her face. You could tell how painful she felt at the moment from the unconscious movements of her body.

Gradually, the little girl started to breathe. Both of her parents were excited and looked at Qingfeng with an unbelieving gaze.

Meanwhile, Jun Ye's face gloomed with worries. He didn't expect that the little girl would actually start to breathe after Qingfeng inserted his needles into her acupuncture points. Now, her bones began to even re-connect, before she ultimately awakens.

Qingfeng, though, didn't have any time to care how others reacted. He controlled his vital essence and sent it into the little girl's body through the needles and started to treat her internal injuries.

Instead of reject Qingfeng's vital essence, the little girl even started to absorb it with her power which somehow freaked Qingfeng out.

After Qingfeng cured the little girl's injury with his vital essence, he immediately retrieved it since she kept absorbing his energy, like a starving leech.

"Wake up now," Qingfeng slight patted the little girl's head as he also stimulated her neurons.

The little girl opened her eyes after a couple of murmurs. Qingfeng's face appeared on her sight first.

She remembered clearly that she lost her consciousness after a car accident. Now, she saw a Huaxia man, a gorgeous-looking one, who seemed to have saved her.

"Thank you for saving my life, big brother," the little girl said with a bright smile. You could even see her cute dimples in her chubby cheeks. What an adorable kid!

This girl could speak Chinese! This European family was unbelievable! All of them can speak fluent Chinese.

Qingfeng smiled back at her, "Everything is alright now. Please rest more and be careful in the future."

The French couple looked at Qingfeng with gratitude once they saw their daughter was saved by him. The blue-eyed father walked up to Qingfeng and bowed at him sincerely.

Bowing was a grand manner in Europe. People there only bow to those who they were thankful for the most.

Qingfeng waved his hand and said, "Saving people's life is my obligation. This is what I should do."

The blue-eyed father suddenly looked at him with respect and said, "You're such a respectable doctor. My name is Poseidon, and this is 100 million dollars."

Poseidon said as he handed a credit card to Qingfeng, "This credit card from Citiband and is valid globally."

Qingfeng didn't want to accept this card but he was eventually persuaded to by Poseidon. 

"Fifth round, Qingfeng won," Miaochun stood up while announcing the result excitedly.

When Miaochun had just finished his words, the whole lobby burst into discussion.

"Qingfeng really won! He beat the president of the Eastern Sea Medical Association."

"I know right?! I never would have expected that he would win."

"Jun Ye is going to be a laughing stock now. He was legitimately beaten by a 20 year-old guy."

Everyone knew what exactly was going on with the bet between Qingfeng and Jun Ye. Now, that Qingfeng had won the competition, they couldn't wait to see how Jun Ye was going to end this charade.

Jun Ye certainly heard what the crowd said. He was shivering and almost lost his shit.

How was that possible though? That little girl indeed stopped breathing, how could Qingfeng still bring her back to life? Jun Ye felt so confused.

Unfortunately, no one was going to explain that to a loser.

"Jun Ye, now it's time to keep your promise. Apologize to Professor Yunhe Zhang on your knees and return the position of hospital director back to Xu Zhao," Qingfeng said calmly yet mercilessly.

Jun Ye's face changed once he heard what Qingfeng said. He really didn't want to kneel down since he would definitely lose his reputation and position in Eastern Sea City once he does it.

Jun Ye looked at Manli and wished that she could give him a hand. After all, as the wife of the director of the National Medical Association, she had influence here.

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