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It wasn't only Qingfeng who spotted the tricks. Ruyan, Yunhe, and Miaochun also realized Jun Ye was cheating. Though, they couldn't do anything since they woman said she was indeed cured by him.

You basically could do nothing in front of assholes who break rules, unless you kill them. But they were not in a battle to the death right now, so they couldn't do that.

"Fourth round, Jun Ye won," Manli stood up and announced the result loudly with pride.

Now, they have finally reached the fifth round. So far, Qingfeng had won the first two round and Jun Ye had won the last two rounds. They were even in points, so the last round would be a crucial round for them.

Manli was confident about the last round since she had certainly set everything up again. A girl at the age of 20 would come in claiming she has severe depression. Of course, she would have no depression at all.

However, when the girl was about to walk up to the stage, a couple ran up with a girl covered with blood in their arms.

This couple came from France. They came to Shanghai to travel with their daughter, yet, she got into an accident.

Fortunately, the Number One People's Hospital was right next door and they immediately rushed here.

"Doctor, please save my daughter, she got into a car accident," the French guy yelled anxiously once he rushed inside the building.

This blonde, blue-eyed guy who had a high-bridged nose was 6,2 feet. His facial features portrayed his European descent really well. He was yelling for help anxiously at the moment.

Luckily, he spoke Chinese decently, so everybody could understand him.

It was supposed to be a medical competition, but right now, the plan was disturbed by this couple with their injured daughter.

Manli didn't know how to react this sudden change either. She had told the girl to seek help by Jun Ye and had pictured that he would win as soon as this round finished. Then, Qingfeng would have to apologize to her on his knees.

Damn it, why was this couple suddenly here with their daughter at such a crucial moment? Holy crap.

Although the rule of the competition goes for first come first serve, Manli still decided to speak up.

"Ms. Liu, Mr. Zhang, I don't think we should treat this little girl," Manli smiled faintly and said.

Ruyan felt heartbroken when she saw the little girl covered with blood. She was vulnerable towards kids ever since she got pregnant.

"Ms. Zhang, I don't think what you just said makes sense now. Why shouldn't we treat her?"

"Ms. Liu, she is a foreign girl, we shouldn't treat her."

"Are you kidding me? I don't remember the rule actually excludes foreigners. Or, is Jun Ye not qualified yet to treat this little girl?" Ruyan sneered and replied.

Ruyan was a smart lady, she had spotted Manli's tricks since the third and the fourth patient. She would definitely have no mercy for those who tried to harm Qingfeng.

In fact, Ruyan still felt lucky that she had seen the competition between Qingfeng and Jun Ye on TV last night and became the judge with the power of her family. Otherwise, Qingfeng would definitely be tricked.

"Mr. Zhang, what do you think?" Manli switched her target to Miaochun after being snapped at by Ruyan.

Miaochun smiled lightly and replied, "I think we should treat this little girl too. She came up first and that's the rule, regardless of where she is from."

Two over one, Manli had no choice but to give up since both Ruyan and Miaochun agreed to treat the little girl.

This was such a lovely little girl with fair skin and blonde hair. However, her eyes were closed as her face was scrunched up in pain. She was covered with blood and was breathing subtly.

The little girl's father had heard everything what the judges said. He glared at Manli since she didn't want her daughter to receive treatment. He almost rushed up to beat her if her daughter wasn't in such a bad condition.

"Doctor, please save my daughter. I can pay you as much as you want," the mother said loudly.

This woman looked glamorous and beautiful with golden blonde hair, a charming face, and a tall figure in fancy, limited edition outfits.

Qingfeng held his breath when he saw the purse the woman was holding. This purse was made out of real Alligator's skin. Even the jewelry she wore were all from global brands and were worth millions of dollars.

"This couple must be billionaires in Europe," Qingfeng started to estimate their net worth in his mind. He had a decent understanding of different luxury brands in the world during the time when he was dwelling in the underworld.

Qingfeng switched his attention from the woman to the little girl in a second since the little girl was in extreme danger right now. She could die in any second as soon as she was slightly mistreated.

When Qingfeng was about to approach the little girl, Jun Ye suddenly rushed ahead towards the little girl before him.

"Hi, my name is Jun Ye, I'm the head of this hospital and the director of the Eastern Sea Medical Association. Please let me handle your daughter, I can for sure treat her," Jun Ye introduced himself and said confidently.

This little girl was the fifth patient that linked to the final result of this competition, Jun Ye would certainly seize this opportunity.

Jun Ye knew that he would win this round and beat Qingfeng as soon as he cured the little girl.

The French couple looked at each other and nodded after knowing Jun Ye was the head of the hospital. They let him take charge of their daughter since they assumed he must be good at this.

Jun Ye looked at Qingfeng provocatively as he started to treat the little girl with the medical instruments aside.

The little girl was in serious condition. Several of her ribs were broken and blood kept coming out from her mouth. She even had fairly weak respiration.

Jun Ye was extremely careful about this little girl. He has performed the surgery for her for over half an hour and he was yet finished.


The little girl suddenly spat out a pool of blood. She tilted her head and stopped breathing. She seemed to have died.

"AHHH, how dare you kill my daughter?! I'm going to kill you," the father was furious as he charged at Jun ye aggressively.

Qingfeng finally spoke up this time, "Sir, don't kill him yet, he's going to apologize on his knees soon. I will save your daughter."

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