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"This dude really does know how to treat people," the middle-aged man exclaimed and couldn't believe his eyes.

The man was supposed to be here to trick Qingfeng for Manli, but did not expect Qingfeng could actually treat his condition and allow him to regain feeling of his dantian. According to this probing, his damaged meridians seemed to have almost been repaired.

The man had a complicated feeling towards Qingfeng. He was Manli's enemy, yet, he was also his benefactor.

Ten minutes after, Qingfeng stopped and removed the nine needles. "Your damaged meridians in your dantian have been repaired. Try mobilizing your vital essence."

The man did so and he found his vital essence ran unexpectedly smoothly in his meridians and dantian. All the damaged meridians seemed to have re-connected.

Besides, the man also looked rosy instead of pale white, as well as his demeanor becoming more vigorous and energetic now.

Everyone looked at Qingfeng in astonishment and was impressed by his skills. He really turned an aged, fatigued man into a healthy, lively one.

Manli, who was sitting at the judging table, noticed the emergency. She kept blinking and signaling the man as she wanted him to say he didn't get cured at all, which could automatically fail Qingfeng.

"Mrs. Zhang, are your eyes ok? What are you blinking nonstop?" Ruyan asked Manli as she noticed there was something weird about her.

"Nothing, some bugs just got into my eyes and they blocked my vision," Manli smiled faintly and replied.

Bugs blocked your vision?

Ruyan rolled her beautiful eyes. What the heck, bitch. Where do you find bugs in such a clean place?

Wait, this chick was sending signals to that dude, they must be on the same team! Ruyan was smart enough to realize the issue between these two people.

Although Ruyan wanted to notify Qingfeng about this, she couldn't do anything other than signaling Qingfeng with her gaze and be worried for him since she had to stay on her seat as a judge.

At this moment, the man was also struggling mentally. He was Manli's bodyguard and was set up by her to screw over Qingfeng.

But Qingfeng became his benefactor since he did cure his meridian issue. He really was lost in his decision now.

Qingfeng whispered to him, "We, as ancient martial artists, are different than ordinary folks. We have our own pride and dignity and know to be grateful. I think you know what to do now."

Once Qingfeng finished, he stood back up and left a deep footprint on the marble floor.

Ancient martial artist?! The man became frightened since he realized that Qingfeng was also an ancient martial artist based on his footprint.

There were rules among ancient martial artists. They could be enemies to each other, but they have to follow rules in some circumstances— that is to be honest. Certainly, some unorthodox sects' martial artists who never follows rules also do exist, like the vampire sect.

"I am fully cured by Qingfeng. thank you so much," the man spoke out loud honestly as he chose not to listen to Manli.

He knew that he would irritate Manli, but he had to stand for Qingfeng this time to return his gratitude for his treatment.

Manli was extremely pissed after hearing what he said. She didn't expect her bodyguard actually betrayed her and stood for her enemy.

Meanwhile, Jun Ye was even more mad. Qingfeng had cured two patients so he would automatically win if he cured one more since it was a "best out of five" competition.

Jun Ye was clear that he couldn't lose the game. Otherwise, he would not only lose Manli's trust but also have to kneel for Professor Yunhe Zhang. He couldn't take that humiliation.

"Second round, Qingfeng won," Miaochun yelled out the result excitedly.

Miaochun was so thrilled for Qingfeng's victory again as if he was the one who won.

Certainly, Ruyan was also thrilled for Qingfeng. Who would not feel happy when the person they like actually got to beat his opponent?

Those Eastern Sea reporters freaked out after what they saw. They just reported that Qingfeng sucked at medicine and knew nothing about it.

Look what happened now? Qingfeng has already successfully cured two patients consecutively. Patients wouldn't lie about Qingfeng's skills and results. His expertise was the best silent humiliation to those ignorant reporters.

"Yes, I knew Brother Li could nail it!" Xiaoli looked excited while tightening her fist.

Xiaoli had already brainstormed the headline for the newspaper already. "Master Doctor, Qingfeng Li", nothing could be better than this. Xiaoli was extremely confident about Qingfeng's profession since he had cured both herself and her sister Xiaomei.

Manli and Jun Ye both knew that the game was going to be over if they lost one more round since it was already the third round and they had yet to win a single round.

Manli took out her phone and started to text the people in the groups to go up and seek help from Jun Ye instead of Qingfeng. In that way, Qingfeng would have no chance to win anymore.

The third patient was an old man in his 70s who had severe asthma. He rejected Qingfeng immediately once he came up to the stage and went for Jun Ye.

Jun Ye prescribed some pills for him. When the old man took the pills, he no longer had difficulty breathing, and his skin became rosier as well. He praised Jun Ye's profession loudly to indicate Jun Ye had cured him.

Jun Ye won the third round by cheating.

The fourth patient was a woman over 50 years old who had high blood pressure.

There were numerous complicated causes for high blood pressure, including genetics, mental health problems, hyperactivity, aging, irregular life habits, too much sodium intake, staying up late at night, etc.

Qingfeng wanted to cure this woman, yet, she rejected him and insisted to go for Jun Ye.

Jun ye prescribed some medications again for this woman. Once she took the medicine, she yelled immediately, "Dr. Ye, you are such a master, I don't feel light-headed anymore. My high blood pressure is lowered down."

What the f*ck is this crappy acting. It takes time to lower blood pressure. If you could see the result after taking a pill immediately like this, what kind of badass pill was it? Qingfeng completely lost his words for this charade.

Until now, Qingfeng finally realized that the third and the fourth patient were both set by Jun Ye. They came up intentionally for Jun Ye and claimed they were cured by him.

Asshole. What a sneaky asshole.

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