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A herniated lumbar disc was mainly caused by the degenerative disease of the nucleus pulposus. With the external force, the annulus fibrosus would rupture and either stimulate or oppresse the adjacent nerves, which results in waist pain and aching.

Nowadays, lumbar disease and cervical spondylosis were two of the most common disorders among people who are too occupied by computers and cell phones.

Qingfeng inserted the acupuncture needles in some special points on the woman's waist and transfer the Vital essence to her body through the tail of the needles.

The herniated lumbar disc of this woman would definitely not cured by traditional Chinese medicine since they lack Vital essence. But since Qingfeng was an ancient martial artist, he could combine both Chinese and Western Medicine, which is highly effective in treating disorders and pain.

Qingfeng held his needles in the woman's points for 8 minutes. The meridians and tissue network were beginning to open up again in her body, even the bruise around her nerve roots had also disappeared.

Qingfeng removed the nine needles and massaged her waist points for two minutes, just for dredging her collateral channel and accelerating the blood circulation.

"Alright, your Herniated lumbar disc is cured," Qingfeng released his palms as he said calmly.

The woman couldn't hold her excitement. She already felt the comfort on her body during the treating process as she felt a warm flow kept flowing through her body and all the pain gradually disappeared.


The woman suddenly jumped up and started to walk around in the room. She wanted to test whether she was truly healed.

After looping around ten times in the room, instead of feeling any sore on her waist or legs, she felt energy. In the past, she used to feel pain on her waist and legs after walking around ten meters, yet, she felt none of that after receiving the treatment by Qingfeng.

"Dr. Li, you are such a medical master. The pain that bothers me for over ten years was cured by you within ten minutes."

Honestly, the woman had been suffering from her hrniated lumbar disc for over ten years. She hadvisited all the hospitals,even including those prestigious hospitals in Yanjing and Tianjing, yet, her pain still couldn't be cured. Now, she couldn't believe it was actually healed by Qingfeng.

Everybody was shockedwhen they also witness the woman's discherniation was cured. This Qingfeng dude was indeed a medical master who had the expertise to back up his confidence

Jun Ye's face became gloomy since he didn't expect Qingfeng could heal her herniated lumbar disc within ten minutes. Something impossible to him was actually done by Qingfeng.

If this woman wasn't someone coming out from the crowd, Jun Ye would have thought she was Qingfeng's friend.

"First round of the medical competition, Qingfeng won," Miaochun stood up and announced the result of the first round.

The first judge on the side, Manli Zhang, was so pissed off her facial expression became distorted. Damn it, this dude really know a thing about medical treatment.

Manli took a glance at the crowd and signaled a few people with her gaze, signaling them to come out to seeking medical aid.

Jun Ye and Manli were well prepared for this medical competition. Not only did they cheat with the TV station interviews, they also arranged several people in advance to seek medical help just to make things more difficult for Qingfeng and help Jun Ye on the side.

The second audience was a middle-aged man. He was around 40 years old, though he already had some gray hair and looked aged.

This man was Manli's bodyguard. He looked sick, yet, he was extremely vigorous and powerful since he was an unpredictable ancient martial artist.

The man had his meridians damaged when he was younger. He was asked out by Manli to trick Qingfeng.

Something here has to be pointed out. There is a difference between the disorders of ancient martial artists and regular folks. The injuries and conditions from the ancient martial art world were extremely hard to treat and could barely be affected by ordinary doctors unless the doctor themselves were an ancient martialist too.

"My body is fading rapidly, I need Qingfeng to heal me," the middle-aged man requested Qingfeng as soon as he walked into the lobby.

At this time, Jun Ye didn't speak a word, he smiled instead since he knew this man was arranged ahead by Manli. He had a disorder that was impossible to heal, even by him.

Jun Ye believed that if it was something that couldn't even be healed by him, there was no way that Qingfeng could treat him.

Qingfeng frowned as he could tell straight ahead that this middle-age man was an ancient martial artist and was aged by his injured meridians.

Qingfeng was not a fool, he had seen the eye contacts this man made with Manli before he came up. Undoubtedly, he must be a "patient" set up by Manli to trick him.

Honestly, Qingfeng didn't want to cure this man since he was on the same team with Manli, but he eventually decided to do so since he still wanted to win the competition.

Manli and Jun Ye would never expect that Qingfeng was actually also an ancient martial artist, even a half-grandmaster tier.

"I can cure your disorder. Come and sit on this chair," Qingfeng said calmly while pointing at the chair beside him.

What? You can cure my disorder?

The middle-aged man's face suddenly changed and he looked skeptical. He knew his situation the most. No hospital in Huaxia could heal his disorder since his disorder wasn't a sickness but a set of damaged meridians caused by another martial artist.

"You are a Higher Heaven tier ancient martial artist. Regular doctors wouldn't be able to cure your condition, but I can," Qingfeng whispered into the man's ear so that only the two of them could hear it.

The middle-aged man was indeed shocked this time. He didn't expect this young dude not only knew what ancient martial arts was but could also tell his strength.

The middle-age man accelerated his steps towards Qingfeng sat down right by him. Although he stood for Manli, he would love to have his disorder cured by this young man.

Qingfeng asked the man take off his shirt, he saw a huge palm mark on his dantian area which seemed like an permanent bruise left after a fight with someone. His meridians on his dantian were damaged and his vital essence was clogged. That's what made his body aged.

Qingfeng took out his nine needles and inserted them into the man's dantian. All the spots he inserted were crucial spots that could link to the circulation of the vital essence.

Qingfeng mobilized and rendered his vital essence into the middle-age man's body and repaired his damaged meridians through the tail of the needles.

Undoubtedly, the True Martial Emperor Technique was so magnificent that it not only unrivaled anyone in the same realm, but was also capable of repairing one's body. Normally, the vital essence in an ancient martial artist's body didn't have a regenerative effect.

"Wait, I feel something in my dantian," the middle-aged man looked thrilled and surprised.

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