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"What? You blocked our attacks?" Both Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie were stunned.

"You two are too weak." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, his eyes full of contempt.

Qingfeng Li was invincible amongst masters of the same realm. The two men were ranked in the same realm as him in the semi-grandmaster realm. Naturally, they were no match for him.

Hearing the disregard in Qingfeng's voice, as if it was laced with mockery and ridicule, Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie fumed, their eyes raging with anger. Being part of the eighty-one orthodox Grandmasters, Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie were both incredibly highly regarded in the martial artist world. Now that they've been ridiculed by a junior, they couldn't swallow their pride.

"Courting death." Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie roared, both emitting a powerful murderous energy.

"Whirlwind Palm." Feng Luo growled, focusing his vital essence into his palms in order to form a gigantic whirlwind wind blade. He released it, cutting through the air and emitting a sharp exploding sound, as it was striking ruthlessly towards Qingfeng Li.

"Iron Fist." Hongpo Tie also looked menacing. He focused his vital essence into his fist, turning it completely black and suddenly filling the air with black evil spirits. His fist tore open the atmosphere and pounded down towards Qingfeng's heart with all its might.

Both Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie attacked Qingfeng with all of their might, hoping to finish him with their final blows.

Qingfeng Li stood still without dodging. He began cultivating his and his skin began to emit a splendid, glorious, blue light.

Bang Bang!

Normally, Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie's attacks would have managed to crush pure gold. However, other than two loud bangs, they were of no effect on Qingfeng Li's body.

"Same-realm invincibility?" Both Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie's faces changed drastically, as they yelled in horror.

They were both masters of the semi-Grandmaster realm so naturally they've heard about the legendary same-realm invincibility. But only people who practiced the True Martial Emperor Technique had this ability. Was it possible that the young man standing in front of them had practiced such a technique?

No, that is not possible! The True Martial Emperor Technique belonging to Hua Xia's martial world had been lost since a long time ago. Presently, the best technique was the martial techniques of the Grandmaster realm. How could he possess an Emperor-level technique?

Qingfeng Li's eyes showed a trace of surprise. He didn't think the two men had knowledge of same-realm invincibility, not to mention the Emperor technique. But that was unimportant because they were fated to die in his hands.

Pa! Pa!

Qingfeng Li reached out his palm and slapped Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie's faces, instantly reddening their cheeks and making them dizzy. Being a part of the orthodox eighty-one grandmaster, the two men were normally respected at the highest regard. They had never experienced being slapped by anyone. Not to mention being slapped in front of an audience. This was utter humiliation.

"Holy shit, are my eyes blurry? Did Qingfeng Li just hit Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie's faces?

"No, you saw correctly. Qingfeng Li's too powerful. Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie are no match for him."

"Monster, a monster, Qingfeng Li's a complete monster."

The surrounding people were sent into a frenzy of discussions, watching Qingfeng Li with utter shock, even more so than if they discovered their wives or husbands were cheating on them.

Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie were both semi-grandmasters, and were no ordinary martial artists. They were masters of the Grandmasters list. Even though they were ranked the lowest on the list, they were still highly admired by the martial artist population.

Seeing their idols get slapped in public, some of their fans felt their worlds had been turned upside down, and were left heartbroken.

Dao Gu and Sky Fate Demon King had also stopped their fight to observe the neighboring battle, both standing with their mouths wide-open, stupefied by Qingfeng Li's face-slaps. Dao Gu's face became dark, twisting from emotions. He was ranked number seventy-nine on the orthodox Grandmasters list. Even though he was ranked higher than Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie, if they were this easily defeated, he would be too.

As for Sky Fate Demon King, he was also stupefied. Qingfeng Li's had surpassed his greatest expectations, leaving him completely speechless.

Just a moment ago, he was worried about Qingfeng Li's abilities to fight against two semi-Grandmasters. To his surprise, the latter had managed to slap their faces in a matter of seconds.

After a while, the two men finally regained their composure, holding their faces in the palms of their hands, completely enraged.

"Qingfeng Li you motherf*cker, you dare to slap our faces?!" Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie cursed. Getting slapped in public was downright humiliating for the both of them, so much so that they had forgotten their manners.

"You dare to curse at me? Die." Qingfeng Li sneered, eyes flashing cold.

Bang Bang!!

Qingfeng Li jumped into the air using his right foot and, moving as fast as a lightning bolt, ruthlessly kicked down on their chests before they could react. His kick sent them flying, and their bodies hit hard on the ground, their mouths spewing blood.

Defeated, they had been defeated by a single attack.

Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie's faces were completely pale, their eyes in deep panic. They were sent by two of the strongest martial powers to kill Qingfeng Li, Feng Luo by the Luo Family Elder and Hongpo Tie by the Iron Fist Sect Master. But now, they were both defeated by his single attack.

The surrounding spies were even more amazed, as if they'd witnessed something impossible.

Defeated. Masters of the orthodox eighty-one Grandmasters list had been defeated. By one strike too.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed this to be true. He was too f*cking powerful, he was completely invincible.

"I told you both that you are trash. Now do you believe me? In my eyes, you are pure garbage." Qingfeng Li said lightly, looking down at the two men.

It was at this moment Qingfeng Li finally understood the powers of the . After he mastered its breathing technique, he became extremely powerful and gained same-realm invincibility. Enemies of the same realm simply could not breach his defenses.

Qingfeng Li didn't even use his Red Fiery Sword or bloodline powers. He had defeated the two men simply through his vital essence and sheer strength. If he had used those special techniques, they would have been dead by now.

"You can die now." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, radiating death from his whole entire body as he walked towards the two men.

Hearing this, both men's faces changed. They turned their heads and yelled, "Dao Gu, our common enemy is Qingfeng Li. Come here and help kill him."

They knew that they were not strong enough against Qingfeng Li, so they asked for Dao Gu's help. After all, Dao Gu was more powerful than them.


Dao Gu's body quickly shifted, coming towards Qingfeng Li as if he were a whirlwind, joining hands with the two men to fight Qingfeng Li. As soon as he moved, Sky Fate Demon King quickly made his way towards Qingfeng Li as well.

"Master, allow me to fight one for you." Sky Fate Demon King said respectfully.

Qingfeng Li waved his hands at Sky Fate Demon King and said, "You can leave. There is no difference between two pieces of trash and three pieces of trash. Today, I will kill all three masters of the half-Grandmaster list in front of everyone."

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