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Hearing Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie's words, Qing Feng Li's face turned dark and his eyes turned cold.

Absolute arrogance! These two men were even more arrogant than Dao Gu. Feng Luo told Qingfeng Li to kneel before him to meet his death and Hongpo Tie wanted to catch him alive and bring him back to the Iron Fist Sect to fry him.

Qingfeng Li was completely enraged. At this moment, he had a burning fire within his heart he needed to release. He would make them pay for their hubris.

"Feng Luo, Hongpo Tie, your grandpa is waiting for you at the mountaintop. Useless garbage, come up and face your death." Qingfeng Li said arrogantly, his face eerily cold. Two can play the intimidation game.

Qingfeng Li's words not only managed to stun Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie, it had also astonished the people around. They all thought that Qingfeng Li had lost his mind.

"Holy shit, did I hear right? Qingfeng Li actually called Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie useless garbage?"

"Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie are both in the semi-Grandmaster realm, and they're both part of the orthodox eighty-one Grandmasters! Is Qingfeng Li's brain broken or something?"

"I think Qingfeng Li's definitely nuts. If it were me up against two semi-grandmasters, I would have ran away already instead of sitting there cursing at them."

The people sitting around were all having their own discussions. They looked at Qingfeng Li with pity, as if he was already a corpse, and was going to be killed in the next second.

They had their reasons to think this way. Both Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie were incredibly famous in the martial artist world. Their fame dates back to a few decades ago, and they were both absolutely prestigious.

Huaxia had a large population, and a large portion studied martial arts, but only eighty-one people truly belonged to the orthodox grandmasters. These two men were part of that list, which was testament to their strength.

But now? Qingfeng, a twenty something year old young man, just called them useless garbage. Was he completely out of his mind? When Feng Luo became famous fifteen years ago, Qingfeng Li was still potty training.

Everyone thought that Qingfeng Li was the useless garbage, but that's because they didn't know of his true powers.

Qingfeng Li had great hearing, so he could hear every word of the people's discussions around him. He wasn't phased by it, however, because he knew that talk was talk and the only way for him to permanently shut them up was to defeat Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie.



Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie both leaped off their toes and flew into the air, heading towards the mountain top. Qingfeng Li's arrogance had deeply provoked their ire, motivating them to teach him a lesson.

After a short while, both men reached the mountain top. Greeting them was an arrogant Qingfeng Li, a young man in his twenties with a handsome face, brows as sharp as swords and eyes as bright as stars. He was of a tall stature, standing with his hands behind his back, looking down over the world with an all-mighty stance.

Qingfeng Li also looked over the two men. Feng Luo was about fifty years old with a medium build on the thinner side, and a slightly dark face. His body was as light as a bird and he was incredibly fast in getting to the mountain top. This means that he was an agility type of fighter.

As for Hongpo Tie, he was completely different from Feng Luo. Hongpo Tie was a hefty brute who was also naked above the waist. His muscles were taut and his bronzed skin glistened under the sunlight. His stature was reminiscent of an iron tower, and his entire body emitted an explosive force.

Hongpo Tie was the Elder of the Iron Fist Sect, specializing in the practice of strength. He was immensely powerful. Normally, he could punch through rocks and destroy large trees with a single punch.

The people around all shivered at the powerful presence of Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie. This was the power of semi-Grandmasters. Absolutely terrifying.

"Hey garbage, why don't the both of you fight me at the same time? That way I don't have to kill you one by one." Qingfeng Li said confidently, looking at the two men.

Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie were both livid. Qingfeng called them garbage before, and now called them garbage again. They were furious and wished to skin him alive right away.

"Since you have a death wish, we will answer your prayers." Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie shared a look and began walking towards Qingfeng Li. The masters of the semi-Grandmaster realm all had their prides. The two had initially wanted to fight Qingfeng Li separately, but were enraged by the latter's arrogance. They decided instead, to attack him together.

Seeing the two men come for him, Qingfeng Li simply smiled lightly, his face completely calm.

Qingfeng Li's practice of the , although incomplete, allowed him to be invincible amongst masters of the same realm. He had more than enough strength to defeat two semi-Grandmasters.

"Whirlwind Palm." Feng Luo roared, lashing out his right palm. His vital essence created a whirlwind in the air, which was immensely powerful, destroying and crushing all the rocks and trees in its way.

Everyone was startled by the sight. The was an early-stage martial technique of the Grandmaster realm. Feng Luo had previously used this exact technique to defeat thirty six Higher Heaven masters, becoming the eighty first master on the Grandmaster list and cementing his fame in the martial artist world.

The surrounding spies of the ancient powers were even more frightened. Many of them had previously lost their own men to said technique. Now seeing Feng Luo use the Whirlwind Palm once more, their faces looked horrified.

"Iron Fist." Hongpo Tie roared as he punched out his right hand, exploding the air and creating a gust of wind in the shape of a fist that struck towards Qingfeng Li.

The surrounding people were stunned once more. Holy shit, this is the , an early-stage martial technique of the Grandmaster realm. Hongpo Tie had previously used this exact technique to defeat thirty-six Higher Heaven masters, which allowed him to become the eightieth master on the Grandmaster list and place one rank higher than Feng Luo's ranking.

The two semi-Grandmasters used their Grandmaster-level martial techniques and attacked Qingfeng Li in full force. The surrounding people all looked as if they've already witnessed Qingfeng Li's miserable fate. They were sure he would be blown into pieces. However, in the face of two powerful attacks, Qingfeng simply stood there, his body still, as if he didn't see them coming.

"Did Qingfeng Li get scared and become stupid? Why isn't he avoiding them?"

"I think he's completely lost it. I think he completely lost it when he called the two semi-Grandmasters garbage."

"Sigh, Qingfeng Li's recent reputation is stellar. Obviously he's a sham. He's just standing there."

Everyone looked at Qingfeng Li as if he was an idiot. They were sure that he'd been scared silly by Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie. It was the only explanation for his stillness in front of the two attacks. Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie were delighted at the sight of Qingfeng Li standing still as well. They thought that they really scared him silly. What a moron, he didn't even know to avoid their attacks.



Both Feng Luo's Whirlwind Palm and Hongpo Tie's Iron Fist landed heavily on Qingfeng Li's body, creating two deafening blows. They thought that their attacks would blow his body into pieces, but in reality...

Qingfeng Li remained in his spot, quietly looking down at the hand and fist on his chest. He shook his head and said lightly, "Your attacks are too weak."

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