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Tianjing City, Gu Family.

As one of the four ancient martial art families of Tianjing Family, Gu Family had a vast amount of influence and many strong fighters within the family.

A strong muscular solemn middle-aged man sat in the middle of the hall. His expression was dark and murderous intent radiated from his body.

The middle-aged man's name was Zhentian Gu and he was the Chief of the Gu Family as well as a grandmaster level fighter. He was extremely powerful. Below him, Baidao Jiang stood with his head low and his eyes were rolling around. Clearly, Baidao Jiang was up to no good.

"Baidao Jiang, are you speaking the truth? My son, Jianlong Gu, was killed by Qingfeng?" Zhentian Gu asked darkly.

"Chief Gu, I saw Qingfeng kill Jianlong Gu with my own eyes," Baidao Jiang said respectfully. He dared not speak carelessly before a grandmaster level fighter.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you kill my son! You deserve to die,"Zhentian Gu said as he slapped his palm on the table and shattered it to a million pieces.

Jianlong Gu was Zhentian Gu's most precious son. Jianlong Gu was also his most gifted son who had managed to reach the peak stage of Higher Heaven level at a young age. He was never ranked on the Higher Heaven List because he had hidden his powers, but no one expected that he would be killed by Qingfeng.

"Dao Gu," Zhentian Gu yelled.

"Yes, Chief." A middle-aged man with a large knife on his waist appeared inside the hall. He was a strongly built middle-aged man with an intimidating presence.

The middle-aged man's name was Dao Gu, an elder of the Gu Family. Dao Gu was only steps away from becoming a grandmaster level fighter and he was extremely powerful.

"Dao Gu, head towards Eastern Sea City immediately. Chop off Qingfeng's head and avenge Jianlong," Zhentian Gu said with murderous intent.

"Yes, Chief," Dao Gu said as he jumped into the air and headed towards Eastern Sea City.

A flash of happiness appeared in Baidao Jiang's eyes as he watched Dao Gu's departing figure. He thought, "Qingfeng, you are going to die for sure. No one can save you now that you have angered the Gu Family. The Gu Family is a grandmaster level family and they are more powerful than you can imagine."

After Baidao Jiang told the Gu Family Chief of Jianlong Gu's death, he headed towards the Luo Family. However, he was not there to see the Chief of the Luo Family, he was there to meet an elder of the Luo Family.

The Elder of the Luo Family was Tianhao Luo's grandfather. He was furious when when he knew that the grandson who he doted heavily on was killed by Qingfeng. He immediately ordered an fighter of the Luo Family, who was also steps away from a grandmaster level fighter, to assassinate Qingfeng.

At the same time, Yun Tang arrived at Iron Fist Sect.

As women, Yun Tang and Cuilan Tie had a pretty good relationship. She had visited the Iron Fist Sect once in the past.

Within the hall of Iron Fist Sect, a muscularly built middle-aged man stood proudly. He was extremely strong and intimidating. He was the sect Chief of Iron Fist Sect, Zhongtian Tie. He was also a grandmaster level fighter.

"Chief Tie, I have some bad news for you. I saw with my own eyes that Qingfeng pushed Cuilan Tie into the lava. She was dissolved into white bones. Sister Cuilan had such a tragic death," Yun Tang said as she squeezed out a few drops of tears.

Would Yun Tang cry for Cuilan Tie? Of course not. She only cried to obtain Zhongtian Tie's good impression.

"Qingfeng, you are too much. You first killed my son Ming Tie. Then, you killed my daughter, Cuilan Tie. The Iron Fist Sect will not let you go," Zhongtian Tie swore. He was ready to rip Qingfeng into shreds.

"Hongpo Tie," Zhongtian Tie said coldly.

A middle-aged man walked out with his chest bare. His upper body was shredded. He looked like he was filled with explosive power.

Hongpo Tie was the third elder of Iron Fist Sect. He was a powerful fighter; he was only steps away from the grandmaster level.

"Go, and capture Qingfeng alive. Bring him to Iron Fist Sect. I want to fry him in a skillet," Zhongtian Tie said coldly with murderous intent.

The others only wanted to kill Qingfeng but Zhongtian Tie wanted to capture Qingfeng alive and fry him.

Hongpo Tie nodded and jumped into the sky. Then, he flew towards Eastern Sea City.

Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang were both vicious beings. They knew that they were no match for Qingfeng so they wanted to use others to kill Qingfeng.

Everyone entered the tomb of the Elixir King to seek treasures. However, in the end, the majority of the group died. Those who managed to live suffered heavy injuries.

The news that Qingfeng had killed the majority of the group in the tomb of the Elixir King stunned the entire Martial Community.

Qingfeng's strength was a shock to a lot of Ancient Martial artist. A genius like him had unimaginable potential and he was very likely to surpass the grandmaster level.

Even though Qingfeng became well-known, he has also become a thorn in the side for many powers. 

The martial community stirred; countless strong fighters headed towards Eastern Sea City and their target was Qingfeng.

When Nishang Luo and Xianzhi Qin heard of the news, they quickly called Qingfeng. Unfortunately, Qingfeng's phone had broken at the tomb of the Elixir King. The two women were worried when they found out that it was impossible to contact him.

In the end, Nishang Luo and Xianzhi Qin headed personally towards Eastern Sea City to tell Qingfeng the happenings of the martial community.


Eastern Sea City, Chinese Medicine Hospital

Yunhe Zhang had initiated the treatment for Xue Lin. His treatment method was very special, Qingfeng had never heard of it before.

Yunhe Zhang placed all kinds of medical instruments on Xue Lin's head to stimulate Xue Lin's brain waves. Then, placed many photos on the computer. There were all kinds of photos: photos of Xue Lin and Qingfeng together, photos of Xue Lin with her parents, and photos of her at work.

Yunhe Zhang told Qingfeng that she had entered a self-induced hypnosis. They needed to use something special to stimulate her.

In order to stimulate Xue Lin's mind, they needed to use things she cared the most about. Xue Lin cared most about Qingfeng, then her parents and Ice Snow Corporation.

Whenever Yunhe Zhang transmitted Qingfeng's picture to stimulate Xue Lin's brain, Xue Lin's face would be filled with love, affectionate, hatred, sadness and hopelessness.

Qingfeng's heart ached when he saw Xue Lin's painful expression. He knew that Xue Lin liked him but she would not forgive his actions. His child with Ruyan Liu caused her immense grief.

The method of using computer pictures to stimulate the brain was based on brain waves theory. It was a dangerous method since the human brain was very complex and vulnerable. With one mistake, the patient could be killed.

Yunhe Zhang was an expert in neurological illnesses. He has studied the brain for fifty years and had a deep understanding of every corner of the brain.

Even so, Yunhe Zhang still stimulated Xue Lin's brain carefully since it concerned Xue Lin's life.

When Yunhe Zhang placed Qingfeng and Xue Lin's wedding photo on the computer and transmitted it to Xue Lin, Xue Lin started to react strongly.

Her reaction was very strong since she cared deeply about their wedding. The wedding was her biggest dream.

Xue Lin had wished for a long time to conduct a wedding with Qingfeng where they would be blessed by everyone at the wedding. Xue Lin deeply valued the wedding in her heart.

Xue Lin's body started to tremble and her lashes began to flutter. Then, she slowly opened her eyes.

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