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"Yes, you know about Ancient Martial artists?" Hao Ye asked in surprise. He did not expect the other party to know about them.

Hao Ye had learnt from the Seven Mysteries Clan when he was young. He was very talented and studious so he was already a Higher Heaven level fighter. He was quite well-known with the ancient Martial artist community.

Hao Ye knew that most of the people in the world were ordinary people. Even special operations soldiers were just ordinary people who had some skills. Most people did not know about the existence of Ancient Martial artists.

Ziyi Miao was only a level SS fighter and she was no match for Hao Ye. Since it was the hospital, Hao Ye did not kill her but if it was anywhere else, the story would have panned out differently.

"Young Master Ye is so strong," the five lackeys behind Hao Ye shouted and tried to please Hao Ye.

"Go and kick out the woman on the bed," Hao Ye said to his lackeys.

The lackeys nodded and walked towards Xue Lin. They were prepared to throw her out when they heard a furious voice.

 "Who dares to kick her out!"

Qingfeng and Yunhe Zhang had just arrived at the hospital when they saw the sight. Instantly, Qingfeng's heart raged with anger.

"F**k, if I had come a moment later, my wife would be kicked out of her ward," thought Qingfeng.

"Fellow, who are you? Mind your own business," said the first lackey with disdain.

Hao Ye was an arrogant person with a strong background; he loved to bully the weak. Thus, these lackeys had become very arrogant after following Hao Ye.

Qingfeng sneered as he walked towards the first lackey. Without a word, Qingfeng slapped the lackey across his face.


The lackey's face swelled up and he threw up a broken tooth after he was slapped by Qingfeng. His body flew out back and landed on the ground with a heavy thud before he passed out.

"Who are you? How dare you hit my men? You want to die?" Hao Ye said darkly.

As the saying goes, Before beating a dog, one had to see who the master was. The lackey was like a dog of Hao Ye. The lackey would bite anyone Hao Ye ordered him to. Now that his dog was beaten up, Hao Ye naturally had to avenge his dog.

Qingfeng ignored Hao Ye's words. He walked to Ziyi Miao's side and asked, "ZIyi, what's going on?"

"Master, the situation is like this…" Ziyi Miao said as she explained the situation to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng's expression darkened after listening to Ziyi Miao's narration. He never expected that Xu Zhao would be fired only a few days after he had left and for Jun Ye to become the director of the hospital. In order to please Jun Ye, Hao Ye dared to try to kick Xue Lin out of the hospital.

Truthfully, even if Hao Ye did not kick Xue Lin out, Qingfeng would not let Xue Lin stay at the hospital any longer.

Qingfeng had brought Xue Lin to the Number One People's Hospital out of respect for Xu Zhao. But now that Xu Zhao was no longer the Director of the Hospital, he no longer needed to express his respects. Naturally, he would leave the hospital.

"Ziyi, let's go to another hospital," Qingfeng said with a light smile. His eyes flashed with concern as he carried Xue Lin in his arms. Then, he started to make his way out of the hospital.

Since she was in an unconscious state, Xue Lin's face was ghastly pale. Her skin no longer glistened, instead, it was slightly dull. This caused Qingfeng's heart to ache.

Qingfeng held Xue Lin tightly in his arms. He wanted to warm her up and was determined to leave the hospital with Xue Lin.

"Fellow, how can you go after hitting my man. Did I say you could go?" Hao Ye asked darkly as he blocked Qingfeng's way.

"Go away," Qingfeng yelled. He was in a bad mood and anxious to treat Xue Lin as soon as possible.

"Bastard, you dare to insult me. You are looking for a beating," Hao Ye said with a cold smile as he prepared to give Qingfeng a beating.

"Master, be careful! Hao Ye is an Ancient Martial artist. He is a Higher Heaven level fighter," Ziyi Miao warned Qingfeng. She was slapped away by Hao Ye so she was well-aware of his strength.

Qingfeng only smiled lightly when he heard Ziyi Miao's warning but did not take it to heart. Back in the tomb of the Elixir King, he had killed countless of Higher Heaven level fighters. In his eyes, Hao Ye was nothing.

Hao Ye channeled his vital essence and pummeled his wave towards Qingfeng's body. The fist contained enormous power and pierced the air. It was a power unique to Higher Heaven level fighters.

Ziyi Miao's face was deep with worry when she saw Hao Ye's powers. Hao Ye's lackeys were filled with excitement. They could already imagine the beating that Qingfeng was about to receive.


Qingfeng held onto Xue Lin with his arms. He kicked out his right leg at the speed of lightning towards Hao Ye's body, landing on Hao Ye's chest with a loud boom.

"Ah," Hao Ye groaned. Katcha! His ribs were broken and his body flew into the air, colliding heavily on the hospital wall. Hao Ye then coughed up a huge mouthful of blood before passing out.

What? Young Master was defeated?

The surrounding people, especially Hao Ye's lackeys, were stunned to see that Hao Ye was defeated. Their eyes were all wide with disbelief.

Other people might now know how strong Hao Ye was but the lackeys had followed Hao Ye for a long time. Hao Ye was a Higher Heaven level fighter who could easily defeat opponents. How could he be defeated with a single kick?

Ziyi Miao's cherry lips formed a 'O' shape. Her eyes were filled with astonishment. She thought, "Master is so strong! He is a hundred times stronger than before!"

Ziyi Miao did not even make out Qingfeng's attack, and Hao Ye had lost terribly.

"Ziyi, mother-in-law, father-in-law, let us go," Qingfeng said with a light smile. He did not look at Hao Ye. Instead, he carried Xue Lin in his arms as the group headed out of the Number one People Hospital.

Qingfeng walked in the front. He drove the car and brought everyone to Eastern Sea Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Eastern Sea Chinese Medicine Hospital was the largest Chinese medicine hospital of Eastern Sea City. It was owned by the principal of the Medical University, Miaochun Zhang, who was also the Director of the Eastern Sea City Chinese Medicine Association.

On the way, Qingfeng gave Miaochun Zhang a call and asked him to wait for them at the entrance of the hospital.

Eastern Sea Chinese Medicine Hospital was located in the northern rural areas of Eastern Sea City and they arrived at the hospital within 30 minutes.

When they arrived at the hospital, Miaochun Zhang personally welcomed them and brought Xue Lin to the best VIP ward.

Inside the VIP ward.

Xue Lin wore a white pajamas and lied silently on the bed. Her face was pale and there were tear marks at the end of her eye. Her eyes were tightly shut like sleeping beauty.

"Professor Zhang, can you start treating her?" Qingfeng asked anxiously as he looked at Yunhe Zhang.

Yunhe Zhang nodded and said, "Yes."

Then, Yunhe Zhang used the medical apparatus to perform a full body check-up for Xue Lin. He confirmed that she had entered a self-induced hypnosis after suffering tremendous sadness. Then, he started to save Xue Lin.

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