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"Qingfeng, I already told you. I have two conditions that you need to fulfill for me to save Xue Lin. The first is to cure my legs and the second condition is to defeat the Director of the National Medical Association," Yunhe Zhang said.

"Professor Zhang, for me to defeat your disciple, I need to challenge him. The Huaxia Medical Association also needs to participate to judge the challenge. I can't defeat him right now. Can you wake up Xue Lin first? I, Qingfeng Li, will definitely keep my word and help you defeat Yunshan Ye," Qingfeng said as he furrowed his brow.

He had gone through so much to find the Black Crow Vines for Yunhe Zhang and almost died in the tomb of the Elixir King. But now, after he had healed Yunhe Zhang's legs, Yunhe Zhang still wanted him to fulfill the second condition.

Qingfeng only wanted to wake up Xue Lin quickly, he would definitely fulfill the conditions that he promised Yunhe Zhang.

Yunhe Zhang seemed to have caught onto Qingfeng's unhappiness. He said with a sigh, "Qingfeng, thank you for curing my legs. I can heal Xue Lin for you but I hope that you will help me defeat Yunshan Ye in the future."

At the mention of Yunshan Ye, Yunhe Zhang clenched his teeth furiously. Back then, Yunshan Ye was his disciple, yet he still betrayed Yunhe Zhang. He had not only poisoned Yunhe Zhang, but had also kicked him out of the Medical Association.

"Professor Zhang, rest assured. I will definitely avenge you and defeat Yunshan Ye," Qingfeng assured Yunhe Zhang. He was also aware of the conflict between the teacher and disciple.

If it was Chinese medicine, Qingfeng was definitely a godly doctor. Thus, he was unafraid of Yunshan Ye. Qingfeng could cure any disease other than mental illnesses.

After Yunhe Zhang agreed to save Xue Lin, Qingfeng massaged his legs and even infused some vital essence into his body to help him recover faster.

With the Black Crow Vines and Qingfeng's acupuncture skills, soon, Yunhe Zhang manage to start walking small distances.

"Qingfeng, let's go and heal Xue Lin," Yunhe Zhang said with a light smile.

Even though Qingfeng had only completed one task, he still chose to save Xue Lin. He believed in Qingfeng; Qingfeng was a man who kept his words.

Number One People's hospital.

At the moment, VIP room #1 was filled with commotion. Cui Wang had led a bunch of people to kick Xue Lin out of the ward.

Cui Wang had a vicious expression on her face. She pointed at the unconscious Xue Lin and yelled, "Kick this woman out!"

Cui Wang knew that Xue Lin was Qingfeng's wife. Qingfeng had insulted her at the hospital and the two had a deep conflict.

Cui Wang had wanted to seek revenge against Xue Lin and Qingfeng but Xue Lin was protected by the director of the hospital, Xu Zhao, so there was nothing she could do.

But now, Xu Zhao was kicked out of the hospital by the Board of Directors. Cui Wang's husband, Jun Ye, was appointed as the new Director of the Hospital and she was now the Director's wife so naturally, she dared to kick Xue Lin out of the hospital.

"Cui Wang, Xue Lin is still unconscious. She is a patient. How can you kick a patient out of the hospital?" Xu Zhao asked furiously.

Cui Wang's blows were too low. She conspired with her husband to kick him out of the hospital. Now, she even wanted to kick Xue Lin out of the hospital so naturally, Xu Zhao opposed her actions.

"Xu Zhao, you are no longer the Director of the hospital. I make the decisions now," said a man with glasses coldly.

The middle-aged man was Jun Ye, Cui Wang's husband. Initially, Xu Zhao could still be the Director for a while but Jun Ye used illegal means to kick him out.

An important person from Huaxia Medical Association had arrived at the hospital. She felt ill and wanted to stay in the hospital so Jun Ye wanted to kick out Xu eLin. Furthermore, he was happy to use this opportunity to seek revenge against Xu Zhao.

Xue Lin's mother, Xiaoyun Mu, and her father, Shi Lin, trembled in anger when they heard Jun Ye's words. This man had no shame! He was using his power as the Director of the Hospital to kick Xue Lin out of the hospital.

As a famous millionaire of Eastern Sea City, Shi Lin even tried using his name but Jun Ye insisted on kicking them out of the hospital since Jun Ye wanted to use the ward to serve an VIP.

"I will hurt whoever dares to kick out Sister Xue," Ziyi Miao said coldly as she stood at the head of Xue Lin's bed.

Before Qingfeng left, he had told Ziyi Miao to protect Xue Lin well. Ziyi Miao swore that if Jun Ye dared to come close to Xue Lin, she would give him a beating.

"How can a woman like you be so nonsensical? I already told you I am the director of the hospital. I have the power to kick you out," Jun Ye said unhappily to Ziyi Miao.

"Before Master returns, no one can come close to Sister Xue or don't blame me for my actions," Ziyi Miao said arrogantly.

Even though Qingfeng was Ziyi Miao's master, she was still Miaojiang's Saintess. She had her pride, and did not care for a small figure such as the Director of a hospital.

 "Director Jun Ye, what's going on? Why is my mother's ward still not ready?" Suddenly, an unhappy voice was heard.

A handsome young man who wore a suit walked arrogantly into the ward.

"Young Master Hao Ye, I have already prepared VIP room number one for your mother. It is the best ward in the hospital. However, this patient refuses to leave," Jun Ye quickly explained.

Hao Ye's identity was not simple. He was the son of the Director of the Huaxia Medical Association, Yunshan Ye. He had accompanied his mother to Eastern Sea City to visit their relatives, but unexpectedly, his mother had fallen ill. Thus, they came to the hospital.

Hao Ye was the son of the Director of Huaxia Medical Association. Naturally, Jun Ye treated him carefully. Furthermore, Jun Ye was a member of the Ye Family, so Yunshan Ye was his superior.

"Go away quickly. My mother had already been admitted into the hospital. If her treatment is delayed, I will not let you guys off lightly," Hao Ye said with a cold smile.

"Sister Xue is on the bed. We will not leave," ZIyi Miao said lightly as she shook her head.

"Very well, since you refuse to leave, I will kick you out," Hao Ye said coldly as he walked towards Ziyi Miao.

Ziyi Miao waved her fist towards Hao Ye. However, Hao Ye easily grabbed onto Ziyi Miao's fist.

"Very good, a level SS fighter, but you are still too weak," Hao Ye said with a light smile. He slapped lightly on Ziyi Miao's body and sent her flying into the sky. Ziyi Miao's face was ghastly pale as she landed on the ground with a thud.

"Ancient Martial artist? You are an ancient Martial artist?" Ziyi Miao said with astonishment.

She never expected the arrogant young man to be an ancient Martial artist.

Ziyi Miao had heard of Ancient Martial artists from Qingfeng. She knew that they were powerful beings.

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