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Because of his worry towards Xue Lin, Qingfeng hurried towards Eastern Sea City. He arrived at Eastern Sea City at 7pm.

Since he was rushing towards Eastern Sea City, his clothes were torn into tatters by the thorns in the Mountains. He looked like a miserable beggar and there was dirt covering his entire body.

There were many people on the streets of Eastern Sea City, and they looked at Qingfeng strangely when they saw him. Qingfeng looked like a wild man who had ran out of the woods.

Qingfeng ignored the looks from the surrounding people as he dashed towards Eastern Sea Medical University. His cellphone broke when it fell to the ground at the tomb of the the Elixir King.

The security guard refused to let Qingfeng enter the university when Qingfeng arrived at the entrance of the university since Qingfeng looked like a wild beggar.


Qingfeng moved at the speed of lightning. In a moment, he disappeared before the security guard and ran towards the office building.

"Crap, where did the wild man go?" the security guard thought with confusion. He recalled that there was a man who wore torn clothing and looked like a beggar before him just now but the man had disappeared.

Qingfeng's speed was as fast as a vortex. In a moment, he had arrived in the basement of the medical office building.

Knock Knock knock!

Even though Qingfeng's heart was filled with anxiety, he still had to kept up his manners. Qingfeng liften his hand and knocked on the door three times.

"Professor Zhang, I am Qingfeng. I have found the Black Crow Vines. Please open the door," Qingfeng said as he stood outside of the door.

Yunhe Zhang was so excited when he heard Qingfeng's voice that he knocked down the experiment apparatus on the table.

The experiment apparatus was very expensive and it was Yunhe Zhang's favourite but he did not bother with the apparatus on the ground. Instead, he hurried to the door excitedly.

Yunhe Zhang's heart was filled with excitement as he heard Qingfeng's words. Qingfeng said that he had obtained the Black Crow Vines, the antidote to his Bone-Softening Poison. How could he not be happy?

"Qingfeng, did you really find the super rare Black Crow Vines? Let me see it." Yunhe Zhang, a master of the medicine field, was as excited as a kid now.

Qingfeng said with a light smile, "Here," as he handed over the Black Crow Vines.

Yunhe Zhang examined the Black Crow Vines carefully. It was a vine that was about half a meter in length. The entire body of the vine was pitch black and strong as steel.

He scratched his nail on the vine but did not manage to leave a mark.

"Qingfeng, the vine is too hard. I can't even scratch it. What should we do?" Yunhe Zhang said gloomily.

"It's okay. I can break it right now," Qingfeng said with a light smile. He grabbed the Black Crow Vines and broke it into two pieces with his hands.

"Ah," Yunhe Zhang exclaimed. He looked at Qingfeng with astonishment in his eyes.

The vines were even harder than steel. How strong must Qingfeng be? How could he break the vines with his bare hands?

If Qingfeng was still in the Higher Heaven level, he would be unable to break the vines. However, he was just steps away from becoming a grandmaster level fighter. Naturally, he was able to easily break the Black Crow Vines.

"Professor Zhang, I will help you brew the Black Crow Vines to heal your Bone-Softening Poison," Qingfeng said. He did not want to waste any time. Yunhe Zhang could only go and heal Xue Lin after his Bone-Softening Poison was healed.

Qingfeng was extremely strong now. His hands were stronger than knives; so naturally, he could easily break the Black Crow Vines.

Qingfeng broke the vines into dozens of 1cm long fragments. Then, he placed some water into the ceramic pot and brewed the contents.

As he brewed the Black Crow Wines, Qingfeng took out the and started to read it carefully.

had thorough explanations of different herbs and their different properties. At the back of the book, it explained the different methods to make the elixirs.

The book described the methods to make Lower Heaven elixirs, Higher Heaven elixirs and grandmaster elixirs. Other than that, there were also recipes for antidote elixirs, strength elixirs and vital essence elixirs etc.

To make an elixir, the three most important things were the ingredients, the elixir pot and the flame. Qingfeng did not have the ingredients or the elixir pot or the flame and thus, it was impossible for him to make an elixir. He was only learning about the theoretical knowledge since he had nothing else to do.

Alchemy was a difficult branch of knowledge. After two hours, Qingfeng only read a few pages of the book. Even though he did not finish the book, he was already at the beginner understanding of alchemy.

One required theoretical knowledge about a subject before they could apply their knowledge in practical situations. If Qingfeng attempted to make an elixir without studying theoretical knowledge, he was doomed to fail.

2 hours later.

The Black Crow Vines in the ceramic pot bubbled. After brewing, it had melted into a sticky black substance.

The stick black substance was like maple syrup, except that it was black instead of a caramel colour. It emitted a potent herbal scent – sweet with a slight bitter scent.

Qingfeng poured out the sticky black substance and passed it over to Yunhe Zhang.

Yunhe Zhang took a sip and thought that it was too bitter. However, to cure his illness, he persevered and finished the entire solution.

As the solution entered Yunhe Zhang's body, the Black Crow Vines became a black energy and started to resolve the white Bone-Softening Poison within his body.

If there was a microscope present, it would be obvious that there were revolutionary changes happening within Yunhe Zhang's body. The white toxin within his body was gradually melted away by the Black Crow Vines solution.

Yunhe Zhang felt a warm sensation within his body and that his body was filled with power. When the Black Crow Vines solution reached his legs, his broken connective tissue also started to heal.

Of course, restoration of the bone matrix was a painful process. Yunhe Zhang's face was filled with agony. Large droplets of sweat trickled down his forehead. His fingernails dug deeply into his palms and caused blood to gush out from his palms.

Even though he was in a lot of pain, Yunhe Zhang clenched his teeth and persevered through the pain. He could feel a sensation in his previously numb legs.

His bones were restored, blood circulated through his legs and his meridians were healed. Yunhe Zhang's legs were slowly recovering.

Yunhe Zhang was in so much pain that he almost passed out. When he saw Yunhe Zhang's pain, Qingfeng quickly took out his acupuncture needles and pierced the needles in special pressure points on Yunhe Zhang's body to help alleviate his pain.

Qingfeng understood that he must perform acupuncture on Yunhe Zhang. He must not let Yunhe Zhang pass out from the pain or the efficacy of the Black Crow Vines would be greatly inhibited.

An hour later, Yunhe Zhang finally absorbed all the contents of the Black Crow Vines and he felt that his entire body was warm and comfortable. His body was filled with power and his bones were strong.

Yunhe Zhang pushed against his wheelchairs and slowly got onto his feet. Since he had not stood up for a long time, it took him a while to get use to the sensation of standing.

"Professor Zhang, I helped to get rid of your Bone-Softening Poison and healed your legs. Can you help me wake up my wife, Xue Lin, now?" Qingfeng asked anxiously.

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