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"You're nobody! Do you a favor? Today I'm going to kill Xianzhi Qin in front of you." Yangzi Blood sneered, with a thirst for blood in his eyes.

As one of the unorthodox 81 devils, Yangzi Blood was not only evil but very strong, so he would surely make Qingfeng Li lose face. If Qingfeng Li was a grandmaster, Yangzi Blood would probably do him a favor, but in the case that Qingfeng Li had only achieved the Higher Heaven realm, Yangzi Blood would certainly not care about his request. The ancient martial arts world was based on the law of the jungle and the society of strength first. This meant that you would be looked up to if you were strong enough, and vice versa.

Qingfeng Li's face changed, and a touch of anger appeared in his eyes. Yangzi Blood was too rampant. He even dared to scold Qingfeng Li as if he was a nobody.

"Yangzi Blood, you've rejected your chance to save face. You want to kill Xianzhi Qin? Ask the sword in my hand for permission first." Qingfeng Li sneered, with intense murderous intent. He had become enraged by Yangzi Blood.

"Ah ha, you dare to scold me! Great, I'll drain your blood and let you become a mummified corpse." Yangzi Blood walked towards Qingfeng Li with a ferocious look on his face, as he wanted to kill this disgusting guy.

At the sight of this scene, Xianzhi Qin's face changed greatly, and she cried, "Qingfeng Li, hurry and run away! Don't mind about me, Yangzi Blood is one of the unorthodox 81 devils and he is extremely strong."

Different from the other people who knew nothing about the strength of Yangzi Blood, she knew it well as she was the young mistress of the Fiery Emperor Palace. Yangzi Blood was surely a top-tier master, who could only be killed by grandmasters like her father. Qingfeng Li would not able to kill him at all.

"Miss Qin, I won't watch you die." Qingfeng Li shook his head and said gently. He was not a coward, nor a man fleeing from battle either. Qingfeng Li would still fight, no matter how strong Yangzi Blood was.

"Fool." Xianzhi Qin murmured with a thread of tears in her eyes, as she was deeply moved by what Qingfeng Li had done. At this moment, Xianzhi Qin had a strange feeling for Qingfeng Li. she understood that this man was betting his own life on saving her, which was impossible to succeed in.

"What a good scene! A hero rescues a beauty! Orthodox people always like being heroes, but I'm afraid you're going to die here." Yangzi Blood sneered with a ferocious and bloodthirsty look on his face.

"Well, not necessarily, perhaps it's you who will die here." Qingfeng Li sneered with a proud look on his face.


Qingfeng Li turned over his wrist, immediately pulling out the Red Fiery Sword. He held it across his chest, his whole body exuding a fierce aura.

"Red Fiery Wave." Qingfeng Li shouted, pouring vital essence into the sword, and using the third skill of the Red Fiery Sword Technique right away.

When facing Yangzi Blood, Qingfeng Li did not dare to be careless. He used all of the strength he had right away, and also gave full play of his currently strongest martial arts skill.

If the enemy was average, Qingfeng Li would always let the rival take a move first, but in the case of Yangzi Blood, Qingfeng Li hurried to take actions first because he did not want to allow Yangzi Blood to have time to react. The half grandmaster was too strong, so Qingfeng Li had a strong feeling of anxiety.


The Red Fiery Sword ripped through the air and left it a crack, along with a mass of flames and sword lightning, cutting hard towards Yangzi Blood.

The third skill of the Red Fiery Sword Technique was extremely strong, which Qingfeng Li had used to easily break the weapons of the disciples of Gu Family and Ghost King Palace and the russian assassins. Qingfeng Li believed that he would absolutely hurt Yangzi Blood by using this awesome sword technique.

"Great sword technique, and great sword, but your strength is too weak." Confronted by the powerful sword of Qingfeng Li, Yangzi Blood sneered, and did not care at all. Just when his throat was about to be pierced by Qingfeng Li's sword, Yangzi Blood slightly moved his right fist, condensed vital essence and turned it into a flash of blood red lightning. Yangzi Blood sneered, suddenly punching out his right fist and colliding with Qingfeng Li's sword.

Seeing Yangzi Blood fighting against his opponent's weapon with his bare hand, the faces of the surrounding people changed, and their eyes were filled with surprise, as they knew that Qingfeng Li's sword was very powerful, which was a grandmaster-class weapon and had killed lots of people. They were all afraid of the sword.

At this moment, in addition to Cold Blood, all the others wished Qingfeng Li's sword could defeat Yangzi Blood. The enemies of Qingfeng Li, Baidao Jiang or Yun Tang, all hoped Qingfeng Li could win. These people knew that Qingfeng Li belonged to the orthodox after all, and he stood on the same side with them. Once Qingfeng failed, Yangzi Blood would not only kill him, but also drain the blood of the people around. As a result, Qingfeng Li was their last resort now.

Their dreams were good, but reality tended to be cruel.


Yangzi Blood's fist punched on Red Fiery Sword with a huge noise of bang, Qingfeng Li's sword and body flew out backwards through a dozen meters, hitting a wall, and ending up falling down to the ground.


Qingfeng Li opened mouth and coughed up a mouthful of blood. His face paled with great shock in his mind. Too strong, the strength of the half grandmaster realm was too strong to resist.

Qingfeng Li had met the Red Cloaked Cardinal on Tiger Continent, so he knew how the grandmaster realm was like and how strong it was. Therefore he did not think himself could fight against a grandmaster rival, but fighting with a half grandmaster should be easy to him. Now it seemed that Qingfeng Li had overestimated his own fighting capacity. No, in fact he had underestimated the strength of the half grandmaster realm rather than overestimate his own fighting capacity.

After all, the half grandmaster realm meant a master had stepped into grandmaster realm with one foot and left the other outside the realm. In other words, the Higher Heaven realm could not compete with the Half-Grandmaster realm at all.

"What, Qingfeng Li failed." Seeing Qingfeng Li's powerful sword was defeated by only one punch, the people around all paled, and their eyes were full of panic.

Qingfeng Li just killed Jianlong Gu, Duluth and countless disciples, and everyone was impressed with his demeanor of a peerless top-tier master. Due to this, all the people had set great expectation on him, hoping that he could defeat Yangzi Blood, but he lost unexpectedly.

At this moment, everyone's heart was filled with despair, as they knew, Qingfeng Li's failure meant death, and therefore their fates would be very miserable too. Their blood would be drained by Yangzi Blood, and they would be turned into mummie; they would die in a sad way.

"Yangzi Blood, my lord, I don't want to die, please let me go." Tianhao Luo suddenly kneeled down in front of Yangzi Blood, crying with a tone begging for mercy. Tianhao Luo was afraid of death, extremely afraid of death. He had a lot of money in Tianjing City, and kept plenty of models and beautiful women, so he did not want to die. He wanted to live on and get back to keep on enjoying the life of a wealthy man.

Seeing it was the young man from Luo Family who groveled to beg for mercy, Yangzi Blood sneered, said, "It's okay to let you go. Come on, go f*ck your young mistress, I'll let you go then."

There could not be denied that Yangzi Blood was extremely evil, he even ordered Tianhao Luo to insult Nishang Luo in public.

"Playing with fire." At the sight of the scene, Qingfeng Li's face darkened and he felt extremely angry in his heart.

Qingfeng Li decided to use his bloodline power. Only when he took the advantage of bloodline power could he defeat Yangzi Blood.

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