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This scene where only Qingfeng stood while the others all fell down to the ground looked particularly horrible, and anyone knowing nothing about the situation would have thought it was Qingfeng that did something and made everyone collapse. Greed was a sin, and everyone would pay for their own greed. Admittedly Higher Heaven Pills were very rare, but there could not have been so many elixirs without any tricks hidden in them, just like how there are no free things just falling out from the sky.

"Qingfeng, why is there nothing wrong with you?" Tianhao Luo stared at Qingfeng Li and asked in surprise. All the people here, including Niching Luo fell over, while only Qingfeng Li was still alright. Tianhao Luo got very confused as he was the one who laughed at Qingfeng Li just now.

"I remember it was you calling me a fool. Now I'll send it back to you, you fool." Qingfeng Li sneered.

Tianhao Luo's face changed and darkened when he was called a fool in public by Qingfeng. Tianhao got angry and intended to scold Qingfeng, but he changed his mind and was too scared to talk at the thought that he was debilitated and Qingfeng Li was the only one with the strength who probably could kill him.

"Wolf King, what's all this about?" Niching Luo asked, with a hint of panic appearing on her enchanting face.

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, and said, "There's something wrong with the Higher Heaven Pill. Grandmaster Water Moon had coated it with a trick. Oh, it's impropriate to call it a trick, it should be the Strength-melting Herb, a kind of medicinal herb."

Strength-melting Herb? Niching Luo's face changed when she heard the name of the herb. As the young lady of Luo Family, it was understandable for her to know about this kind of herb.

The Strength-melting Herb, just as its name implied, was a kind of herb that could consume up strength. This herb was very rare, and unexpectedly it showed up here. But this was explainable when it came to that this was the tomb of the Elixir King.

The Strength-melting Herb did not really melt strength, it just temporarily sealed strength and debilitated people. All of the Higher Heaven Pills here were coated with the juice of Strength-melting Herb. The more Higher Heaven Pills people took, the faster they fell over, and the more time they would need to recover. As for Strength-melting Herbs, a lot of martial warriors knew about it since it was their bane.

"It's just the Strength-melting Herb so it's fine. Just wait a moment and the effect of the herb will go away, then we'll be able to recover our strength." Some people said in an optimistic tone.

There could always be both optimistic and pessimistic people. Looking over, there were people, like Cold Blood, Hell King, Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang, who looked pessimistic with desperation in their eyes.

Indeed, the Strength-melting Herb just melted strength temporarily, and their strength could recover after a while. Now that they were all out of strength, however, Qingfeng Li was the only one who could move, and he would not let them go since they were his enemies.

"If I had known then, I would not have grabbed the Higher Heaven Pills. What a fool am I." At this moment, Cold Blood's face was gloomy. He felt so regretful that wished he could slap himself. Just imagine that the young master of the Crimson Blood Sect, who was also the top master on the Higher Heaven ranking list, even called himself a fool from how stupid he felt he was.

What Cold Blood and the others had done was just like the sayings Going for wool and coming home shorn , and A person lifts a rock only to drop it on his own toes . Cold Blood originally intended to break through by taking the advantage of the Higher Heaven Pill and then use the breakthrough to kill Qingfeng Li, but now that he lost his strength, he was like a lamb to the slaughter. He had no alternative but to be killed by Qingfeng Li at will.

Qingfeng Li stood where he was, watching the people around teasingly, with smiles in his eyes. He was now the Wolf King, and these people ahead were lambs for the slaughter. He could kill whoever he wanted.

"Cold Blood, Hell King, Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, you're all my enemies. You tell me, who shall I kill first?" Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, but there was cold murderous intent in the smile, which made everyone have a shiver.

Just then, a chattering voice came, "A lot of delicious blood, I like it."

The voice was very sharp and weird, the chattering voice sounded extremely harsh.

Whoosh! A mysterious man in a red robe tiptoed on the iron chain, leaped over the lava river, and actually flew over.

The man in red robe did not fly too far, just dozens of meters, but it was true that he flew through the air. Flying through the air, a grandmaster? The man in red robe who showed up suddenly was a grandmaster?

Qingfeng Li's face changed and a touch of shock came into his eyes. Apart from Qingfeng Li, even the people around also looked shocked, as if they had seen a ghost. It had been a long time after they entered the Grandmaster Tomb, they did not even notice that they were followed by a person, who was a grandmaster.

No, it's not right, this was not a grandmaster, because if he was a grandmaster, he could directly fly over without having to tiptoe once on the iron chain. In fact he had to tiptoe on the iron chain first before he flew over the lava river. Half-step into grandmaster realm, this was a half grandmaster?

Everyone's face changed greatly, the most powerful people here had just achieved the peak of the Higher Heaven realm, and therefore no one could defeat the man in the red robe. Besides, the man in the red robe looked very malicious.

The red-robed man was tall and strong, with a height of 1.8 meters, and was mantled by a red robe. His face was blood red and his eyes were bloodthirsty, with upended eyebrows and hair, giving off an aura of evil.

When he landed in the palace, he found the blood on the ground with his red eyes. He opened his mouth, and inhaled all the blood into his mouth. The blood belonged to the disciples of the Crimson Blood Sect, Ghost King Palace and the assassins of the assassin school, who were just killed by Qingfeng Li.

"Devil, this is a devil." At the sight of the scene, everyone stared at the red-robed man in horror. The man in red robe was more horrible than Qingfeng. He even drank fresh blood.

"Ah ha, yummy blood, I like it." The man in the red robe put out his tongue and licked his blood stained lips, showing a bloodthirsty smile.

"I prefer the blood of the living to that of the dead." The man in the red robe smiled coldly, stretching out his hand and catching a disciple of the Jiang Family nearby.

"Don't suck my blood, don't." The disciple of Jiang Family paled and cried for mercy.

The red-robed man did not care at all however, as he bit the disciple on the throat. After a moment, the disciple's blood was drained and he was turned into a mummified corpse which was discarded onto the ground.

At this moment, all the people were trembling, looking at the red-robed man with a frightened look.

Qingfeng Li's pupils suddenly shrank, and he did not dare to take a move. Although the man in red robe ahead looked evil, he was half step away from grandmaster realm. He was the strongest man here.

"Huh, there're two beauties! I like, I like the blood of beautiful woman most." At the sight of the two beauties Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin, the red-robed man's face turned delighted, and a touch of excitement and bloodlust appeared in his eyes.

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