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~Gulp Gulp Gulp~

Cold Blood immediately poured a dozen of Higher Heaven Pills into his mouth. Those pills contained enormous vital essence which started accumulating in Cold Blood's body. His strength went on increasing. At last, Cold Blood's strength had reached more than five thousand kilograms, which was the strength a grandmaster could exert.

Admittedly, Cold Blood's strength had been grandmaster-class, but he failed to achieve the grandmaster realm as the realm calls for gaining an insight, rather than taking pills alone.

"Take the pills!" Seeing that Cold Blood took the pills and his strength increased, the people around all got excited and rushed forward, disregarding the fights they were previously involved in.

The people, including Hell King, Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, Niching Luo, Xianzhi Qin and Dong Qin, began to grab the Higher Heaven Pill rather than go on fighting. There were a dozen bottles of Higher Heaven Pill, and each person had grabbed a bottle. They opened their mouths and immediately took the pills. Their strengths started to increase because of the vital essence contained in Higher Heaven Pill.


Qingfeng Li took a move, as fast as a flash of lightning, dashed up as well. But what he wanted was not Higher Heaven Pills but the Black Crow Vines, which he had seized in his hand.

"Xue Lin can be saved." Qingfeng Li stared at the Black Crow Vines in the hand, and a touch of relief appeared in his eyes.

This Black Crow Vines were twenty centimeters long, black, and as hard as gold. Qingfeng Li exerted his strength to pinch it, but failed. It deserved to be regarded as one of the hardest medicinal herbs. Qingfeng Li started admiring it in his mind.

As for Cold Blood, what he wanted to do now was to increase his strength in order to kill Qingfeng Li, and therefore he grabbed a Higher Heaven Pill instead of the Black Crow Vines. He thought that both the Black Crow Vines and the treasures here would all belong to him, as long as he could boost strength and kill Qingfeng Li.

"Ha, ha, ha, Qingfeng Li, my current strength can be equal to that of the grandmaster realm. You're dead." Sensing the giant power inside the body, Cold Blood laughed heartily with a rampant look on his face.

"Great, I've reached a breakthrough too. Qingfeng Li, you're bound to die today." Hell King was also excited, staring at Qingfeng Li with apparent murderous intent.

Apart from Cold Blood and Hell King, the other people like Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin were also excited, as their strengths increased as well. Some people even broke through.

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly, and an uneasy feeling arose in his heart when he saw so many people take pills madly and boost their strength.

Yes, an uneasy feeling, Qingfeng Li just felt that something was wrong. Things went smoothly, just too smoothly. The Elixir King Palace was the place where they had buried Elixir King Yun Xiao and his wife, Water Moon. In the middle of the palace, there was a coffin on the stone terrace, and the couple were right in the coffin.

Elixir King Yun Xiao was the top alchemist in Huaxia fifty years ago, so it was not strange for him to refine a dozen bottles of Higher Heaven Pills. As for Water Moon, she was a grandmaster and trap master, who set up traps at the first meteorite stone gate, the second passage of arrows and the third tombstone iron chain. So now, in the place where their coffin was, where was the trap?

Qingfeng Li believed that Elixir King and Water Moon absolutely did not want others to rob their tomb, so they must have set up a trap. But where was it? The people around fell into a state of madness and excitement, and Qingfeng was the only one who felt worried.

"Wolf King, why don't you grab Higher Heaven Pills? They can help you boost strength." Niching Luo gave an enchanting smile, approaching Qingfeng Li. A hint of doubt appeared on her charming face as she wondered why Qingfeng didn't go for pills after taking the Black Crow Vines.

Qingfeng Li shook his head, said, "I'm only interested in Black Crow Vines, I don't care about Higher Heaven Pill."

"Wolf King, I grabbed a bottle of Higher Heaven Pill and I haven't eaten them yet. I can give you some to help you boost your strength." Niching Luo smiled slightly, passing Qingfeng Li a few Higher Heaven Pills.

At the sight of the scene, Tianhao Luo and the disciples of Luo Family behind him all wore jealous looks on their faces. They were not strong enough to grab many Higher Heaven Pills, so they felt very uncomfortable when they saw their young lady give so many pills to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li took the Higher Heaven Pills from Niching Luo, but he did not eat them. He just observed them carefully instead.

Qingfeng Li found there was something wrong with the Higher Heaven Pills because there seemed to be a kind of special medicinal herb applied onto the surface of the pills. He had studied traditional Chinese medicine before, so he was very familiar with all the medicinal herbs, and as a result of which he found the Higher Heaven Pills had a problem with his first glance.

"The trap is in the Higher Heaven Pill." A look of shock appeared on Qingfeng Li's face. A bold speculation appeared in his mind, that if the Elixir King and Water Moon had set up the trap in the Higher Heaven Pills, all the people that came to the tomb would be baited as no one could resist the tempting Higher Heaven Pills. Among the people around, Qingfeng Li was the only one who did not fight for the Higher Heaven Pills, while all the others did.

"Qingfeng Li, go to hell! I've taken the Higher Heaven Pill, and my strength has reached the grandmaster realm. I must kill you today." Cold Blood walked toward Qingfeng Li with murderous intent covering his face.

"Cold Blood is actually the top master on the Higher Heaven ranking list. Now that he's taken so many Higher Heaven Pills and his strength has entered the grandmaster realm, Qingfeng Li is bound to die."

"I agree, Qingfeng Li killed so many disciples of the Crimson Blood Sect and Ghost King Palace just now. His retribution is coming."

"Hey, a rare genius is going to be killed by Cold Blood."

"Qingfeng Li is so stupid! We've all taken Higher Heaven Pills to boost our strength. He doesn't know he should grab and take the pills too."

There were many discussions among the people around, who looked at Qingfeng Li like they were looking at a stupid pig. These people were the disciples of the Jiang Family and Tang Family. They were alive only because they did not attack Qingfeng Li just now.

Hearing the taunts from the crowd, Qingfeng Li's face remained calm, while he smiled coldly in his heart. Scolding me like a fool, yet you are the fools in the end. It is obvious that there was something wrong with the Higher Heaven Pills, but you failed to recognize it.

Cold Blood came to a place near Qingfeng Li. When he was about to attack him, his face suddenly turned pale, and he felt dizzy and exhausted. Poof! Cold Blood fell down to the ground unexpectedly and he felt his body had no strength at all. His face was full of horror.

"What happened? What happened? Where's my strength?" Cold Blood's eyes were full of shock and horror. It was the first time he had encountered such a situation, and he had been frightened to death.

Poof, poof, poof, poof...Following Cold Blood, the others kept falling over as well, even Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin fell down near Qingfeng Li.

"Ah, where's my strength, how could it disappear?"

"What happened, who can tell me what happened?"

"What's wrong with us, are we poisoned?"

All the people fell down to the ground, with horror over their faces. They kept screaming.

Thinking about it, strength was the most important thing to martial warriors, yet now their strength had disappeared. What did this mean? It was a total disaster, and it meant death.

Everyone fell down to the ground except for the only one who remained standing. It was Qingfeng Li, for he did not take the Higher Heaven Pills.

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