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Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill...

With murderous intent in his mind, Qingfeng was like a Killing God. He kept swinging his sword, tearing through the air and frightening the surrounding people. Each blow from him was always accompanied by a head falling down to the ground.

The disciples of the Crimson Blood Sect, Ghost King Palace and the Assassins from the Russian Assassin School were like ants in Qingfeng Li's hands, being slaughtered by him in a defenseless manner.

"Young master, help us." The disciples of Crimson asked Cold Blood for help with horror filling their eyes. They had been frightened to death by Qingfeng Li who was a devil, overcoming their apprehension of Cold Blood.

"Your Majesty Hell King, save us!" The men of the Ghost King Palace also shouted with a panicking tone.

"Instructor, help." The Russian assassins cried out as well, wishing they could flee right now.

At the sight of the constant death of their loyal men, Cold Blood, Hell King and Duluth became furious, with murderous intent bursting within their minds. They all made attacks toward Qingfeng Li, but they just could not reach Qingfeng Li's body because of his swift speed, which was like lightning.

Poof, poof, poof, poof...Those men's heads were constantly chopped off by Qingfeng Li and rolled out to a distance, filling the air with a pungent bloody smell. After a few moments, apart from the three leaders of Crimson Blood Sect, Ghost King Palace and Russia Assassin Camp, all of their disciples and assassins were wiped out by Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li, you've become an irreconcilable enemy of the Crimson Blood Sect."

"Qingfeng Li, you'll absolutely be torn to pieces by Ghost King Palace."

"Wolf King, I, Duluth, swear I'll kill you by all means today."

Cold Blood, Hell King and Duluth all looked gloomy with intense murderous auras. To avenge for their dead disciples, they rushed at Qingfeng Li altogether.

"Ha, ha, ha, want to kill me? I'm afraid it is you who will die in the end." Qingfeng Li burst into laughter, a slashing murderous intent appearing in his eyes. As he had killed lots of people just now, the murderous intent in his mind had continued accumulating, as a result of which he was about to go out of control. All he desired was to see the death of the men in front of him.

"Crimson Saber Technique." Cold Blood smiled coldly, and suddenly swung his red saber at the neck of Qingfeng Li, aiming to cut off his head.


Qingfeng Li held his sword in front of him, pointing forcefully at the Crimson Saber from top to the bottom with the sword tip, immediately pushing back Cold Blood. Due to the Seven Star Fruit he ate in the Vast Mountains, Qingfeng Li's physical strength had increased a lot. Taking into account the third martial art skill he had learnt, he was able to remain invincible even if he was under attack by three masters.

When Qingfeng Li just beat off Cold Blood, Hell King's saber came sneakily from behind, aiming to penetrate his heart. Qingfeng Li stayed still, his sword cutting horizontally toward the rear, as if there were eyes on his back. He immediately knocked Hell King's saber away.

"Is there anything else you can do besides sneak attacking?" Qingfeng Li smiled with disdain. Qingfeng Li had a lot of enemies. If he was asked who was the one he despised most, then it would surely be Hell King, who knew nothing but underhanded tactics.

Hell King was defeated by Qingfeng Li before and he was actually afraid of him. Hell King hated Qingfeng Li so much that he wanted to kill him, but he always attacked Qingfeng Li in a sneaky way since he was afraid. He was exactly the kind of despicable, underhanded people in real society. Hell King's face darkened.

Apparently he felt very uncomfortable by Qingfeng Li's disdain. He said coldly, "Qingfeng Li, as long as I can kill you, what if I attack you sneakily?"

"Garbage. Never daring to fight fair and square." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, looking at him with disdain. The most important thing to martial warriors was the spirit of martial arts, which was the spirit to behave in a fair way as well as never giving in. Given that Hell King often attacked sneakily and did mean things, he had lost his spirit of martial arts, and would never make any great achievements.


As soon as Hell King attacked Qingfeng Li sneakily, Duluth did the same with his black sword from the left side. He was the instructor of assassins, and sneak attacks were his expertise.

"Playing with fire." After two consecutive sneaky attacks, Qingfeng Li was enraged with a furious look in his eyes.

Qingfeng Li suddenly jumped out and approached Duluth. He intended to kill Duluth first as the Assassin instructor was like a hidden poisonous snake who might deal him a fatal attack at any time. Qingfeng Li hated assassins the most because they were like poisonous snakes in the dark. They were not the strongest, but were the most dangerous.

Qingfeng Li waved his sword as fast as a flash of lightning, and instantly clashed with Duluth's black sword.


Duluth's Higher Heaven-class sword was broken into two pieces immediately. Although this sword was a powerful Higher Heaven-class weapon, it was much worse than Red Fiery Sword which was a grandmaster-class weapon.

"My sword! Wolf King, you deserve to die." At the sight of the broken sword, Duluth's eyes filled with loss before he stared at Qingfeng Li with anger.

"It's you who deserves to die, you come to Huaxia instead of staying in Russia and even intended to attack me sneakily. Go to hell!" Qingfeng Li smiled cruelly, like a Murderous God, instantly arriving in front of Duluth, swinging out his sword at his head.

"No." Duluth cried and backed up quickly, but his speed could not be faster than that of Qingfeng Li.

Poof! Duluth's head was cut off and flew out, his eyes filled with horror before his death.

"How could the Wolf King be so strong?" This was the only thought that came into Duluth's mind before he died.

Duluth, the instructor of the Russian Assassin School and a well-known figure among the assassins, died such a meaningless death.

The death of Duluth did not cause too much of a shock. He was from Russia after all, and people from Huaxia did not have a deep relationship with him. Duluth had died and so had the nine Assassins he brought with him. This time they were completely wiped out by Qingfeng Li.

After killing Duluth, Qingfeng's murderous intent became more intense, he turned back to attack actively, and Hell King was his first killing target. He had wanted to kill Hell King for a long time, as Hell King was his sworn enemy, but Hell King managed to run away again and once again. This time, Qingfeng Li was determined to kill him without giving him any chance to escape.

"Kill." Qingfeng Li shouted with rage, slashing out his sword at Hell King, ripping apart the air. He turned into a flash of sword flashes, making his flurry of attacks seem impenetrable.

Hell King's face changed, and he did not dare to be careless. He pulled out his Ghost King Saber and clashed with Qingfeng Li's sword.

Deng, Deng, Deng, Deng!!!

Hell King kept retreating, and he could not keep his feet until he backed up after four steps. He was not able to fight against Qingfeng Li at all, and it was only thanks to the grandmaster-class weapon given by Ghost King in his hand that he wasn't killed by Qingfeng Li's sword just now.


Just then, Cold Blood suddenly gave up Qingfeng Li, rushing to the pills on the left side of the coffin instead. He knew he could not defeat Qingfeng Li either, so he needed to get the Higher Heaven Pill. He would become stronger as long as he took Higher Heaven Pill.

Cold Blood moved so fast that he approached the pills instantly. He opened a bottle of Higher Heaven Pill and poured them into his mouth.

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