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Chapter 744: Against Enemies from Four Directions

Having sensed the slashing saber from behind, Qingfeng Li immediately turned around, and quickly slashed out his Red Fiery Sword, knocking against Cold Blood's red saber with a loud noise.

"Qingfeng Li, the Black Crow Vines are beneficial to me. You can choose any other elixirs as you like." Cold Blood said with a cold smile.

"F*ck off, I'll kill you if you dare grab Black Crow Vines." Qingfeng Li was ready to fight, radiating cold murderous intent. He could give up grandmaster-class weapons and Higher Heaven pills, but he must get the Black Crow Vines even if he had to sacrifice himself.

Just for the sake of the Black Crow Vines, Qingfeng Li came to the Grandmaster Tomb, and he would not have bothered to come here if not for the life of Xue Lin. Having went through many hardships, Qingfeng Li reached the Elixir King's palace at last and was about to get Black Crow Vines. His outrage at Cold Blood and others who wanted to grab it now was surely understandable.

"Cold Blood, I can give you a hand." Hell King smiled coldly, coming over with a saber as well. The saber was black, with a carved pattern of a ghost head on it, which looked murderous.

"Cold Blood, I can also help you to kill Qingfeng Li." Duluth approached too.

As for Niching Luo, Xianzhi Qin, Shiwei Guo and others, they were fighting for the books on the Water Moon Sword Technique and the Trap Skill on the right side of the coffin, and even if they wanted to come over, it would be impossible

because Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang had blocked them now.

"Ha, ha, ha, you're all my enemies, today, I'm going to slaughter all of you." Qingfeng Li roared with laughter as he looked at them like a king.

The people standing in front of him were all his enemies. He conceived profound hatred for Hell King, and resented that Cold Blood intended to take Xue Lin as his wife. With regard to Duluth, he was both the instructor of the Russian Assassin School and was a well-known master on the Higher Heaven ranking list. One time when Qingfeng Li performed a task with the Wolf King team, Alice was targeted for assassination by Duluth's Assassins, and Qingfeng Li became enraged. It ended up with the death of more than thirty Assassins from Russia, and as a result of which Duluth became one of his enemies.

"Kill him, and get the Elixir King's treasures." Cold Blood shouted, waving his red saber to attack Qingfeng Li. The saber was named Crimson Saber, a grandmaster-class weapon that was a gift for Cold Blood from the sect master of Crimson Blood Sect, which was expected to help him to grab the treasures in the Grandmaster Tomb.

Cold Blood waved out the saber, which immediately ripped through the air and arrived at Qingfeng Li with a flash of red lightning.

"Ghost King Whirlwind." Hell King smiled ferociously with murderous intent appearing in his eyes, and struck out with his Ghost King Saber at the same time. The blade of the saber formed a black vortex, chopping toward Qingfeng Li.

The Ghost King Saber was also

also a grandmaster-weapon that was well-known on the weapon's list, belonging to the Ghost King. Due to the death of Black Impermanence and White Impermanence, Ghost King hated Qingfeng Li very much. As a result, Ghost King not only taught Hell King the Ghost King Whirlwind, but also taught him the Ghost King Saber Technique, even lending his Ghost King Saber to Hell King to help him kill Qingfeng Li.

Speaking of the Ghost King Saber, it was also very famous. Fifteen years ago, with the Ghost King Saber Technique, Ghost King survived a fierce fight with Conqueror Third Master Li. In the Forbidden district of Kun Lun Mountain, Ghost King injured Third Master Li with this saber, and finally drove him to the cliff.

Duluth's weapon was a long black sword, with a fatal poison on the tip. It was the common method of Assassins to poison the weapon. Although this sword was not a grandmaster-class sword, it was widely known among the Higher Heaven-class weapons, which had killed countless people, and could absolutely rank in the top three.

Duluth stabbed out the sword, which immediately left a black hole in the air, lunging towards the right side of Qingfeng Li.

The three men, who had all achieved the peak of Higher Heaven realm, attacked Qingfeng Li from three directions, aiming to kill him here.

Apart from the three masters, the people with them, including the disciples of the Crimson Blood Sect and Ghost King Palace as well as the Assassins of the Assassin School, all sieged and attacked Qingfeng Li.

In an instance, Qingfeng Li was surrounded by his

by his enemies, and they all attacked him with their weapons.

"Red Fiery Wave." Qingfeng Li shouted angrily, and poured vital essence into the Red Fiery Sword, directly exerting the third sword skill that was most powerful. The Red Fiery Sword turned into a giant fire wave, like a flash of burning flame, giving off red sword lightning in all directions.

Click, click, click...

Along with a dozens of clicks, the weapons of the people around, which were just average and could not go against Qingfeng Li's Red Fiery Sword, were broken off at once. Only Cold Blood's and Hell King's sabers survived after Qingfeng Li's attack. As for Duluth's sword, he sensed the threat and pulled it back in the last minute, and therefore it maintained intact.

During the one-on-four fight, Qingfeng Li held off the surrounding enemies with only one sword. It had to be said that the Red Fiery Sword Technique was a powerful grandmaster martial arts skill when considering that Qingfeng Li was able to go against a group of people with only the first three skills. He would definitely be competent enough to kill all of them if he learnt the fourth skill. Indeed, Cold Blood's strength was stronger than that of Qingfeng Li, but his martial arts skill was not as good as Qingfeng Li, and therefore Qingfeng Li did not get hurt when Cold Blood struck.

"Kill." Qingfeng Li shouted, lunging into the crowd and starting a slaughter with his Red Fiery Sword.

Qingfeng Li had realized that it was impossible to reach an agreement today. Either they died or he lived, as both the as both the Black Crow Vines and the Elixir King's treasures were so attractive that no one wanted to give them up.

Poof! Qingfeng Li slashed out his sword, immediately cutting off the head of a disciple of Crimson Blood Sect. With his head flying out, horror fille the disciple's eyes before he died.

Too strong, the young man was too strong, even stronger than the young master Cold Blood. This was the feeling of the disciple before he died.

Poof! Poof!

After killing the disciple of Crimson Blood Sect, Qingfeng Li continued to wave his sword twice, ending up with the death of a disciple of Ghost King Palace and an assassin from Russia Assassin Camp, who were cut off heads and died with horror.

"Qingfeng Li, you bastard, how dare you kill the Crimson Blood Sect disciple?"

"You'll go to the hell, how dare you kill Ghost King Palace's men?"

"Wolf King, one year ago, you killed more than thirty men of my Assassin Camp, now you've killed another one, I'm going all out against you!"

Having seen their men die miserably, Cold Blood, Hell King and Duluth were all enraged, with cold murderous intent flickering in eyes. As their most loyal men, all the dead were the very talented disciples of the big powers, who were all geniuses. And thus the loss to their sect was very severe.

Didn't you want to kill me? Today I'm not going to hold back. I'm killing your men first, and then killing you. Qingfeng Li gave a brutal smile with murderous intent radiating all around, which made the people around shiver involuntarily in panic.

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