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Chapter 742: Killing Jianlong Gu

"Kill." Qingfeng Li shouted angrily, his body was covered in murderous atmosphere.

Qingfeng Li kept blowing out his Red Fiery Sword, and each blow was with horrifying sword lightning that could tear up the air, constantly cutting towards Jianlong Gu.

Jianlong Gu dared not be careless, as he had realized through the fight just now that Qingfeng Li ahead was not an ordinary man, and had very strong strength to fight.

Jianlong Gu also kept waving his Water Moon Sword, which turned into countless water blade sword lightning, crashing into the Red Fiery Sword of Qingfeng Li.

"Clear Water Second Sword." Jianlong Gu swiftly adopted the second skill of Clear Water Sword Technique, and directly turned his vital essence into a water blade waterfall, which was not one water blade, but a silver white waterfall that was made of dozens of water blades.

The waterfall, of course, was not a real waterfall, but water blades made of water-elemental vital essence, which were very sharp and powerful enough to cut off the air.

At the same time, the concealed weapon steel needles of Hell King, and the sword light by Yun Tang, were also shot out from the river bank, aiming at Qingfeng Li altogether.

These Higher Heaven masters worked together to try to put Qingfeng Li to death.

"Red Fiery Arrow." Qingfeng Li shouted with rage, blew out the sword, immediately used the second skill of Red Fiery Sword Technique, turning his vital essence into dozens of red arrows of vital essence.

Some of those vital essence arrows prevented him from Hell King's sneaky attack of steel needles while the others held back the water blade waterfall of

Jianlong Gu. As for the attack from Yun Tang, Qingfeng Li could dodge it with ease.

All by himself, Qingfeng Li fought against three Higher Heaven masters on the iron chain without any disadvantage.

Kang, Kang, Kang, Kang, Kang...

The swords of Qingfeng Li kept crashing into that of Jianlong Gu, vital essence splattering around, some of which hit the iron chain with loud noise, the chain swung back and forth, as if it would break at any time.


The lava river below was attacked by vital essence, as a result of which it soared into the air and turned into red lava that looked particularly horrifying. Some lava splashed onto the iron chain, ending up with melting it a bit.

"No, the iron chain is melting?" At the sight of the scene, both Qinglong Li and Jianlong Gu paled with horror.

Since the two were fighting on the iron chain, once the chain was melted and broken, both of them would fall into the lava river below and be sure to die.

To finish the fight as soon as possible, they both realized it at the moment. They had to kill their rival more quickly instead of dragging this out.

Qingfeng Li used his vital essence to an extreme degree that his body was giving off red lightning, while Jianlong Gu also exerted all of his strength with white lightning. As the red and white lights kept crashing into each other, it had been the critical moment for the battle.

"Shall I use the bloodline power? No, I can't use it." Qingfeng Li thought for a second, deciding not to use his bloodline power. Qingfeng Li could surely

surely wipe out Jianlong Gu with the help of the bloodline power, but due to the serious sequel, it would be reckless for him to do so when the people including Hell King, Yun Tang and Cold blood were watching him with hostility.

Eh, the lava river kept rolling like sea waves. Qingfeng Li murmured with a surprise came into his eyes.

Qingfeng Li found that with the impact of the energy by their fight, the lava river below begun to keep rolling and turned into fire waves, the waves behind constantly pushed the waves in front to move forward, which was the same as the sea waves.

"Haha, I got it, I've fully understood the third skill Red Fiery Wave of Red Fiery Sword Technique." At the sight of the boiling lava river, Qingfeng Li got very excited in his mind.

Previously Qingfeng Li only comprehended the first two sword skills of Red Fiery Sword Technique, and it was unexpected that when facing the rolling lava river, he suddenly grasped the third skill Red Fiery Wave.

Martial arts skill was the application of vital essence. The more skills comprehended, the more attack movements, and the stronger the attack force. The Red Fiery Sword Technique was fire-elemental martial arts skill, the lava river was fire-elemental too, which happened to match his sword technique and help him comprehend the third skill.

"Red Fiery Wave." Qingfeng Li shouted with rage, immediately adopted the third skill of the sword technique, which was very powerful that a giant fire wave was formed in the air. Instead of the vital essence arrows, the fire wave was like the ones in the lava

the lava river below, rushing into Jianlong Gu as mass of burning flame.

"Clear Water Second Sword." Having sensed the horrifying fire wave, Jianlong Gu shouted, blew out the Second Clear Water Sword, which formed into a water blade waterfall.


The giant fire wave crashed into the water blade waterfall and crushed it into pieces, then directly struck on Jianlong Gu and knocked him out.

"Ah!" Jianlong Gu screamed miserably in the air. The fire wave was with a very high temperature and had melted out his clothes and burnt his body, which looked particularly miserable.

Poof! Jianlong Gu vomited out a mouthful of blood, apparently, he was badly injured. He rose to the air unexpectedly, and fled toward the river bank.

Through the crash just now, Jianlong Gu had found his martial arts skill was unable to defeat Qingfeng Li, so he had no choice but to escape.

"Want to run now? But can you though?" Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and moved as a flash of lightning, approached to Jianlong Gu instantly.

"Qinfeng Li, I'm the young master of Gu Family, you can't kill me." Having sensed the intense murderous intent from Qingfeng Li, Jianlong Gu paled and said with panic.

When it came to the critical moment of life and death, Jianlong Gu was not arrogant any more, instead, he was so helpless that he even frightened Qingfeng Li by bringing up Gu Family. Unfortunately, he did not expect that Qingfeng Li was not threatened at all, and even if the patriarch of Gu Family was here, he also dared to kill the patriarch, let alone Jianlong Gu.

"Go to hell." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, blew out the third out the third technique Red Fiery Wave again, immediately cutting off Jianlong Gu's head.


After killing Jianlong Gu, Qingfeng Li stretched out hand and took the Water Moon Sword out of his body.

"Great sword." Qingfeng Li complimented when he got the Water Moon Sword. The sword was three feet long, two inches wide, in silver white color, and there was a water pattern that kept flowing on the sword body, with fierce momentum.

Considering that the martial arts skill that Jianlong Gu practiced and cultivated was from Gu Family, and the Water Moon Sword he just got could not give full play of its true power due to the lack of a matching sword technique, the incident of Jinglong Gu being killed by Qingfeng Li seemed very logical.


The corpse of Jianlong Gu fell into the lava river, with a loud sound of bang and splattering of lava.

Before long, the corpse of Jianlong Gu was melted by lava and made into a pile of bones, mingled with the bones of Cuilan Tie.

Jianlong Gu, the young master of Gu Family – Died.

At the sight of the scene, the people around all paled with a touch of horror appearing in their eyes. As was known, Qingfeng Li was sieged by three masters, how could he kill Jianlong Gu in such a short time?

Martial arts skill, it was martial arts skill?

At this moment, everyone stared at Qingfeng Li with eagerness.

They were not stupid, and surely had realized that the martial arts skill Qingfeng Li practiced and cultivated was grandmaster-class with a higher level than that of Jianlong Gu, otherwise he would not be strong enough to kill Jianlong Gu.

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