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At the sight of the concealed weapon from Hell King, Qingfeng Li paled. He dodged it by stepping back and jumping into the air, landing back onto the iron chain bridge.

It was a black steel needle, twenty centimeters long with a black gloss. There was fatal poison on the tip of the needle, and if it hit someone, the person would surely die.

To dodge the steel needle, Qingfeng Li had to stop attacking Jianlong Gu, which gave the latter a chance to rest. The iron chain bridge could bear only two persons, so Hell King was unable to get onto it. In order to help Jianlong Gu, Hell King chose to sneak attack Qingfeng Li with the steel needle

"Good work." Jianlong Gu smiled and cast a favorable glance at Hell King. Qingfeng Li was their common enemy, so they were on the same side.

Whether they worked together for the treasures of Elixir King or to kill Qingfeng Li, Hell King knew he had to be with Jianlong Gu, as their alliance would become vulnerable once Jianlong Gu died.

Even though Hell King really wanted to kill Qingfeng Li, he had to admit that Qingfeng Li was so strong that he was probably unable to defeat the guy by himself alone.

"Hell King, it's so despicable of you to attack sneakily." A touch of anger appeared on Niching Luo's face. She did not pay attention to Hell King because just now she focused on watching the battle between Qingfeng Li and Jianlong Gu. And now, she had been enraged.

"Niching Luo, as the first beauty of Tianjing, it's a shame that you're partial to a person from Eastern Sea City." Hell King said ironically, with a cold smile.

Both Ghost King Palace and Luo Family were from Tianjing City, in this case, they should have arguably share a bitter hatred of the enemy. However, Niching Luo had made every effort to protect Qingfeng Li, which made Hell King very annoyed.

"Hell King, you're wrong if you think I fear you because of Ghost King Palace, and today I'm going to fight you too." Niching Luo was outraged by Hell King's satire on her, so she walked forward and was ready to fight with Hell King.

Just then, Cold Blood stood out and smiled coldly, "You can fight me instead. Hell King, continue to attack Qingfeng Li.

Considering that the treasures of Elixir King were just on the other side of the iron chain bridge, Cold Blood also thought Qingfeng Li had been useless, so he decided to kill Qingfeng Li in cooperation with others, and then get those treasures.

All the enemies of Qingfeng Li had revealed their murderous intent. Fortunately, the iron chain bridge could only bear two people, it would be troublesome if they went to siege Qingfeng Li at the same time.

Niching Luo paled when she saw Cold Blood stepped out, as she knew that Cold Blood was very strong and he ranked the first place on the Higher Heaven ranking list. He had not given full play of his strength yet, and this time he finally decided to act.

"Cold Blood, it's time to settle the feuds between Fiery Emperor Palace and Crimson Blood sect." Xianzhi Qin smiled coldly, and moved forward, ready to fight with Cold Blood.

While Cold Blood ranked the first on the Higher Heaven ranking list, Xianzhi Qin, as the young lady of Fiery Emperor Palace, had her own hands as well, as a result of which she was not afraid of Cold Blood. In addition, Xianzhi Qin could not allow Qingfeng Li to be killed here because she still wanted to recruit him.

"Junior Sister, this is a dispute between Crimson Blood sect and Qingfeng Li, you don't need to get involved." Seeing that Xianzhi Qin wanted to help Qingfeng Li, Dong Qin's facial expression changed, and he said to Xianzhi Qin to dissuade her from doing that.

"Senior Brother, you have disappointed me very much, Qingfeng Li saved Hei Qin just now, and would Fiery Emperor Palace fold our hands and see Qingfeng Li die?" Xianzhi Qin gave a glance at Dong Qin, very disappointed at this Senior Brother.

Xianzhi Qin knew previously that Dong Qin was arrogant and blatant, but she did not expect that he could be so ignorant. Qingfeng Li was the benefactor of Fiery Emperor Palace because he saved Hei Qin. Now Qingfeng Li was under attack, Dong Qin did not just stand aside, he even tried to stop her.

Dong Qin's face darkened when he heard the words of Xianzhi Qin. He did not care about Qingfeng Li's safety, but his Junior Sister's words made him quite uncomfortable.

Xianzhi Qin and Cold Blood stood together, ready to fight at any time. And Niching Luo smiled slightly, walking toward Hell King.

All of a sudden, Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang stood out, and said coldly, "Niching Luo, it's Hell King's own business to kill Qingfeng Li, as the young lady of Luo Family, you've interfered too much."

Niching Luo said angrily as her facial expression changed, "Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, how dare you want to stop me?"

"Hum, the Elixir King's treasures are right there and on the other side of the iron chain bridge. Qingfeng Li had no value, it's time to let him die." Baidao Jiang said with a cruel smile.

Baidao Jiang had long been annoyed at Qingfeng Li, but had to bear him. Now he had a chance to kill Qingfeng Li, he surely would not be stopped by Niching Luo.

Niching Luo's face darkened because she realized the situation would be tough if Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang worked together considering that the Baidao Jiang was a master who could rank the first three places on the Higher Heaven ranking list while Yun Tang also was a Higher Heaven master,

Having noticed that Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin were both stopped, Shiwei Guo paled and walked to Hell King, ready to prevent him from sneaky attack. Shiwei Guo knew that Hell King's sneaky attack would give Qingfeng Li trouble when he fought with Jianglong Gu on the chain bridge.

When Shiwei Guo just stepped forward, Duluth, the Killer Camp instructor of Russia, came out with his nine killers as well, getting in the way of Shiwei Guo.

"Duluth, what is the meaning of this?" Shiwei Guo paled, with a touch of rage in his eyes. It never occurred to him that Duluth intended to stop him at this critical moment.

"Shiwei Guo, Wolf King has to die today, your opponent is me, not Hell King." Duluth smiled cruelly with cold light flickering in his eyes.

Qingfeng Li made many friends, but had more enemies, and most of people here were the enemies, who came out altogether.


Xianzhi Qin pulled out a sword and fought with Cold Blood, while Niching Luo against Baidao Jiang, and Shiwei Guo against Duluth.

Yun Tang approached to Hell King, said in a cold voice, "No more delay, kill Qingfeng Li, and get Elixir King's treasures."

Hell King nodded, and took out hidden weapons shooting toward Qingfeng Li on the chain bridge.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Hell King shot countless steel needles, attacking Qingfeng Li nonstop. These steel needles were very poisonous, so Qingfeng Li had to keep dodging on the chain bridge.

It could be easy for Qingfeng Li to dodge on the ground, while it was difficult on the chain. The iron chain was as thick as a fist, which meant it was difficult for a man to stand on the chain, let alone moving back and forward. Below the chain, there was boiling lava with hot temperature, like a man-eating devil.

"Kill." Jianlong Gu shouted with rage, blew out his sword aiming at Qingfeng Li.

Now it could say that Qingfeng Li was attacked rear and front. He was facing the sword of Jianlong Gu while Yama Ling's concealed weapon came from behind, plus the occasional sword lights from Yun Tang.

Although the attacks by Hell King and Yun Tang were not serious due to their long distance from the river bank, they successfully disturbed Qingfeng Li, and provided Jianlong Gu with the chance to attack actively.

Qingfeng Li got enraged, with anger full of his face. Now he had to rely on himself because Niching Luo, Xianzhi Qing and Shiwei Guo were all held back.

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