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Chapter 733: Entering the Grandmaster Tomb

Qingfeng walked before the stone wall. The surrounding people mocked him and thought he was crazy. There are so many strong fighters here who could not open the door; do you think you can open it?

Qingfeng did not care about the mockery of the crowd. He was determined to enter Grandmaster Tomb since the Black Crow Vines were inside the tomb.

Qingfeng stood outside of the stone wall. He did not immediately attack the wall. Instead, he carefully examined the door.

He knew that the surrounding fighters were all stronger than him but they were unable to open the door. Qingfeng knew that even if he were to strike the stone wall, he would be unable to break it.

Qingfeng placed his right hand on the wall and carefully felt its details. He suddenly narrowed his eyes. The stone wall was made of a meteorite so it was no wonder no one could destroy it.

Qingfeng's life-reaping dagger contained some meteorite which made it indestructible. Thus, he was crystal clear as to the strength and rarity of the meteorite.

As the Wolf King of Wolf Continent, Qingfeng had many resources and connections, but he was only able to obtain a meteorite the size of an egg. Contrastingly, the wall door before him was at least 3 meters wide. This realization caused ripples through his heart.

"Wow, as expected of a Grandmaster Tomb. Even the stone wall is made of meteorite. How extravagant," Qingfeng exclaimed

in his heart. He knew that a grandmaster level fighter was extremely powerful but he did not expect the burial treasures to also be so powerful.

This must be an extraordinary grandmaster level fighter. Perhaps it was a super powerful grandmaster level fighter?

Qingfeng had some speculations in his heart. The grandmaster level fighter buried within the tomb must be an extraordinary figure. The Elder Monk of Wudang Mountain and the Sect master of Sky Fate Sect were previously grandmaster level fighters but they would not be able to obtain such a big piece of meteorite.

Qingfeng's fingers knocked repeatedly on the stone wall. His fingers made clear clicking sounds as he examined the surface of the stone wall.

The stone wall was even taller than Qingfeng's body and more than 3 meters wide. Qingfeng jumped into the air and knocked his fingers from the top of the stone wall till the very bottom.

When Qingfeng's fingers landed on the right bottom corner of the stone wall, he suddenly narrowed his eyes. He felt that there was a protrusion at that corner as it made a different sound from the other areas of the rock wall.

"Qingfeng, I already told you that you won't be able to open the stone wall. Do you believe me now?"

"Yeah, none of us could open the door. How can he open it?"

"I swear I will eat shit if Qingfeng manages to open the stone wall."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly

animatedly as they watched Qingfeng. Someone even insulted Qingfeng and said that he would eat shit if Qingfeng managed to open the stone wall.

Qingfeng turned around and looked at the surrounding people. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. He has already discovered the secrets of the stone wall. The insults of the crowd, especially the guy who said that he would eat shit, pissed him off.

He looked carefully and discovered that it was his enemy, Baidao Jiang, who had spoken.

"Baidao Jiang, you said that you will eat shit if I open the stone wall. Is that true?" Qingfeng said with a light smile.

Baidao Jiang smiled coldly and said, "Yes, if you can open the stone wall, I will eat shit right now."

Baidao Jiang was in a partnership with Yun Tang, who also detested Qingfeng. Thus, he did not hold back on his insults.

Qingfeng's other enemies, such as Jianlong Gu, Hell King and Cold Blood stood by the side and enjoyed the show.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "Baidao Jiang, since you like to eat shit, you can go and eat shit later."

After speaking, Qingfeng pushed heavily against the protruding spot at the bottom right corner of the stone wall. To everyone's surprise, the protruding corner collapse into the stone wall.

He had discovered that there was a secret mechanism within the stone wall. It was impossible to open the wall with brute force no matter how strong one was. One

was. One could only open the stone wall if they activated the mechanism.

Screech screech!

The meteorite wall screeched as it slowly moved. Eventually, it fell into the ground and a passageway appeared before everyone.

Holy f*ck, Qingfeng actually managed to open the stone wall. The surrounding people were stunned beyond belief.

Jianlong Gu, Cuilan Tie, Baidao Jiang, Cold Blood, Yun Tang and Hell King were all strong fighters but they were unable to open the stone wall. In the end, Qingfeng was the one to open the stone wall. What did this mean? This meant that Qingfeng was smarter than them.

Baidao Jiang turned ghastly pale when he saw the passageway. He had lost but he didn't want to eat shit.

"The grandmaster tomb has opened. Let's go!" Baidao Jiang yelled as he rushed into the tomb.

One had to admit that Baidao Jiang was very clever. To avoid eating shit, he was the first to rush into the tomb.

Qingfeng initially wanted to watch Baidao Jiang eat shit, but he quickly followed Baidao Jiang into the tomb since he wanted to obtain the treasures within the tomb.

Everyone else also hurried towards the tomb when they saw Baidao Jiang and Qingfeng's movements. They wished that they had an extra pair of legs so they could move faster.

There was an enormous passageway behind the stone wall that twisted and turned as it extended to the underground.

"Ahhhhh!" Suddenly, a scream was heard from the front. It came from Baidao Jiang.

Qingfeng from Baidao Jiang.

Qingfeng narrowed his eyes and stopped in his tracks. There must be danger ahead. Baidao Jiang was the first to rush into the passageway but he was screaming in pain right now.

The others caught up to Qingfeng after he stopped moving.

"Wolf King, what happened ahead?" Niching Luo asked Qingfeng with confusion in her eyes. She had also heard the painful scream ahead.

Xianzhi Qin and the others also walked to Qingfeng's side with puzzled looks on their faces.

"There is danger ahead. Let us move slowly," Qingfeng said seriously. He pulled out his lighter and lit up a torch. The surrounding people followed his actions and lit up their torches. Then, they moved slowly down the passageway.

Fortunately, the passageway was quite wide enough for everyone. After walking for a while, everyone breathed in sharply when they captured the sight before them. The surfaces of the passageway ahead were covered by countless of arrows.

Amongst the countless of arrows, Baidao Jiang caught three arrows with his body. Fortunately, Baidao Jiang was powerful enough to deflect most the arrows. An ordinary person would have become a porcupine.

But even so, Baidao Jiang was caught off guard and got pierced by three.

The surrounding people's faces darkened when they saw the sight. Another trap! There were so many hidden mechanisms within the Grandmaster tomb.

Clearly, the grandmaster level fighter did not want others to rob his tomb so he had set up countless of mechanisms.

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