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After Qingfeng had rescued Hei Qin, he received gratitude from Hei Qin as well as affection from the disciples of the Luo Family and Fiery Emperor Palace.

However, amongst the crowd, there were two people who still despised Qingfeng. One was Tianhao Luo of the Luo Family, and the other was Dong Qin of the Fiery Emperor Palace. The stronger Qingfeng was, the more the two hated him.

The Vast Mountain spanned hundreds of kilometers. Everyone was martial warriors so they speedily crossed the Mountains. Throughout the way, they also encountered other powers such as Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, Hell King of the Ghost King Palace and Cold Blood of the Crimson Blood sect.

The other powers also rushed towards the middle of the mountains which was the location of the grandmaster Tomb.

Even though there were treasures throughout the Vast Mountains such as the Seven Star Fruit and Strange Flower, they did not stop for the treasures. Their target was the Grandmaster Tomb.

"Oh no, they are already ahead of us," Qingfeng said anxiously.

Even though the Seven Star Fruit was precious, it could not compare to the treasures within the Grandmaster's Tomb.

Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin were both smart. They quickly realized that the other powers did not care about the Seven Star Fruits and had instead chosen to head directly for the Grandmaster's Tomb.

"Let's go, ignore all the other treasures within the Mountains. Our target is the Grandmaster's Tomb," Niching Luo yelled as she led the members of the Luo Family forwards.

Xianzhi Qin dared not to delay any longer; she also led the members of Fiery Emperor Palace towards the Grandmaster Tomb.

At this moment, everyone regretted their actions. They were here to enter the Grandmaster Tomb, but they had forgotten their mission objective for a few Seven Star Fruits.

Everyone picked up their pace. After a few hours, they finally arrived at their goal.

The Grandmaster Tomb was located in a cave in the middle of the mountains. However, the cave was blocked by an enormous stone wall so it was extremely difficult to enter it.

The other powers had also arrived but they were blocked by the stone wall.

There were many people in front of the stone wall like Jianlong Gu, Cuilan Tie, Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, Hell King, Cold Blood, Duluth, etc

They had all arrived before Qingfeng but they were trapped outside by the stone wall.

When Qingfeng and the others arrived, everyone looked at them strangely. Most of the looks were filled with killing intent and directed towards Qingfeng.

Truthfully, many people wished to kill Qingfeng within the Vast Mountains yet, in order to arrive at Grandmaster Tomb quickly, they had chosen to temporarily put that goal aside.

Even though Qingfeng had arrived late, he was quite delighted to see that everyone was trapped outside of the cave. It would be a huge loss if everyone else had managed to enter the Tomb and obtain the treasures.

Truthfully, the person who had gained the greatest benefit was Qingfeng. He had consumed a Seven Star Fruit and entered the mid-stage Higher Heaven level. The rest of them had rushed towards Grandmaster Tomb so they did not obtain any treasures.

"Why don't you guys go in?" Dong Qin asked.

Everyone glanced at him when they heard his words, but no one spoke a word.

Dong Qin felt slightly awkward. He was quite respectable since he was one of the core disciples of the Fiery Emperor Palace. It was quite embarrassing to be ignored by everyone.

Even though it was embarrassing, Dong Qin did not dare to throw a tantrum as the surrounding people were all from powerful forces and extremely strong fighters.

Jianlong Gu sensed Dong Qin's awkwardness and said, "This is a strange stone wall. We've all tried but none of us could enter."

Dong Qin felt slightly better when he heard Jianlong Gu's words. It was a slap to his face if no one responded to his question.

Everyone knew that the Tomb was located below the stone wall, but how could they enter if it was impossible to open the stone wall?

"Let me see what is wrong with the stone wall?" Dong Qin said with a prideful smile as he walked towards the stone wall.

As a peak-stage Higher Heaven fighter, Dong Qin was confident in his abilities.

Dong Qin arrived before the stone wall. He circulated the vital essence in body, and swung his fist forward, forming a whirlpool in the air before he struck his fist against it.


Dong Qin's fist landed on the stone wall with a thud. However, the wall did not move an inch. Instead, Dong Qin's fist felt a stinging pain and he took a step back.

The surrounding people looked at Dong Qin strangely, to his embarrassment. After all, he was a disciple of the Fiery Emperor Palace and a strong fighter. It was embarrassing that he could not even move a stone wall.

Dong Qin finally realized why the crowd did not enter the Grandmaster Tomb. It was because they had no way to get past this obstacle.

The stone wall was too strange. A fist from a peak-stage Higher Heaven fighter must be as heavy as a few thousands of kilograms but the stone wall did not budge.

Qingfeng's eyes narrowed when he saw Dong Qin's power. He was so strong! It was as expected of a peak-stage Higher Heaven fighter. The power of his fist could probably pierce through a titanium steel plate or blast a huge tree to pieces. However, it could not move this wall.

 "Dong Qin, you don't need to try. We all tried attacking the Stone wall and it is impossible to move it," Jianlong Gu said with a frown.

Dong Qin felt awkward at the words. It was true. If the stone wall could be opened with a strike, this group of strong fighters would have opened it a long time ago.

Grandmaster-level fighters were tremendously strong. Even after they died, their Tombs were extraordinary as well. It was impossible for ordinary people to open their tombs or to obtain the treasures within the tomb.

It was apparent from the stone wall that the grandmaster level fighter must have been a super strong fighter when he was alive. Everyone became excited at the thought of the countless treasures within his tomb.

Qingfeng knew that the Black Crow Vines were within the grandmaster tomb. Yunhe Zhang would only be cure Xue Lin if Qingfeng treated him with the vines that grew in the tomb.

In order to save Xue Lin, Qingfeng had to enter the grandmaster tomb.

Qingfeng took a step towards the stone wall. He was determined to move the stone wall and enter the tomb.

"Haha, look who that is. Isn't that Qingfeng? He wants to move the stone wall?"

"That's impossible. None of us can open the stone wall. How can he open it?"

"You're right. He doesn't know his strength. Even those super strong guys: Jianlong Gu, Cuilan Tie, Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, Hell King, and Cold Blood were unable to open it. How would he be able to open it?"

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng with disdain. They thought that he was crazy for trying to open the stone wall.

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