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Chapter 731: Power Enhanced

Qingfeng frowned when he heard Xianzhi Qin's request to save Hei Qin. If anyone else had asked him to save Hei Qin, he would have turned down their request. However, he could not turn down Xianzhi Qin's request.

"Miss Qin, I can save Hei Qin but I want half of the Seven Star Fruits," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

Everyone had seen the Seven Star Fruits but Hei Qin wanted to take all of them. This was unfair to both Qingfeng and the Luo Family.

Dong Qin was furious when he heard Qingfeng's words. He said coldly, "The Seven Star Fruits are a precious tonic that can increase one's vital essence. Why should we give you half of the fruits?"

"Oh, it's fine if you don't want to give me the fruits. You guys can save Qin Hei by yourself then. There is nothing I can do," Qingfeng said lightly as he glanced at Dong Qin. His words caused Dong Qin to become even angrier.

At this crucial moment, Xianzhi Qin made the deciding move. She said, "Wolf King, if you can save Hei Qin, I will give you half of the Seven Star Fruits."

Qingfeng smiled lightly when he heard Xianzhi Qin's words. Then, he quickly made his way to Hei Qin's side.

swoosh swoosh swoosh~

Qingfeng took out his nine silver needles and pierced them in the pressure points on Hei Qin's head, neck, and wrists. He first controlled the poison and then, he used his vital essence to force the poison to gather

at Hei Qin's wrist where the poisonous snake had bitten him.

Soon, all of the poison in Qin Hei's body had gathered at his wrist. His wrist had swelled into a huge bump the size of a fist. Clearly, the red scale poisonous snake was very venomous.


Qingfeng wielded his long sword and slashed open the huge bump on Hei Qin's wrist. Instantly, poison and blood spluttered out of Hei Qin's wrist.

This method would not work if anyone else had tried it. Qingfeng had used acupuncture to control and direct the toxic blood to a specific location before expelling it out of the body.

After the toxin was expelled from Hei Qin's body, his body started to slowly recover. His face became more rosy and his breathing started to become more even.

Qingfeng pushed some of his vital essence into Hei Qin's body to stimulate the special pressure points of Hei Qin's body. In a few moments, Hei Qin opened his eyes.

"Hei Qin, you're awake?" A flash of happiness appeared on Xianzhi Qin's face. She was quite concerned for Hei Qin since he was a disciple of the Fiery Emperor Palace.

"Young Mistress, what happened to me?"

"Hei Qin, you were bitten by the red scale poisonous snake when you were picking the Seven Star Fruit. It was Qingfeng who saved you."

"Qingfeng saved me?" Hei Qin asked awkwardly with gratitude in his eyes.

As the Elixir Master of Fiery Emperor Palace, Hei Qin naturally knew how the toxicity of the red scale poisonous snake. It was a

a vemonous snake that could kill a person within ten minutes. He never expected Qingfeng to save him.

Hei Qin felt awkward and grateful at the same time since he had just mocked Qingfeng 's strength. He did not expect Qingfeng to save his life just moments later.

"Qingfeng, thank you for saving me," Hei Qin said as he bowed respectfully before Qingfeng. His eyes were filled with gratitude.

Hei Qin was an alchemist and a member of the Fiery Emperor Palace. Even though he was prideful, he was still level-headed. He was very grateful to Qingfeng for saving his life.

 Qingfeng saved his hand and said, "Don't worry about it. Your young mistress asked me to save you in exchange for half of the Seven Star Fruits."

"No matter what, you saved my life. It is my duty to thank you," Hei Qin said as he bowed respectfully to Qingfeng. Then, he walked to the side.

Dong Qin's expression was livid when he saw how grateful Hei Qin was towards Qingfeng. He was extremely displeased. In his eyes, Hei Qin was a member of the Fiery Emperor Palace and should side with him instead of thanking Qingfeng.

There were four Seven Star Fruit in total. Xianzhi Qin took two of the fruits and gave Qingfeng the other two fruits as compensation.

"This is the Seven Star Fruit? It contains so much vital essence," Qingfeng said excitedly as he looked at the red fruit.

"Miss Luo, have one of the fruit," Qingfeng said as he handed one of the Seven

the Seven Star Fruit to Niching Luo.

"Wolf King, you were the one who healed Hei Qin. You deserve the fruit. I can't take it."

"Miss Luo, take it. If you had not brought me to the grandmaster's tomb, I wouldn't have acquired the fruit."

"I still can't take it."

"I insist that you take it," Qingfeng said as he pushed the fruit into Niching Luo's hands.

Niching Luo could only accept Qingfeng's kindness with a smile and a mutter of thanks.

Everyone in the Luo Family looked at Qingfeng and Niching Luo with jealousy. The fruit was a treasure that could increase one's genuine power!

Qingfeng started to eat the Seven Star Fruit. The fruit tasted just like an apple, only slightly sweeter. However, it contained enormous amounts of vital essence that flowed into the body.

Qingfeng was initially an early-stage Higher Heaven realm at the edge of breakthrough. After eating the Seven Star Fruit, his vital essence escalated and he directly entered the middle tier Higher Heaven stage.

"Awesome, my powers have increased again." Qingfeng was delighted to sense the strong circulating powers in his body.

They were about to arrive at the grandmaster tomb very soon. They would face greater danger and more enemies there and this was an excellent time for Qingfeng to improve his powers.

Niching was elated too. Initially, she was a late-stage Higher Heaven fighter. After consuming the Seven Star Fruits, she directly entered became a peak stage Higher Heaven fighter.

As for Xianzhi Qin and Dong Qin, they were both peak Higher Heaven fighters. After consuming fighters. After consuming the fruit, even though their vital essence increased, they did not enter the grandmaster realm.

Even though the grandmaster level and Higher Heaven level were just a level apart, they were worlds away from each other. It was not a difference in vital essence, it was a difference of territory.

Grandmaster-level fighters had their own territories, and can also comprehend a lot more spiritual realms. That capability was extremely powerful, and was no longer only limited to the amount of vital essence they had. 

Everyone looked at Qingfeng and Niching Luo enviously when they saw that the two had a breakthrough in their levels.

One had to mention that there were many treasures within the Vast Mountains. They had just entered the mountains and they had already acquired the Seven Star Fruits. They would acquire even more treasures as they went deeper into the mountains.

However, danger also came with treasures. For example, the red scale vemonous snake guarded the Seven Star Fruit. It was all thanks to Qingfeng's medical skills that Hei Qin was saved or Hei Qin would have died.

Because of his medical skills, the disciplines of the Luo family and Fiery Emperor Palace all looked at Qingfeng with new found respect instead of animosity.

There were countless of beasts and poisonous bugs inside the Vast Mountains. No one could be certain that they would be safe from the poisons and they would have to depend on Qingfeng's medical skills if they were poisoned. Thus, everyone became much more friendly towards Qingfeng.

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