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Chapter 730: I Can Save Him

Seeing this black and thin guy bitten by that Red Scaled Viper, most people became dumbfounded. Only Dong Qing reacted quickly. His body spun like whirlwind, instantly appearing in front of that black and thin guy.


Dong Qin gripped the Red Scaled Viper. He directly crushed that viper's body into powder and then threw it to the ground.

The Red Scaled Viper was a highly poisonous snake. That viper was very powerful, but when it was in front of the peak-stage Higher Heaven Dong Qin, it was easily pinched to death.

Dong Qin pinched the Red Scaled Viper to death, but the black skinny youth was already poisoned. Red veins began to run all over his body. That was the Viper poison acting up and he will die in a short time.

"Miss, give him an antidote." Dong Qin face changed, facing Xianzhi Qin and said.

Xianzhi Qin didn't dare to be slow. She quickly took out a white bottle from her body using her pretty soft hands. There was an antidote in that bottle.

The antidote was only the size of a thumb. It was light green,and emitting an odor of drugs.

Xianzhi Qin took that light green antidote to that black and skinny guy. Even after two minutes, that guy's face and body was still blood red.

"Miss, the poison from Red Scaled Viper is too strong. The antidote is useless." Dong Qin said with a worried voice.

This Red Scaled Viper was not a normal viper, but a highly poisonous one. It was really poisonous, and it lived around the seven-star fruit. This had allowed it to absorb its spiritual essence, which made the viper much more poisonous than the average viper.

That antidote

that Xianzhi Qin had could usually detox general poison. However, it wouldn't work for powerful ones like such.

Seeing that the black and thin guy breathing was becoming weaker and weaker, everyone felt a bit worried. They just entered the Vast Mountain and had not even entered the Grandmaster's Tomb and a tragedy had already occurred. Would one person die already?!

"I can save him." Qingfeng Li's voice suddenly sounded out.

What? How can you save him?

Hearing the voice of Qingfeng Li, the faces of the people around changed. Some of them were surprised. Some of them couldn't believe it and most of them had doubts about it.

You should know that this was not a generic poison. It was the Red Scaled Viper poison. Even Xianzhi Qin's antidote did not work, so how can you cure him?

"Qingfeng Li, if you actually have a cure, then it's good. You must save Hei Qin as soon as possible, or I will teach you a lesson." Dong Qin looked at Qingfeng Li, and coldly said.

This poisoned black and thin guy lying on the ground was called Hei Qin. He belonged to the Fiery Emperor Palace, and he had a good relationship with Dong Qin. Therefore, he was anxious to get Qingfeng Li save Hei Qin's life.

After hearing Dong Qin, Qingfeng Li frowned with a hint of anger. What the hell, that Dong Qin is too ridiculous! How dare he ask me to save his friends but threaten me at the same time.

"Oh, your attitude pissed me off. Even if I can save him, I won't." Qingfeng Li sneered and said.

If Dong Qin talked to him politely, he would save that person definitely since both

both of them were in the same team. Qingfeng Li was not the type of person who wouldn't save a teammate. However, how dare Dong Qin threaten him? This made Qingfeng Li so angry.

To these people from Fiery Emperor Palace, Qingfeng Li hated all of them except Xianzhi Qin. Just now, everyone only noticed the seven-star fruit because Hei Qin shouted. Upon discovery, everyone from the Fiery Emperor Palace wanted to take it for themselves.

Now that Hei Qin was injured because he was picking the fruits, Dong Qin was being even more of an ass. He's not even asking for a favor, but simply threatening Qingfeng. Was that guy's brain full of shit? Or is that how people in the Fiery Emperor Palace were? Simply devious!

"Qingfeng Li, I command you as the Fiery Emperor Palace Lord's lead disciple. You better save Hei Qin's life immediately. You understand?! You piece of shit!" Dong Qin coldly said, his tone full of arrogance.

"Not interested." Qingfeng Li's head tilted to the side. He would not take shit from Dong Qin.

Seeing Qingfeng Li ignore him, Dong Qin changed his face and took a step forward. He emitted a strong atmosphere and was ready to teach him a lesson.

Xianzhi Qin could not bear it anymore, and said angrily, " Senior brother, what are you doing?"

"Junior sister, that Qingfeng Li just said he can save Hei Qin! Now he is not going to save his life. So that's mean we are here waiting for Hei Qin to die!" Dong Qin glanced at Xianzhi Qin and said.

Xianzhi Qin felt annoyed and looked at Dong Qin. She knew of how overbearing Dong Qin was, but this time he

time he had gone too far.

Yes, Dong Qin if you really wanted to save Hei Qin's live, you should talk to Qingfeng Li nicely. Why would you threaten him? Do you really think Qingfeng Li is a scaredy cat that you can bully?

Xianzhi Qin understood that Dong Qin's identity was prominent from the view of an outsider. Everyone wanted to bribe him since he was the lead disciple of the Fiery Emperor Palace's lord. However, Qingfeng Li did not give a crap about it.

At Sky Fate Mountain, Xianzhi Qin saw the Sky Elder kneel down to Qingfeng Li with her own eyes, addressing himself as a servant.

Think about it? To be able to make Sky Fate Sect master kneel, he must be extraordinary. The forces behind him must be very strong, not any lower than the Fiery Emperor Palace.

In fact, the guess of Xianzhi Qin was right. Once Qingfeng Li gathered the ten demon kings, he could definitely rule over Huaxia.

There was a time Conqueror Third Master of Li Family led a group of the top 10 demons. They had controlled all 18 provinces of Huaxia and beaten countless masters. The victories were dominating.

"Wolf King, It's Fiery Emperor Palace's fault. I sincerely apologize to you on behalf of the Fiery Emperor Palace." Xianzhi Qin slightly winked her slender eyelashes and whispered.

Young Mistress Qin apologized?

The Fiery Emperor Palace disciple standing in the back was in shock. Their reaction changed, and their faces became green and pale.

Who was Xianzhi Qin? She was the daughter of the Fiery Emperor Palace lord, and Princess of the Fiery Emperor Palace. Not only was she born in elegance, she was also born with a beautiful appearance. She also appearance. She also has great abilities in both combat and scholarly fields.

From the expressions of the Fiery Emperor Palace disciple, one could tell that the Miss never apologized to anyone. Qingfeng Li was the first one.

"Damn, how dare you make my sister apologize." Dong Qin's eyes looked coldly, looking extremely dissatisfied at Qingfeng Li.

"Young Mistress Qin, you don't have to apologize. You are not the one who threatened me. If there is an apology, it should come from Dong Qin." Qingfeng Li said waving his hands. Indicating Xianzhi Qin had no need to apologize.

Qingfeng Li's impression of Xianzhi Qin was not bad. The Fiery Emperor Palace was very interested in Qingfeng Li and wanted him to join them. Although he did not join in the end, he was very grateful to Xianzhi Qin.

As for the Fiery Emperor Palace, Qingfeng Li only considered Xianzhi Qin as his friend. He did not care about any others from Fiery Emperor Palace. Not everyone could be friends with the Wolf King, even the super disciplined Fiery Emperor Palace disciples did not qualify.

"Wolf King, Hei Qin is our disciple of Fiery Emperor Palace, and also an alchemist. He is very important to our Fiery Emperor Palace. Please save him." Xianzhi Qin's said with her red lips. Looking at Qingfeng Li with hope.

With no reason, Xianzhi Qin trusted Qingfeng Li. She felt Qingfeng Li would be able to save Hei Qin.

The Wolf King could always create a miracle. At Sky Fate Mountain, Xianzhi Qin thought Qingfeng Li would die with no doubt. However, who knew Qingfeng Li would turn the tables and become victorious. He was able to awaken his dragon blood and destroy White Impermanence with one punch.

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