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Chapter 729: Going into Vast Mountain Range

Dong Qin was a bit happy. He thought Qingfeng Li was crazy. Fiery Emperor Palace itself was the strongest. If all the treasures were split by labor contribution, Fiery Emperor Palace would gain the most of them all.

Yes, the Luo family was one of the four ancient martial arts family clans of Tianjing. They absolutely had incredible strength and power. However, compared to the giant Fiery Emperor Palace, there were still some gaps.

Nevertheless, Dong Qin himself could easily defeat Niching Luo, so the Luo family's disciples would not be a problem at all.

In Dong Qin's eyes, Qingfeng Li was only at Higher Heaven Higher Heaven early-stage, but, Dong Qin was at its Higher Heaven peak level. Dong Qin had his reason for his confidence.

"Let's just listen to Qingfeng Li. We, the Fiery Emperor Palace would like to cooperate with your Luo family. All treasures we get will be split by contribution." Dong Qin said with a smile. His tone had an arrogance that all big families' had, a unique pride that belonged to a superpower.

As the Senior Brother of Xianzhi Qin, he had the right to decide this stuff.

Xianzhi Qin faintly frowned, she did not want to agree initially. She knew how strong Qingfeng Li was. However, Senior Brother already agreed, so it was too late for her to oppose. She could do nothing but nod and say yes.

Xianzhi Qin naturally knew how powerful and talented Dong Qin was. He was very strong at the Higher Heaven stage. He could hold his own against Cold Blood without losing an edge.

But ... Qingfeng Li, seemed

to be more powerful. Xianzhi Qin sighed, she felt that her senior brother was perfect except his arrogance and his tendency to look down on others.

After listening that Dong Qin agreed to the labour distribution plan, Niching Luo's enchanting face shown a hint of happiness. People did not know how powerful Qingfeng Li was, but she clearly knew that. If it was during his bloodline activation period, Qingfeng Li could beat Cold Blood. The time was short but enough for him.

Finally, the Fiery Emperor Palace and Niching Luo reached an agreement. Both teams worked together in splitting the treasure by labor contribution.

At the foot of the Vast Mountain, all personnel gathered into five groups, heading towards the mountains.

The Vast Mountain was not just one mountain, but a dozen mountains. These mountains rolled together over a thousands miles.

The Grandmaster Tomb was located at the deepest part of the mountain range. To enter into the deepest part, you have to pass several mountain peaks and primeval forests, swamps and other places.

There were a lot of ancient trees in the mountains, each one tens of meters high and sheltered under the sun. Below these trees were a large number of plants, flowers, thorns, vines, dead leaves, weeds and so on.

All of these plants were natural, instead of artificially cultivating which made these trees very tall. You could see some rare plants that had mostly disappeared in the outside world growing around this place.

Of course, in addition to these old trees, plants, thorns, vines, there were many poisonous beetles, beasts and so on.

Five groups entered different directions. Each team held

held a map indicating that the Grandmaster Tomb was in the deepest range of the mountains. Of course, there must be some treasures in this mountain range.




From time to time there was the roar of beasts and some bizarre voices from the mountains. These were some weird beasts that had not been seen outside of this mountain range.

Qingfeng Li and Niching Luo walked on the left side. The Luo family followed behind, and Xianzhi Qin and Dong Qin walked on the right side. Although the two teams worked together, the staff were separated, taking two different sides of the road.

Although it seemed like cooperation, they did not trust each other in the depths of their hearts, because once you see the precious treasures, everyone will fight for it.

After walking two kilometers into the mountains, both teams saw a treasure.

"Seven-star fruit! Wow! I can't believe it is the precious Seven-star fruits." a black and thin guy from the Fiery Emperor Palace shouted, his eyes were in shock.

There was actually a small tree in the front of an open space. The small tree had 4 red fruits which were as shiny as red apples. If you didn't pay attention to it, you would have thought that those were wild apples.

"What is a Seven-star fruit?" one of the disciples from the Luo family did not understand and asked.

The black and thin guy looked at him with contempt and said, "You're stupid. The Seven-star fruit is a precious fruit containing vital essence. Martial Warriors can increase their own strength by absorbing the vital essence."

Seeing that the black and thin guy

thin guy was being so condescending, the Luo family's disciple's face flushed immediately. His eyes were full of embarrassment but he truly did not know what the hell the fruit was.

From this Seven-star fruit issue, it could be seen that Luo family and Fiery Emperor Palace still had some gap between their strengths. Indeed, the people from Luo family did not recognize that fruit, and only the Fiery Emperor Palace people recognized it.

In fact, some people from the Luo family also recognized it, such as Niching Luo, Tianhao Luo and the others but no one spoke up. The other Luo family disciples did not recognize this fruit because they usually did not study hard, so they did not have the knowledge.

"This seven-star fruit was first discovered by our Fiery Emperor Palace, so I think those fruits should belong to us." Dong Qin smiled, looking at Niching Luo and saying.

Niching Luo frowned and a hint of dissatisfaction appeared on her tender face. You should know that the Seven-star fruit was not far away. Not only people from Fiery Emperor Palace saw it, but also the Luo family saw it. Just because that black and thin guy from the Fiery Emperor Palace shouted first, it doesn't mean that the fruit belongs to you!

"Dong Qin, we have also seen the Seven-star fruits. There are total four fruits. Let's split these fruits into half." Niching Luo and said.

Dong Qin shook his head and said, "This does not work. Qingfeng Li just said that who got the treasure should go to who contributed the most. The black and thin guy called thin guy called out first, so the treasure definitely belongs to us since you did not call it."

What the f*ck?! Dong Qin is so shameless. Qingfeng Li and the Luo family's disciple's faces were livid, as they were truly frustrated.

They originally thought that cooperation with the Fiery Emperor Palace might help them get some treasure. But when they saw the first treasure, they did not expect that all the treasures had been taken away by the Fiery Emperor Palace.

Niching Luo and Qingfeng Li were unhappy, but they did not want to undermine the relationship between both teams. They had to allow Fiery Emperor Palace to take away the Seven-star fruits.

This was a small fruit tree. There were only four red Seven-star fruit, emitting an attractive fragrance.

As the first person who shouted out for the Seven-star fruit, the black and thin guy picked the Seven-star fruit on behalf of the Fiery Emperor Palace. He came to the red little fruit tree and stretched out his palm to pick up the red fruit.

"Ah!" Just when that black and thin guy touched the Seven-star fruit, he suddenly let out a painful scream. A white snake that suddenly sprung out from the leaves, and it bit him on his wrist.

"Red Scaled Viper?" the people around were all in astonishment, with an aghast expression in their eyes.

The red scaled Viper was a highly poisonous viper. Once bitten by it, they would die within 10 minutes.

That black and thin guy only focused on picking Seven-star fruit and did not notice the Red Scaled Viper that was on that fruit tree.

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