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Qingfeng Li met lots of people at the foot of Vast Mountain, including disciples of four great Ancient Martial arts clan from Tianjing city, like Jianlong Gu, Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang, Dong Zhang and etc,

Certainly, other than people from the four great families, there were some other influential Ancient Martial arts clan, such as Cold Blood from the Crimson Blood Sect and Hell King from the Ghost King Palace.

Hell King? This guy actually came too! Two of his fellow brothers, Black Impermanence and White Impermanence were already killed by Qingfeng Li; but Hell King survived.

The people mentioned above were all Qingfeng Li's enemies. In addition to these enemies, Qingfeng Li's friends were also arrived here, such as the Fiery Emperor Palace's Xianzhi Qin.

Since the Grandmaster Tomb news released, not only the strong people from Huaxia came, but strong foreigners also came, like the Thai Boxing champion Shiwei Guo, and the Russian Assassin school camp instructor Duluth. They all wanted to fight for the treasure from the Grandmaster Tomb.

Suddenly, one chilling gaze was casted on to him. A haunted murderous intent reflected in this eye.

Along the gaze, Qingfeng Li found that the killing intent was from a woman, who was good-looking, thin and tall. However, she looked at Qingfeng Li with murderous intent in her eyes.

So strange, I don't even know the woman, why does she have such a deep murderous intent towards me.

Qingfeng Li was looking at that woman and his eyes were full of doubts. He could not understand what the exactly hatred came from.

"Wolf King, that woman is Cuilan Tie, the young lady from the Iron Fist sect. Did you offend her before?" Niching Luo asked as she also felt the woman's murderous intent.

Iron Fist sect, the young lady, Cuilan Tie?

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly. Finally, he understood where the murderous intent came from. He had slain Ming Tie, the young lord of the Iron Fist sect, and also the younger brother of Cuilan Tie. She wanted to kill him for revenge.

"Sh*t, it seems that I have too many enemies." Qingfeng Li whispered; he felt a little depressed.

It was only when Qingfeng Li came to the Grandmaster Tomb that he realized that he had so many enemies, which he had not been felt before. Also, every enemy was powerful.

Of course, most Ancient Martial arts disciple were followed by a bunch of people, about ten. To enter into the Grandmaster Tomb, the group needed neither too much nor too little people, and a size of ten was just right.

Some people brought a large group while other people went by themselves. For example, Shiwei Guo, the Thai Boxing champion, went alone while the Russian Assassin instructor Duluth had nine killers with him.

Seeing Qingfeng Li, both Xianzhi Qin and Shiwei Guo came over. Those two people were friends with Qingfeng Li, being in a good relationship.

Xianzhi Qi was the young lady from Fiery Emperor Palace, followed by the nine masters from the Fiery Emperor Palace. These were young people, but every one of them was Higher Heaven master. It had to say that as the most powerful influences from Huaxia, there were so many stronger fighters in the Fiery Emperor Palace.

"Wolf King, Do you want to join our Fiery Emperor Palace?" Xianzhi Qian came up to Qingfeng Li and invited directly.

Hearing what Xianzhi Qin said, Niching Luo felt unhappy. Her crimson red lips curved up, and she said in cold voice, "Xianzhi Qin, the Wolf King is representing our Luo Family to enter the Grandmaster Tomb. What is your meaning of poaching him now?"

These two women were beauties. However, they could not get along for a long time and it was a long struggle. Xianzhi Qin held the grudge all the time that Qingfeng Li was won over by Niching Luo.

"Niching Luo, I'm also interested in the Wolf King. How about we work together." Even though Xianzhi Qin hated Niching Luo, she could only show good will because of her relationship with Qingfeng Li.

Xianzhi Qin knew very well about how strong Qingfeng Li was. With Qingfeng Li's help, it had to said that Niching Luo was close to being invincible.

Niching Luo wrinkled her brow and considered the benefits and costs of the cooperation.

Just at this moment, the young lady Cuilan Tie from Iron Fist sect found Jianlong Gu. It seemed they knew each other before. Even they had reached an agreement to cooperate. The team became 20 people, which put a lot of pressure on everybody else.

Seeing Cuilan Tie and Jianlong Gu's cooperation, other organizations also started to cooperate. Baidao Jiang found Yun Tang, who were both from the four great Ancient Martial arts clan from Tianjing Capital. They knew each other from childhood and also began to work together.

Cold Blood, who was ranked first in the Higher Heaven ranking list, actually found Hell King from Ghost King Palace and reached a partnership.

About the Duluth, he did not work with anyone since he brought ten killers on his own.

For a moment, the camp was divided into four great forces. Niching Luo's face changed slightly. These people had their own powerful strengths, and now, they also started cooperating with other elites. 

Although Niching Luo was also from the four great Ancient Martial arts clan, she would be in danger if Yun Tang and Baidao Jiang worked together. If it was only Yun tang, she would not be afraid of her.

Qingfeng Li stood beside her and naturally saw those cooperations form. He wrinkled his brow. These joined influences were too powerful.

If it was against a single enemy, Qingfeng Li would not be afraid of anyone. He could even fight someone of a higher level by activating his Blood totem. However, it did come with severe side effects. Once Qingfeng Li became weak, those masters were enough to kill him.

"Miss Luo, I think Xianzhi Qin was right. The other cooperation influences are too strong. It's very necessary for us to cooperate too."

If it was only Qingfeng Li himself, he could just fight a way out. But now, he needed the treasure, Black Crow Vines. He had to fight against all the other people for it, and that's why he must cooperate with the other groups.

Niching Luo nodded and said, "Xianzhi Qin, I agree to work with your Fiery Emperor Palace. However, the treasure we get must be a 50-50 split."

Hearing this, a young man behind Xianzhi Qin with short hair and a wrinkled brow coldly said, "No. The treasure must be a 30-70 split. We get the 70 percent and you get the 30 percent."

The young man with short hair was called Dong Qin, and he was the Fiery Emperor Palace lord's disciple and also was the senior brother of Xianzhi Qin. He had a very high status in the Fiery Emperor Palace and a powerful strength.

In Dong Qin's opinion, the Fiery Emperor Palace sought cooperation with Niching Luo, which was thinking too highly of the Luo Family. If it was not mentioned by Xianzhi Qin, there was no need for the Fiery Emperor Palace to work with anyone.

A 30-70 split?

Niching Luo and Qingfeng Li both frowned slightly and had discontent in their eyes. They felt that the young man took the lion's share of the treasure. He asked for too much.

"There is no way to do a 30-70 split. It must be a 50-50 split." Niching Luo said firmly.

Niching Luo brought nine people with her. The treasure they got should be shared by everyone in the group. If the group only gets 30%, she would barely anything after they split.

Dong Qin said coldly, "Our Fiery Emperor Palace has great strength. It must be 70 percent; otherwise, there will be no cooperation."

Dong Qin was in a very strong position, relying on his identity and strength. He simply didn't place the Luo Family in his eyes.

Qingfeng Li got sick of it, said, "70 percent is too much for you. I have a proposal. We can split the treasure by contribution. At that time, people who contributed more power will get more shares. What do you think?"

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