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Chapter 727: Going to Grandmaster Tomb

Qingfeng Li followed Niching Luo back to the Luo Family's mansion. Of course, on the way home many people were not satisfied with Qingfeng Li. But because of Niching Luo's influence. They did not voice out.

After all, Niching Luo was the eldest daughter of the four big family clans. Whether it was her influence or her strength, both were immeasurable. The average person would respect Niching Luo and hold themselves from provoking Qingfeng Li.

After returning to Luo Family, Niching Luo arranged the best room for him and told him to go prepare for the Grandmaster Tomb tomorrow morning.

This room was very luxurious, all made of gold again. Like a hotel presidential suite, it had an independent kitchen, bathroom, bath, etc. The decoration was extremely luxurious.

Qingfeng Li could not sleep in an unfamiliar environment. He took out his cell phone and dialed Ziyi's number.

"Master, did you need something?" Ziyi Qu saw Qingfeng Li calling, and quickly pressed the answer key, said respectfully.

"Ziyi, how's Xue Lin doing now?" Qingfeng Li's tone had a trace of concern.

"Master, sister Xue is still in a coma, but Director Xu Zhao has treated sister Xue with the best glucose and nutrient solution. Her face is not as pale as before, and had gotten a lot better."

"Ziyi, did anyone come to the hospital looking for trouble?

"Master, after you left a few unidentified people wanted to kidnap sister Xue but were killed by the Wolf Fang team."

"Very good. It must be tough taking care of Xue Lin. Tell the

Wolf Fang team, if anyone tries to harm Xue Lin, kill them with no mercy." Qingfeng Li said with a contemptuous face.

Qingfeng Li was now going to the Grandmaster Tomb to look for Black Crow Vines. So he could not stay beside Xue Lin. How dare his enemies try to find Xue Lin in his absence. This made Qingfeng Li very angry, he vowed to come back from the Grandmaster Tomb and kill them all.

Qingfeng Li used to be too merciful, letting his enemy go and not finishing them off. He understood that an enemy must be killed. Only the dead would not find revenge.

After Qingfeng Li talked to Ziyi over the phone, he found out about Xue Lin's physical condition. This made his heart feel a little relieved.

Qingfeng Li laid in bed for a long time and could not sleep. He was thinking of the little bitty things about Xue Lin.

Unknowingly, Qingfeng Li fell asleep.

In his dream, Qingfeng Li dreamed of Xue Lin. The two of them held a wedding and all the people in the world came to bless him. He held a world class wedding for Xue Lin.

The dream was very short, just when he was about to put a ring on Xue Lin, he was awakened by a knock on the door.

Qingfeng Li opened his eyes, a little upset. He almost gave Xue Lin a ring. It would've made a happy bride but someone ended up knocking on the door.


Qingfeng Li reluctantly opened the door. His face shown a

a great deal of dissatisfaction. This time Tianhao Luo was standing outside.

"What did you want so early in the morning? Don't disturb other people's beautiful dreams." Qingfeng Li glanced at Tianhao Luo and said with an upset face.

He didn't even want to see Tianhao Luo to begin with. Now, his knocking interrupted his dream of putting a ring on Xue Lin's finger. This made him even more upset.

Tianhao Luo smiled coldly and said, "Cousin told me to get you. The team is about to leave to go to the Grandmaster Tomb, if you didn't forget."

After Tianhao Luo finished talking, he turned around and left. Completely ignoring Qingfeng Li, he was an arrogant guy who did not care about Qingfeng at all.

"Damn, why are you so cocky?" Qingfeng said with a touch of disdain in his eyes.

Sighing, Qingfeng Li turned back into his room, got dressed and washed up. He headed towards the martial arts arena outside.

When Qingfeng Li arrived at the martial arts arena, Niching Luo was already waiting inside. There was a group of people behind her, and with Qingfeng Li, it was a party of ten.

These were all Luo Family clan members, armed with all sorts of armed weapons in their hands. Some with searchlights, mechanical shovels, ropes, swords, long blades, and guns.

All of their hands were holding things, only Qingfeng Li hands empty. Not true, Qingfeng Li hands did have something, but not a tool for digging graves. It was a sword, his Red Fiery Sword that had always accompanied

always accompanied him.

"Wolf King, this is your three days of food supplies. After entering the Grandmaster Tomb, we won't find anything to eat." Niching Luo said with a tender smile. She handed a backpack to Qingfeng Li.

This was a blue soldier's backpack. It was small in size, but versatile. Inside was packed with biscuits, beef jerky, mineral water and more.

These foods were high-energy foods. Firstly, they provided sufficient energy. Secondly, they had high nutritional value for the human body.

Everyone had to eat, and it would be a disaster if one didn't have any food in a survival situation. These foods were essential for traveling and entering the tomb.

Niching Luo ate a simple breakfast with everyone and took a helicopter and headed for the Grandmaster Tomb.

That's right, you heard right, helicopters. The Luo Family was one of Tianjing City's four ancient martial arts clan. Their history dates back thousands of years. Their wealth was measured in trillions, more than the Alibaba delivery company. They belonged to an invisible super-wealthy class, having their own helicopters was no surprise.

Of course, something like a helicopter would be piloted by someone from the Luo's Family. Something secretive and important should be handled by clan members, outsiders should not be in charge.

Niching Luo took the crowd to get on the plane and let Qingfeng Li sit beside her. This made everyone else jealous. In particular, Tianhao Luo, his eyes looked very envious, looking at Qingfeng Li with a hidden hatred.

Although Tianhai Luo was Niching Luo's cousin, he had dirty thoughts. had dirty thoughts. He had very naughty thoughts about Niching Luo, and wanted to acquire this beautiful woman.

The incomplete Map of the Grandmaster's Tomb indicated that the tomb was located in the Vast Mountain to the north of Tianjing City. The Vast Mountain was a mountain around Tianjing City. It stretched for thousands of kilometers, and was 3 kilometers high. There were many obscure rocks, various plants and many wild beasts.

The Vast Mountain had many hidden dangers, but also many opportunities. Risks and opportunities often coexist. If you wanted to get treasure, naturally, you will have to take the risks.

The helicopter's speed was very quick. An hour later, the plane flew to the foot of the Vast Mountains.

Qingfeng Li, Niching Luo, Tianhao Luo and the other Luo clan member took their backpacks and tools and went off the plane one by one. After all of them got down, the pilot stopped at an open space not far away.

"So many people." Qingfeng Li and the others just walked to the foot of Vast Mountain. His face changed, because of the amount of people gathered at the foot of the mountain. A conservative estimate would be at least one hundred people.

The key was that more than 100 people were martial art masters, none of them were ordinary. Everyone was emitting a powerful aura.

Qingfeng Li's eyes suddenly sharpened, because in this group of people, he saw a lot of familiar faces. Of course, these familiar faces were not Qingfeng Li's friends, but his enemies.

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