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Chapter 718: Old Professor Yunhe Zhang

Miaochun Zhang brought Qingfeng Li towards where Yunhe Zhang lived. Regarding Xiaoman Lu, Qingfeng Li told her to go to class. He had all his attention on curing Xue Lin and had no time to chat with Xiaoman Lu.

Eastern Sea City Medical University was extremely large. There were tons of trees inside the university and a lot of students were studying within the shades.

Easter Sea City Medical University was one of the top three universities in Huaxia and was extremely famous in the medical field. It gave birth to a large number of prestigious doctors and was a dream for pre-med students.

Of course, there were various departments within the university. The two main classifications were between western medicine and Chinese medicine. Under the various departments, there were even more subjects, including mental health, herbalism, and child care.

The mental health subject was famous all because of professor Yunhe Zhang. He was a national treasure in terms of his knowledge in the mental health field and was famous in Huaxia.

When Qingfeng Li came to the office building, he was confused. This building should be called the laboratory because there were various experimental machines here and doctors were conducting research.

People can live here?

Qingfeng Li was doubtful because he thought this place was only suitable for research but not for living.

The building had 23 floors. Qingfeng Li thought Yunhe Zhang lived on the

top floors, but Miaochun Zhang brought Qingfeng Li towards the basement.

"Principal Zhang, why are you bringing me to the basement?" Qingfeng Li asked with a baffled tone.

Miaochun Zhang laughed hysterically and said, "My brother Yunhe Zhang lived in one of the room in the basement. His meals were sent to him every day and he barely comes out."

Miaochun Zhang's heart hurt whenever he mentioned his older brother. Other people thought someone like professor Yunhe Zhang should be living in a large villa, but he lived in a dark basement.

Miaochun Zhang knew the place extremely well and brought Qingfeng Li into the basement after a few moments.

The basement wasn't that big and it was quite dark. There was a metal gate locking it to prevent strangers from entering.

Miaochun Zhang came to the gate and said, "Older brother, there is a young man that wanted to meet you so I brought him here."

The basement was silent and there was no answer.

Miaochun Zhang was obviously accustomed to this and didn't care much about it. He continued to say, "Older brother, this young man has a deep understanding in Chinese medicine. Please open your door."

Finally, a voice came from the basement; it was old and hoarse. He said, "Miaochun Zhang, please leave. I won't meet anyone, even if they are extremely skillful in Chinese medicine, what does it have to do with me."

After hearing

hearing the rejection, Miaochun Zhang's expression changed and apologized to Qingfeng Li, "Qingfeng, I am sorry. You heard it, my brother doesn't want to meet anyone."

Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up. He had to meet Yunhe Zhang because of Xue Lin's condition. He had to see Yunhe Zhang today.

"Principal, why doesn't your brother want to meet others?" Qingfeng Li asked. He had to know the reason regarding Yunhe Zhang's weird habit in order to fix it.

Miaochun Zhang sighed and said, "Qingfeng, not only was my older brother a specialist in the mental health field, he was the chairman of Huaxia Medical Association. Then he was betrayed by his student and was fired from the association. Afterward, he locked himself inside the basement and swore to not meet anyone anymore."

What, chairman of Huaxia's Medical Association?

Qingfeng Li was shocked and astonished. Huaxia had a population of 1.3 billion and had millions of people studying medical skills. There were multiple associations within every municipal level.

Every association had a chairman, and Yunhe Zhang was Huaxia's Medical Association's chairman. This meant that he was at least one of the most skillful doctor in all of Huaxia.

Miaochun Zhang was the chairman of Eastern Sea City's Medicine Association, Yunhe Zhang's chairman status was a lot higher than Miaochun Zhang's.

No wonder Principal Xu Zhan said professor Yunhe Zhang had the ability to save Xue Lin. He was the chairman of

chairman of Huaxia Medicine Association and a specialist in the mental health field. He will definitely have a cure to Xue Lin's problem.

Qingfeng Li had studied Chinese medicine and was extremely skilled, but there were even more skillful people that were hiding in Huaxia. They normally didn't show their skills to the public.

Qingfeng Li's teacher told him that Chinese medicine had eight streams. His teacher was only skillful in one of the streams. In addition, outside of Chinese medicine there was medical skills like western medicine.

"I finally know why your student betrayed you. No one would want to study under someone as bad as you." Qingfeng Li suddenly laughed and said to the room inside the basement.

Hearing Qingfeng Li's ridicule made Miaochun Zhang's expression changed. He said, "Qingfeng, why would you humiliate my brother? Now he won't see you for sure."

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "I bet he will open his door."

Qingfeng Li knew Yunhe Zhang didn't want to meet others because he was betrayed by his student. Qingfeng Li was trying to use his student as an excuse to force Yunhe Zhang out. As long as he was normal, he wouldn't tolerate what Qingfeng Li said.


Yunhe Zhang opened his door after he heard Qingfeng Li's humiliation. He came out in his wheel chair, his face scrunched up in rage.

Yunhe Zhang was old and in his 70s. His hair was His hair was white and his face was filled with freckles. In addition, his legs were broken and he had to sit on a wheelchair.

"You bastard. I won't say anything about you saying my student betrayed me, but how dare you say my medical skills are bad." Yunhe Zhang looked at Qingfeng Li and his eyes were filled with rage.

Yunhe Zhang was Huaxia Medical Association's chairman and one of the most skillful doctor in all of Huaxia. In addition, he was the most skillful in the mental health field.

Chef cared about their dishes, students cared about their marks, and doctors cared about their medical skills.

As a doctor that studied medical science for all of his life, Yunhe Zhang cared a lot about his medical skills. He wouldn't stand Qingfeng Li demeaning his achievement in medical science.

"Everyone said you are a specialist in mental health and the master in the medical world, but in my eyes, you are a liar and was scared to diagnose others. Thus, this was why you hid in this basement and won't meet anyone." Qingfeng Li smirked and continued trash talking him.

Was Qingfeng Li really insulting Yunhe Zhang? Obviously not. He knew that if he was to only show respect to Yunhe Zhang, Yunhe wouldn't talk to him what-so-ever. Only when Qingfeng Li insulted his medical skills, would he come out and meet Qingfeng Li.

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