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Chapter 717: Going to the Medical University to Search

"Younger master Li, professor Yunhe Zhang retired three years ago. He doesn't teach or treat patients anymore." Xu Zhao said immediately after he saw Qingfeng Li going to find Yunhe Zhang.

As the top graduate student of Eastern Sea City Medical University, Xu Zhao had kept in contact with his university. Every year he had to attend his university's anniversary event. It was three years ago when he heard professor Yunhe Zhang had retired as professor Yunhe Zhang's retirement was big news within the university.


Qingfeng Li's mind went blank but he remembered the role of a doctor was different than others. Even if he retired, his skills were still there; he could still diagnose and cure patients.

Even though Qingfeng Li was skillful in terms of his medicine, it was mainly focused on Chinese medicine. He knew nothing about mental health problems and could only ask Yunhe Zhang for help. After all, Yunhe Zhang was the most famous psychiatrist in the nation.

"Director Xu Zhao, do you know where Yunhe Zhang lives?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"Young master Li, even though Yunhe Zhang had retired, he still lives in the Medical Department's office building. I don't know about the specifics, you have to ask principal of Medical School, Miaochun Zhang." Xu Zhao answered.

Miaochun Zhang?

Qingfeng Li's face was filled with happiness after hearing the name. He knew Miaochun Zhang and their relationship was

extremely close. He was even invited by Miaochun Zhang to be a guest professor at the university.

Recalling his experience from being a guest professor made Qingfeng Li felt awkward. This was because he promised Miaochun Zhang to teach every week at the Medical University, but he forgot about it because he was extremely busy.

"Principle Xu Zhao, please take care of my wife Xue Lin. I have to go find professor Yunhe Zhao at the Medical University." Qingfeng Li nodded and left.

Before he left, Qingfeng Li told Ziyi Miao to come to the hospital and protect Xue Lin. He even notified the Wolf Fang team to stay in the hotel outside of the university and prevent any strangers from entering the hospital.

After organizing everything, Qingfeng Li drove towards the Medical University in his BMW.

The two universities were close to each other and he arrived in half an hour.

When he arrived at the gate, he met someone he knew: Xiaoman Lu.

Xiaoman Lu's face was extremely delicate and her skin was snow white. Her eyes were like stars and her nose were perky like a flower under the sunlight. She was wearing a white dress that sculpted out her tits and ass; it made her extremely attractive.

The crowds' eyes were seduced when they saw Xiaoman Lu. She was Medical University's most beautiful student; every student liked her.

When Qingfeng Li got off

off the car, he coincidently passed by Xiaoman Lu.

"Big brother Li, why did you come to school today. I haven't seen you for a long time." Xiaoman Lu was happy and excited when she saw Qingfeng Li. Her face became red and she couldn't talk normally.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "Xiaoman, do you know where professor Yunhe Zhang lives?"

Xiaoman Lu's face became crestfallen. She thought Qingfeng Li was here to find her, not professor Yunhe Zhang.

Regarding Yunhe Zhang, every student in the university knew him. He was Eastern Sea City Medical University's most pretigious professor.

Not only in Eastern Sea City, even in Huaxia, or the whole nation, Yunhe Zhang was an extremely famous professor. Professor Yunhe Zhang was the most influential in the field of mental health reserach and treatment. He was a treasure of the nation.

"Big brother Li, professor Yunhe Zhang lives in the office building, but I don't know where he lives specifically." Xiaoman Lu shook her head and said.

Qingfeng Li was disappointed because he thought Xiaoman Lu would know. Since she didn't know, he could only bother Miaochun Zhang with it.

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and called Miaochun Zhang's number.

Miaochun Zhang answered after a few beeps and said, "Qingfeng, you finally called me. I thought you forgot about me."

Qingfeng Li could only laugh it off regarding Miaochun Zhang's ridicule. He was too busy for the

for the past few days and forgot about his promise to Miaochun Zhang. It was normal that Miaochun Zhang was a bit pissed.

"Principal Zhang, I am sorry that I wasn't able to teach the students for the past few weeks." Qingfeng Li had a virtue: he would always apologize if he was wrong.

Sure enough, Miaochun Zhang laughed after he heard Qingfeng Li's apology. He said, "Qingfeng, I was only joking with you. Your Chinese medicine class was extremely popular and the students wanted you to come teach more."

Qingfeng Li nodded and knew that Miaochun Zhang wasn't trying to sugar coat him. All the students were subdued by his wealthy knowledge in Chinese medicine.

"Principal Zhang, I am here for a small matter."

"Qingfeng, where are you. I will be there in a second."

"I am in front of the gate."

"Ok. I will be right there." Miaochun Zhang hung up and walked towards the gate.

Miaochun Zhang arrived at the gate in a short moment. He was old and his hair was all white; he was at the age of retirement. But his body was still quite healthy, showing the care that he took on his body.

Miaochun Zhang walked toward Qingfeng Li and asked, "Qingfeng, what's the problem?"

"Principle Zhang, I want to meet professor Yunhe Zhang." Qingfeng Li didn't want to waste any time nor chat. He stated his purpose here immediately.

Yunhe Zhang?

Miaochun Zhang's mind Zhang?

Miaochun Zhang's mind went blank. He obviously didn't think that Qingfeng Li was here to meet professor Yunhe Zhang. The matter was not an easy one.

"Principle Zhang, is it hard to meet professor Yunhe Zhang?" seeing the expression on Miaochun Zhang's face made Qingfeng Li ask.

Miaochun Zhang sighed and said, "To be honest, Yunhe Zhang is my older brother. Even though he is the professor of the school, he retired and stated he won't meet anyone, not even me."

Qingfeng Li was happy when he heard Miaochun Zhang said he was the professor's younger brother, but he was shocked when Miaochun Zhang said it was even hard for him to visit his older brother.

Qingfeng Li knew that the older professors had some weird personalities. They would meet a homeless man if they like him and they would reject a billionaire if they didn't.

"Principle Zhang, I have some emergency matters on my hand that needs professor Yunhe Zhang's help. Can you please lead me there?" Qingfeng Li was begging him because he needed professor Yunhe Zhang to cure Xue Lin.

Miaochun Zhang nodded and said, "Qingfeng, I can show you where he lives, but I can't decide if he is going to meet you or not. You have to prepare for the worse scenario."

Qingfeng Li nodded. He had to meet Yunhe Zhang first. Whatever happens afterwards, he would think about it later.

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