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Chapter 716: A Cure for Xue Lin

Frowning slightly, Qingfeng Li was a little angry.

He couldn't understand why he should have met so many obstacles in the process of getting his unconscious wife admitted into the hospital. First was the guard trying to make him wait in line and now when they were finally at the ward this Cui Wang was trying to stop him from entering.

Qingfeng Li now understood why everyone said it was difficult to receive medical services. As famous Wolf King who knew the president Xu Zhao, he had encountered so many difficulties and he could imagine how many more challenges an ordinary person would face.

The tense relationship between doctors and patients was all caused by the useless jerks who took salaries but did more harm than use.

All Qingfeng Li wanted right now was to put Xue Lin in bed to take a good rest. He wasn't in the mood for the messy situation.

"Xu Zhao, what does the woman mean? Why do you want to resign?" Qingfeng Li asked curiously.

It was in the First People's Hospital that he first met Xu Zhao. If the president was someone else, he didn't want to stay in this hospital.

With embarrassment in his eyes, Xu Zhao said, "the hospital's board of directors has decided to fire me. They wanted me to resign and let the vice president who is Cui Wang's husband to take my place."

Qingfeng Li nodded in understanding. It was clear that Cui Wang was making trouble for Xu

Zhao on purpose and since he was a patient brought in by Xu Zhao, she would definitely make things difficult for him.

"Qingfeng, you'd better put Little Xue in bed. She is very pale without eating for so long. It would harm her health if she doesn't get some nutrient fluids through infusion."Xiaoyun Mu said from the side.

Qingfeng nodded and carried Xue Lin to the bed.

Qingfeng Li wanted the best ward and the best medical services for Xue Lin. Apparently the No.1 VIP ward was the best one.

Without a word, Qingfeng Li put Xue Lin into the bed.

Cui Wang was not happy. She had had her eye on the best ward in the hospital and wouldn't allow other people to take it.

"Jerk, take you woman out of the ward." With a cold smile, Cui Wang said loudly.

"Shut up! My wife needs rest. If you dare to say one more word, I will tear you mouth into pieces." Suddenly Qingfeng Li turned his head, staring chillingly at Cui Wang. His body exuded an air of cold murder.

Sensing the strong killer intent from Qingfeng Li and looking at his blood red eyes, Cui Wang changed her expression, a flash of fear appearing in her eyes.

Cui Wang was frightened by the young man before her. As an ordinary woman, she had never witnessed such horrible killer intent.

Cui Wang dared not to make trouble for Qingfeng Li, but still made it hard for Xu Zhao, "Xu Zhao, I want

want the ward. I'll see what you do about it."

"Cui Wang, I am still the president of the First People's Hospital. You get out and only Qingfeng Li can take this ward." With a cold smile, Xu Zhao tried to get Cui Wang out of the room.

It was true that Xu Zhao had been asked by the hospital's board of directors to resign and Cui Wang's husband would soon take his place. But it didn't matter.

As long as Xu Zhao was still the president, he had the right to decide who could take this ward.

"Xu Zhao, how dare you to treat me like this? You wait until my husband become the president. You will be the first to be fired." Casting a cold glance at Xu Zhao, Cui Wang turned to go, intending to complain to her husband.

Qingfeng Li tucked Xue Lin in and said, "President Xu Zhao, I am sorry for the trouble."

"It was nothing. You rest assured that I will arrange for the best treatment for you wife as long as I am still the hospital president." Xu Zhao said firmly.

"Mr. Li, what is the matter with your wife?" Frowning slightly, Xu Zhao asked.

Qingfeng Li didn't try to hide it form Xu Zhao. "She received a strong mental shock. Heart-broken, she sank into deep sleep through self-hypnosis and is not willing to wake up.

What?! Mental shock, self-hypnosis?

Xu Zhao's expression changed, a flash of astonishment appearing in his eyes.

 As the president of the First People's

First People's Hospital, Xu Zhao had great medical knowledge and skills, as well as good relations. Graduated from the Eastern Sea Medical University, he was a talented student and ranked the first place in the University.

Among all the diseases, two of them were the most difficult to treat. One was cancer with which people were quite familiar. Cancer could be cured at the early stage but was fatal at the advanced stage.

Besides cancer, the other kind of difficult disease was mental illness which sent many people directly into mental hospitals due to the lack of effective methods to cure them.

As to self-hypnosis, Xu Zhao had heard his teacher talk about it when he was in the medical university. It was a world-grade difficult and mysterious disease which put the patient in a self-enclosure. Unless the patient could unravel the knot in his/her heart, he/she would never wake up and in some rare cases they wake up with a damaged mentality.

"Mr. Li, I am really sorry, but even I as the hospital president can do nothing about this mental illness." Xu Zhao shook his head with apology.

With a wave of his hand, Qingfeng Li said, "Don't blame yourself. Mental illnesses are a difficult problem which even I as a traditional Chinese medicine doctor cannot solve."

Having learnt medical skills from his Master, Qingfeng Li himself was a traditional Chinese doctor. He was kind of a magic worker with medical conditions but even he could do nothing about mental nothing about mental illnesses which involved the most vulnerable part of the human body.

When she heard that Xu Zhao could not find a solution either, Xiaoyun Mu's face turned paler and tears kept flowing down her cheeks.

"Little Xue, my poor baby girl! How could you be unconscious when your wedding date is drawing so near?" Holding Xue Lin, Xiaoyun Mu shed bitter tears.

Standing on the side with an ashen face, Qingfeng Li clenched his fists so tightly that the nails cut into his palms which began to bleed. But he didn't feel the pain from his hands.

"Xu Zhao, go and infuse some glucose nutrient solution into her body, other wise I am afraid her health would be damaged." Qingfeng Li said in a heavy voice.

Xu Zhao nodded and said, "Ok, I'll get her some glucose nutrient solution."

Then something occurred to Xu Zhao. "Mr. Li, when I was studying in the medical university, an old professor mentioned a possible cure for self-hypnosis."

What?! A cure for self-hypnosis?

A flash of joy appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes. He grabbed Xu Zhao by the arm and asked eagerly, "What is the name of the old professor? Where is he now?"

"His name is Yunhe Zhang. As an old professor in Eastern Sea Medical University and a treasured nation-grade expert on mental illnesses, he has a magical hand when it comes to curing metal diseases."

Qingfeng Li nodded, "Well, I will now go to the medical university and find Professor Yunhe Zhang."

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