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Chapter 715: The Hospital President Hurried Over in a Trot

Xu Zhao was in the middle of a meeting in his office when he received Qingfeng Li’s phone call. Deserting everyone in the meeting, he ran out of the room.

Due to the rapidity of his movement, the teacups on the table were bumped to the floor and broke into pieces and his clothes was torn by a corner of the table. Despite all the embarrassments, Xu Zhao made a dash for the gate of the hospital.

Seeing the usually dignified president running so fast, everyone was astonished because they had never witnessed their president in such a state of panic, not even when the Director of Health Bureau came to visit.

Whose call was it that could put the president in such a state of panic? Everyone in the office wondered.

At the gate of the hospital, the tall guard regarded Qingfeng Li with disdain, "You were just boasting to demand that the president meet you here. Do you think you are the mayor?"

The tall guard had heard the conversation on the phone, but he thought it was a trick of Qingfeng Li who had just made a call randomly in the effort to cut the line.

However, the tall guard had just finished his words when the president Xu Zhao in white coat rushing to this direction at an unbelievable speed.

Xu Zhao stopped his dash when he reached Qingfeng Li, red-faced, out of breath and sweating


In his effort to reach Qingfeng Li in time, Xu Zhao had used up all his energy in the dash. He could swear that he had never run so fast in his whole life.

"President, why did you come out?" The tall guard was stupefied with astonishment.

A moment ago the young man made a phone call and now the president dashed out in person. Was it possible that the young man really knew the president? Faced with this possibility, the tall guard’s expression changed, his eyes full of fear.

He had stopped Qingfeng Li from entering the hospital and mocked him. If the president had indeed come out for Qingfeng Li, the guard knew that he would be finished.

The tall guard’s face turned white at this unwelcome thought and it seemed his worst nightmare was unfolding before his eyes.

"You refused to admit him into the hospital." Pointing at Qingfeng Li, Xu Zhao said to the tall guard.

The guard was silent for a moment trying to think of an explanation, but Xu Zhao didn’t give him a chance.

"You are fired. The hospital doesn’t need people like you." With a cold smile, Xu Zhao fired the tall guard on the spot.

The tall guard was as pale as death. I’m finished. The young man didn’t lie about his knowing the president and anyone with eyes could see that the president held him in very high regards.

The guard was full

full of regret for offending Qingfeng Li. But there was no going back in time. He had to pay for it and the price was his job.

After giving the tall guard the sack, Xu Zhao turned to bow at Qingfeng Li, saying, "Mr. Li, I apologize for the misdeed of the guard and I beg your forgiveness."

Seeing the president of the First People’s Hospital apologize to Qingfeng Li, people around them were all open-mouthed with astonishment.

This young man was really amazing, getting the president of the hospital come out with only a phone call and apologize to him with a bow.

"President Xu Zhao, it took you two minutes to get here so I forgive you. Now go and get the best ward for my wife." With Xue Lin carried in his arms, Qingfeng Li said lightly.

His voice was laced with order and indisputability as if he was the owner of the hospital.

Though Qingfeng Li didn’t sound pleased, Xu Zhao was very happy because Qingfeng Li was doing him and the First People’s hospital a great honor by agreeing to be hospitalized here.

If Qingfeng Li had gone to another hospital, it would be a great disgrace for the First People’s Hospital.

 "Mr. Li, please go ahead and I myself will show you to the ward." With a bow, Xu Zhao led Qingfeng Li toward the hospital’s best ward.

The people waiting in line were all filled with envy

with envy after witnessing the whole episode. It was freaking awesome of the young man who could get the hospital president out to meet him and sick wife.

"My dear, that young man is awesome! I wish one day you could get the hospital president to meet us and show us to the ward when I needed to see a doctor." One girl waiting in the line said to her boyfriend.

Women were all full of vanity. Seeing the hospital president show so much respect to Qingfeng Li when Xue Lin needed to be hospitalized, the girl was very envious, wishing the one lying in Qingfeng Li’s arms had been herself instead of Xue Lin.

The boy’s expression changed with a trace of mortification. What the heck? I am just a working boy with a monthly income of 3,000 yuan and even an ordinary doctor regards me with contempt, not to mention being met by a hospital president.

Filled with envy of Qingfeng Li, the boy looked up at the sky at an angle of 45 degrees and pretended having not heard the girl, who thought him useless and decided to say goodbye to him after visiting the doctor.

The poor boy was not aware that he would be dumped just because his girlfriend was upset by the sight of the hospital president welcoming Qingfeng Li.

With Xue Lin in his arms, Qingfeng Li followed Xu Zhao to the No. 1 VIP No. 1 VIP ward which was the best in the whole hospital. It was only available to those people with special connections.

At the same time, a nurse was ushering a middle-aged woman into the ward. Qingfeng Li recognized her as the woman who walked in directly without having to wait in line.

From the tall guard, Qingfeng Li understood that the middle-aged woman was the wife of the vice president and was quite overbearing in her manners.

Of course, Xu Zhao had seen the woman and said, "Cui Wang, this ward is taken. You must find another one."

The middle-aged woman was Cui wang who said with a cold expression, "Xu Zhao, what do you mean?"

Cui Wang had a very overbearing personality and she even looked downed on Xu Zhao, which surprised Qingfeng Li because she was just the vice president’s wife while Xu Zhao was the hospital president.

 At Cui Wang’s words, Xu Zhao’s expression changed since he had not expected that Cui Wang would challenge his authority as the hospital president under the watchful eyes of an audience.

"Cui Wang, I say it again: the No.1 VIP ward is taken by Mr. Li’s wife. You go find another ward." Xu Zhao said with a cold smile.

"Xu Zhao, you will soon resign from the office and my husband will take you position. What right do you have to tell me to find another ward?" With arched eyebrows, Cui Wang said contemptuously.

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