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A+ A- Chapter 710: Qingfeng Battles White Impermanence

The sight of both women siding with Qingfeng Li irritated Baidao Jiang.

Niching Luo was the elder daughter of the Luo Family in Tianjing City and Xianzhi Qin was the elder daughter of the Fiery Emperor Palace. Both had extremely high statuses and both were extremely powerful.

If it had been anyone ordinary, Baidao Jiang would have torn into Qingfeng Li without a second thought. However, he couldn't act on his anger in front of the two women.

"Alright, for the sake of you two, I will not intervene in Qingfeng Li and White Impermanence's battle. In return, I hope that you will not help Qingfeng Li in the battle as well.

Hearing his words, the two women frowned. They had planned to help out Qingfeng Li, but now they were no longer able to.

"Ladies, thank you for your kindness. Don't worry, White Impermanence is no match for me." Qingfeng Li said to the two women, smiling politely.

By fending off Baidao Jiang, Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin had already helped him out immensely.

As for fighting White Impermanence, him alone was more than enough.

"Qingfeng Li, you've killed my brother Black Impermanence, I will kill you today and avenge him." White Impermanence sneered, instantly pulling out a black long blade.

The black long blade was about 1.5 meters long, four fingers wide. It was completely black, carved with intricate patterns, obviously a treasure.


Qingfeng Li immediately whipped out his sword and positioned it in front

of his chest. He knew of White Impermanence's immense powers, he couldn't risk underestimating him.

White impermanence curled his lips slightly, his eyes flashing cold. The long blade in his hands pierced through air, cutting it in half, ruthlessly slashing towards Qingfeng Li's body.

This strike held terrifying powers and came with a terrifying momentum, as if to split Qingfeng Li into two pieces.

Although the blade hadn't reached Qingfeng Li, its aura had already slashed a few tears into his clothes, proving its powerful strength.

Qingfeng Li flipped his wrist and focused all his Vital essence into his sword. With a horizontal slash, his sword striked against the long blade, immediately splitting the atmosphere around them.

At their level, both were very powerful. One hit from them can cut through the air.


The Red Fiery Sword and the long black blade clashed together, their shadows colliding as well, creating a deafening blow, the air between them exploding, forming a black vortex.

The lusters from both weapons radiated to the ground, lasering slashes into the earth.

With their powers dissipated, both Qingfeng Li and White Impermanence stood their grounds, neither backing away. But with keen eyes, one could see White Impermanence's right hand was trembling.

"How is this possible? The strike from White Impermanence had no effect on Qingfeng Li?" Baidao Jiang stood next to them, his eyes full of shock.

Both he and White Impermanence used blades as weapons. They had battled against each other before, so

so he naturally knew of the powers behind White Impermanence's strike.

Baidao can defeat White Impermanence due to his status as a Higher Heaven tier pinnacle-tier fighter. Qingfeng Li was just a Higher Heaven tier beginner, how was it possible that he had come out unscathed, even with the upper hand from the exchange?

Next to them, Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin's faces lit up, their eyes filled with delight. Qingfeng Li's powers had clearly surpassed their greatest expectations, reinforcing their choice in siding with him.

Out of all of them, White Impermanence was the most stunned. He said coldly, "You managed to counter my attack. Not bad for a Higher Heaven tier beginner."

Although he gave out complimentary words, anyone with eyes could see that he spoke from ingenuity. It was natural for White Impermanence to be worried by the outcome since he should be at a higher stage than Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was also surprised. He was unmatchable in his realm, but rivalling someone from a higher realm was previously impossible.

Was it that drop of dragon blood?

A thought hit Qingfeng Li. He could only attribute his increased powers to the drop of dragon blood. The drop of blood had entered his body, improved his physique, and increased his strength.

"Qingfeng Li, you're about to witness a martial arts technique unique to the Ghost King Palace. Our methods are deeply profound. You will not stand a chance." White Impermanence sneered coldly as he

as he decided to use his martial artist technique. The young man in front of him made him uneasy.

"Tornado Strike." White impermanence roared lowly, focusing all of his Genuine Energies into his long black blade. He suddenly whipped the weapon forward, creating a black tornado.

The tornado embodied Vital essence, bringing forth a huge force which tore through the atmosphere, rushing towards Qingfeng Li.

"Red Fiery Blast." Since his opponent opted to use their martial technique, Qingfeng Li naturally decided to use his own as well. After he focused all of his Vital essence onto his sword, it transformed into a huge red wind blade.

The tip of the red wind blade was incredibly sharp, as if it was a real dagger blade. Carrying a burning flame, it struck directly towards the black tornado.

As if encountering its natural nemesis, the black tornado broke into pieces as soon as it came in contact with the red wind edge. It dissolved into a gush of vital essence and dissipated into thin air.

Qingfeng Li didn't let the opportunity go to waste. He waved his Red Fiery Sword once more and ruthlessly stabbed towards White Impermanence's body.

White Impermanence was still in shock from the disappearance of his strike. When he returned to his senses, Qingfeng Li was already in front of him. It was too late to stop him.


White Impermanence's expression changed. He pushed his feet on the ground, quickly retreating his body.


White Impermanence was fast, but was fast, but Qingfeng Li's sword was faster, immediately slashing his chest, blood spewing out instantly.

Almost, Qingfeng Li had almost disemboweled White Impermanence and killed him.

Although the strike didn't kill White Impermanence, it had wounded him gravely. He spewed out a gush of fresh blood, his face without a trace of color.

"You dare to harm me?" Looking down at his torn chest, White Impermanence's face darkened, his voice filled with rage.

White impermanence was one of the four imperial protectors of Ghost King Palace, and he was also Ghost King's first disciple. His powers were unmatched, guaranteeing him victory in every battle ever since his debut. However, he had just been wounded by a single strike from a young man.

Humiliation, this was utter humiliation. White Impermanence became enraged with fury, wanting Qingfeng Li dead.

"You're too weak." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, eyes filled with contempt.

Qingfeng Li had too many secret weapons. The Wolf King bloodline, the drop of dragon blood, and the Conqueror's Badge were just some of his secrets. Forget the White Impermanence, even the Ghost King himself couldn't rival Qingfeng Li's number of secrets.

"Pompous fool, you will die an ugly death." White Impermanence sneered coldly. He took out a pill and stuffed it in his mouth.

As soon as the pill entered his mouth, it suddenly transformed into a powerful energy. White Impermanence's body began to grow, his powers increasing continuously, directly entering the late stage of the Higher Heaven level.

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