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Chapter 701: Xue Lin Ran Away from Home

"Qingfeng, why don't you name our baby." Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, the happiness of a mother-to-be written all on her face.

Name our baby?

Qingfeng Li was deep in his thoughts since the naming is a big deal. He must think twice before coming up with a name because the name will go with the baby for her entire life.

"What do you think about Jiahui Li?" Qingfeng Li blinked and asked.

Ruyan Liu thought for a second. She thought it was an okay name but there wasn't much meaning in it.

She thought of a name herself and it was meaningful since it contained both of their names in it.

"Qingfeng, since this is our baby, I want to name it after both of us." Ruyan Liu laughed and told him her thoughts.

Qingfeng Li's eyeballs rolled around and started to think, trying to pick a name between the six characters: Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu.

The family name would be Li after him and it needs to be feminine since it will be a baby girl.

"How about Nianyan Li. Li is my family name and Nianyan, meaning thinking of Ruyan."Qingfeng Li smiled.

Nianyan, Nianyan…

Ruyan Li repeated a few times and thought it was a good name for the baby girl. Whenever he sees the baby princess, it will remind Qingfeng of her.

"Qingfeng, that's a good name.

We'll name her Nianyan Li." Ruyan Liu smiled.

At this moment, Xue Lin stood outside of the door and heard the conversation inside. Her face was as pale as a dead person and tears kept dripping off her beautiful cheek.

Xue Lin finished work early today and since Qingfeng Li took the BMW in the morning, she had to take a taxi home. She saw her own car parked in front of Ruyan Liu's door when she got back.

She knew that Qingfeng Li was back and he must have been at Ruyan Liu's house. So she came to her door.

Xue Lin heard their conversation when she was about to knock on the door. And the conversation was about Ruyan Liu's pregnancy. Therefore, she held back the knock and started to eavesdrop.

She never would've thought she'd hear such a huge news, like a thunder whipping through a sunny sky. Ruyan Liu was pregnant with Qingfeng Li's baby, which meant that they had slept together.


Xue Lin cried in deep deep sadness. Her own husband was having a baby with another woman. It ripped her heart apart.

She wanted to knock open the door and yell at Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu. But she was too heartbroken to do it.

Xue Lin went back to number 13 while still crying.

Ziyi Miao saw Xue Lin coming back to

to the house with tears on her face and asked, "Xue, didn't you go to Ruyan Liu's place? How come you are back?"

Ziyi Miao was told to come home herself because Xue Lin was heading over to Ruyan Liu's. Why was she back already and crying?

"Xue, did Ruyan Liu do anything to you? Let me know and I'll go teach her a lesson." Seeing how sad Xue Lin was, Ziyi Miao got worried.

She had been staying with Xue Lin so they have gotten very close. She didn't like it when Xue Lin sobbed and thought Ruyan Liu must have bullied her.

"I'm fine."Xue Lin shook her head and went upstairs into her bedroom.

The picture of Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li had always been placed at the head of her bed. It was done when they were about to get married and now it's only half a month till their wedding day.

But would she still marry him? Obviously not. He was already having a baby with Ruyan Liu.

In the picture, Qingfeng Li was in his groom's suit and Xue Lin was in her wedding dress looking so happy with the rings on their fingers. It all seemed so ironic to her now, as if they were laughing at her innocence.

"I hate you, Qingfeng Li." Tears kept dripping from her eyes. She hated him

hated him for lying to her to fool around with the vixen, even getting her pregnant.


Xue Lin took the picture she painted herself, reached to the top of it and tore it into hundreds of pieces.

Men hated to be cheated on and the same goes to women. Xue Lin's heart was filled with hatred for Qingfeng because of his betrayal.

This picture used to be the symbol of Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li's love and was painted by her for the wedding. Now it was torn apart.

She ripped the painting along with the symbol of their love. Xue Lin grabbed her suitcase and started to pack.

She wanted to run away. She didn't want to stay here to look at Qingfeng Li's face.

Things were soon packed up. She took the suitcase and walked downstairs.

"Sister Xue, it is dark already, where are you going?" Seeing the suitcase in Xue Lin's hand, Ziyi Miao asked.

"Ziyi, will you miss me if you won't see me again?" She asked, another tear drop sliding down her cheek.

"Sister Xue, this is your house and I can see you everyday." Ziyi Miao frowned and said.

She sensed the weirdness of Xue Lin's actions today. Not even today, it was from the second she got back from Ruyan Liu's place. She started crying as if something sad happened.

"Ziyi, I want to go on to go on a trip. Don't come with me." She took the suitcase and walked towards the door.

"Sister Xue, no, Master asked me to follow you and protect you."

"Ziyi, if you still think I'm your sister and friend, then don't come with me. Or we have no relationship from now on."

"Sister Xue, don't do this."

"Stop there, if you follow me then don't ever call me sister Xue again. I would even finish my own life in front of you so you wouldn't be able to explain to Qingfeng Li." Xue Lin warned Ziyi Miao about following her.

After that, Xue Lin took her shoes, opened the door and left the house in tears. She looked so certain from the back but her heart was filled with sadness. Tears were blown away by the wind and disappeared in the air.

Xue Lin knew that once she left, it would be very difficult to turn back. She didn't want to come back to this place and face Qingfeng Li. She hated that man, the man who she loved the most and turned around and lied to her.

Xue Lin ran away from home. The house looked deserted without the owner. Wind blew and some flakes of snow started to fall off along with the wind, as if they were trying to cry out for her.

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