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Chapter 700: Baby Due in Half a Month

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Silence. Dead silence.

The silence lasted quite a long time around the auction house. Everyone was standing with their mouths open, as if they had just seen a ghost.

Beheading a Higher Heaven level master with one swing of the sword sounded like a tale from Arabian Nights, yet it had just happened right in front of everyone.

"Holy shit, this guy is something. Turns out he had been pretending to be weak."

"You are right, he is really something. Yilong Park's head was gone as soon as he took out his sword."

"Luckily I didn't attack him just now, otherwise I might also have died."

People started to chat after the silence. People were thanking god that they didn't rush out and attack Qingfeng Li, which ultimately saved their lives.

Shiwei Guo stared at Qingfeng Li carefully as if he had never met him before.

"What are you looking at, fatty. I'm not some beautiful girl." Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes.

Although this fatty was very strong, he did love pretty girls, which was normal since every man liked pretty girls.

Shiwei Guo smirked, "Wolf King, you are so powerful. I had no idea you were this strong. If I did, I'd have been following you around this whole time."

Shiwei Guo wasn't lying. Even though he was the

Boxing King as well as a Higher Heaven level Master, he was only in the beginning stage and was at the same level as Yilong Park.

Seeing that Qingfeng Li killed Yilong Park easily with a chop of sword meant that he could kill him with one swing as well, which surprised him deeply. Just a few days ago, Qingfeng Li still needed him to save in the Tiger Continent, but now he was much stronger than him.

"Come back to Eastern Sea City with me and I'll treat you." Qingfeng Li patted on Shiwei Guo's shoulder and smiled.

Qingfeng Li knew clearly what happened at the Tiger Continent arena. He was unconcious and if it weren't for Shiwei Guo, who held off Yoshichiro Izu for him, he would've died.

"Hehe, Wolf King, I can finally meet your wife, who is said to be the most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City." ShiWei Guo smiled with a sneaky look.

"Damn Fatty I am going to dig your eyeballs out if you stared at her too much." Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes at Shiwei Guo.

Shiwei Guo laughed in embarrassment, "Look, am I that type of person? She is my brother's wife, which makes her my sister in law. How can I stare at my sister in law?"

Qingfeng Li smiled and drove Shiwei Guo towards Eastern Sea

Sea City.

Qingfeng Li frightened a lot of people with his power and they wouldn't dare bother him anymore. After all, not everyone could behead a higher heaven level master.

Three hours later.

Qingfeng Li arrived at Eastern Sea City and saw Ruyan Liu when he drove to the gate of Noble Palace.

Ruyan Liu looked as charming as a rose. It was a different kind of charming than Niching Luo. She had a pure charm while Niching Luo was more of an enchanting vixen.

Maybe it was because of the pregnancy, Ruyan Liu was in high spirits and great form lately. Her skin was as white and flawless as the snow on Mount Everest and her big bright eyes shined like the stars in the sky.

Her body shape was even more perfect. Her chests were as big as cantaloupes, making people wonder what they would taste like.

Ruyan Liu was talking a walk at the gate in a baggy pregnancy dress.

"Where have you been, Qingfeng? How come I didn't see you today?" Seeing Qingfeng Li's car approaching the driveway, a smile appeared on Ruyan Liu's pretty face.

She didn't understand why the closer it got to her due date, the more she missed Qingfeng Li. She couldn't even bear one day without seeing him,

It was as if something was missing in her life.

"I had some errands

some errands to run in Tianjing City and just got back."Qingfeng Li laughed.

"Can you come cook for me at my place? Jiaojiao isn't home today." Ruyan Liu pouted her lips.

Qingfeng Li noted, "Sure, you are pregnant and it is not convenient for you to cook."

"You must be my sister in law. Hello, I'm his friend Shiwei Guo." He got off the car and introduced himself.

Shiwei Guo couldn't move his eyes at the second he saw Ruyan Liu. He had never seen anyone as beautiful as this woman in his life. Her extreme charm was mixed with maturity.

"Hello, I'm Ruyan Liu." She simply responded since she wasn't very happy about the fatty's stare. But he was Qingfeng Li's friend after all.


Qingfeng Li coughed, "Fatty, can't move again seeing a pretty girl?"

Shiwei Guo sobered up hearing the cough, rubbed his head in embarrassment.

"Sister in law, I apologize. I have this sickness of becoming dumbfounded whenever I see beautiful women ever since I was a little boy." Shiwei Guo explained since he didn't want to leave a bad impression on Ruyan Liu.

She was speechless and rolled her eyes. She was aware of her charm. Let alone Shiwei Guo, anyone would've become dumbfounded after seeing her.

Qingfeng Li took Shiwei Guo back to Ruyan Liu's place and started to cook since it was already late.

In order already late.

In order to treat Shiwei Guo, Qingfeng Li made eight dishes along with four soups.

Ruyan Liu was very thankful for Shiwei Guo when she learned that he saved Qingfeng Li's life in the Tiger Continent. Her impression for Shiwei Guo suddenly got much better and she took out two bottles of 1982 Lafite for him.

"Wolf King, I didn't know you are also such a good cook. You didn't have to make this much." Shiwei Guo looked at the table filled with dishes.

"Fatty, I know you are a foodie and this, of course, is to thank you."Qingfeng Li laughed.

Shiwei Guo smiled and took some vegetables with his chopsticks. He narrowed his eyes in admire of the deliciousness of the dish.

The three of them chatted while eating.

"Qingfeng, the doctor says the baby will be born in half a month. Will you be with me at the hospital?" Ruyan Liu took a sip of soup and asked with yearn.

Being the father of the baby, Qingfeng Li sure hoped to be there when his baby is born. Otherwise, it would be quite a pity.

"Yes, I want to see the child being born too." Qingfeng Li smiled with tenderness in his eyes.

He felt happy when thinking of being able to see his baby in half a month, which was normal for every father-to-be.

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