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A+ A- Chapter 688: Wolf King vs. Ninja King

Human Specimen?

After hearing what Songren Sato said, Qingfeng Li's eyes had coldness shimmering with murderous intent.

These ninjas from the Pacific Island loved to do experiments, especially with human bodies.

In terms of human body experiments, Qingfeng Li hated that a lot. He believed that this was a humiliation to humans.

The desire to kill was boiling inside of him, wanting to kill the asshole in front of him immediately. Someone without a base line like the one in front of him was not forgivable at all.

"Since you want to die, I will make your dream come true." Qingfeng Li was really angry. He walked towards Songren Sato and his eyes were filled with rage, as if the god of slaughter just arrived.

"F*ck." Songren Sato shouted and pulled out his long sword that was about one metre long, all black, full of gloomy light. Only one look could make people shiver.

This long sword was also called the Scale Blade, a famous weapon of Pacific Island. It was made by the master of blacksmithing weapons from meteorite ore and a special black fish scale. It was very complicated to make but was very good quality.


The long sword in Songren Sato's hand was waved towards the front and ripped the air directly, cutting the air with a huge tear and hacked towards Qingfeng Li's body.

A tornado was formed around Songren Sato and it was very powerful and was rotated spirally, lifting up the floor tiles on the ground.

One blade strike created such terrifying scene. This Songren Sato was no doubt the

Ninja King, and no doubt the Higher Heaven level master that was a hundred times more powerful than normal ninjas.


Qingfeng Li couldn't be careless. Although he said that he didn't see Songren Sato as a match, he still payed attention to him. After all, the guy in front of him was the Ninja King.

There were millions of ninjas on the Pacific Island, but only few could be the Ninja King. Songren Sato in front of him was one of the three most powerful Ninjas Kings.

The Red Fiery Sword on Qingfeng Li's hand pointed towards the front and hacked with terrifying power, striking the Scale Blade of Songren Sato with a loud bang. The air in the middle was blown with a flame.

"Oh, your Scale Blade is fine?" Qingfeng Li frowned, with a bit surprise in his eyes.

About the sharpness of the Red Fiery Sword, Qingfeng Li knew very well. It was definitely a very powerful weapon. After Qingfeng Li obtained the Red Fiery Sword, every time he swung the long sword, he would always break the weapon of his opponent. But unexpectedly, this time he didn't break the Scale Blade.

Not to mention that Qingfeng Li was surprised, Songren Sato was also shocked. His Scale Blade was a very powerful weapon and was made by the Sword King of Pacific Island. The Sword King of Pacific Island was the person as powerful as the Huaxia Sword King.

Since his debut, Songren Sato had been undefeatable using this long sword. As long as he swung this sword, the weapon of

of his enemy would break immediately and the second swing of the sword would end the life of his enemy.

Although the two men only exchanged one move, both of them understood that the weapon in his opponent's hand was master tier weapon.

To define master tier weapon, it was the existence much more powerful than normal weapons and should not be considered in the category of normal weapons.

When the weapons were the same powerful, the only way to win was to use the martial technique and actual strength.

"First blade strike, Water Sky Line." Songren Sato shouted with a low voice and swung the Scale Blade in his hand, ripping through the air and creating a white silver line in the sky.

But this white silver line was not silver line, but liquid made of steam, full of water inside.

Songren Sato was from Pacific Island. The Pacific Island was surrounded by the sea, so he often practiced sword technique under water. The sword technique he learnt was called the Water Spirit Blade Technique.

Speaking of "Water Spirit Blade Technique", it was very famous in Pacific Island and it was an unique skill of the Sword King. It was a grandmaster tier technique which was taught by the Sword King of Pacific Island to Songren Sato. He was very talented and had already learned the first two moves.

Looking at the fierce sword dance, Qingfeng Li frowned and held the Red Fiery Sword diagonally in front of his chest.

"First move, Red Fiery Blast." Qingfeng Li shouted and stabbed forward with the Red Fiery

Red Fiery Sword in his hands, transforming into a red sword flash with the scorched scent of fire.


A watery flash and a fiery flash collided. The Red Fiery Sword and Scale Blade clashed against each other, making a loud rumble sound. The huge power spread in all directions. Then the basement started to tremble and the rocks on the ceiling started to fall.

The place where the two master tier weapons hitting against each other, a huge abyss appeared on the ground. It was about four to five metres long. Half bloody red and half snow white silver.

Half flame and half ice, a strange situation appeared in reality!

It was not hard to understand that this situation appeared, Qingfeng Li practiced fire martial technique and Songren Sato practiced water martial technique. Despite the elements, both were strong martial techniques and thus, a horrifying collapsing force was caused.

"You are indeed the son of the Conqueror, very powerful. You were able to survive under my Ice Blade strike." The look on Songren Sato's face started to be gloomy and there were cold lights in his eyes.

After all, Songren Zutoeng had been the most powerful person on the Pacific Island for years, who then the created the underground lab at the Unmarked Common Graves. He had always been a very powerful figure and now someone successfully blocked his attack. It was easy to see how shocked he was.

Now only Songren Sato was shocked, Qingfeng Li was also shocked. The Red Fiery Sword technique he practiced was very power and he knew clearly about knew clearly about it. Although he only learned the first move, but it was already undefeatable. But today, he met someone who was able to compete with him.

Qingfeng Li slightly frowned, noticing that the Ninja King in front of him was one of his greatest enemies. He needed to treat him carefully.

"Take my second move, Ice Spirit Arrow." Songren Sato waved the Scale Blade on his hand and ripped the air. The steam under the sword cohered into a water arrow and shot towards Qingfeng Li

Of course, this ice arrow was not literal ice in the shape of an arrow. This was the cohesion of vital essence and water martial techniques and was very powerful. It was about two times as powerful as the Water and Skyline earlier on.

Feeling the power of the vital essence water arrow, Qingfeng Li felt that he couldn't be careless about this. He used the long sword in front of him and tried to resist it horizontally and got in the way of the water arrow.


The water arrow hit onto the surface of the Red Fiery Sword with a splash. The huge power pushed it back a few meters and Qingfeng Li had to back up four to five steps in order to regain his balance.

The second step of ice spirit sword technique was powerful as expected and pushed back Qingfeng Li unexpectedly.

Qingfeng Li frowned and his right hand that held the sword tingled, feeling a bit uncomfortable. He didn't expect that the Ninja King learnt the second move of ice spirit sword technique.

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