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A+ A- Chapter 682

Qingfeng Li used all of his methods of making a woman happy and said many sweet things in order to make Xue Lue happy and get her to not suspect anything.

Oh my god, making a woman happy is harder than fighting a king. Qingfeng Li was so tired. If he would have been given a second chance, he would not be willing to make so many women happy.

"Darling, come, I will carry you to bed." Qingfeng Li smiled and carried Xue Lin in his arms and took her to the bedroom on the second floor. He put her directly on the bed and took enough advantage of her.

Since she hadn't seen Qingfeng Li for a while, Xue Lin was also a bit affectionate and she hugged Qingfeng Li's neck and kissed him.

Perhaps it was because of Ruyan Liu, Xue Lin became very bold tonight. Except for the last step, all the other moves were all done which made Qingfeng Li very comfortable.

Qingfeng Li didn't let Xue Lin go until she was feeling weak and sweating all over. He covered her with quilt cover and then went downstairs to his bedroom.

When he just entered the room on the first floor, Qingfeng Li's phone started ringing. It was so late, why would anyone call him? He was feeling a bit confused.

But when Qingfeng Li got his phone out and check, the look on his face suddenly changed. That was because the call was from Green Dragon Demon King.

"Green Dragon Demon King, you must have called for a reason. Is there any clues for Conqueror's Badge?" Qingfeng Li pressed the button.

Earlier on, Qingfeng Li asked the Lion Demon King and the Green Dragon Demon King to go to the Pacific Island and to investigate the information of the Conqueror's Badge since the Conqueror's Badge was taken away by a ninja sect of the Pacific Island.

Now that Green Dragon Demon King called, Qingfeng Li's first reaction was that it had something to do with the Conqueror's Badge.

"Young sect master, the ninja of the Pacific Island brought the Conqueror's Badge to Huaxia, wanting to summon the ten demon kings and was discovered by the Lion Demon King and me. But the ninja was so powerful that he defeated the Lion Demon King and kidnapped him. I escaped so that I could call you." The voice of Green Dragon seemed weak, it was obviously because he was wounded.

What, the Lion Demon King was seized.

The look on Qingfeng Li's face changed and she was surprised. He was clear about the power of Lion Demon King. He was an overmatch at level SSS. Except for someone like himself, normal people would not be able to defeat him.

Couldn't it be an Ancient Martialist? Qingfeng Li was shocked because only the Ancient Martialist could easily capture the Lion Demon King.

"Green Dragon Demon King, where are you right now? I will come and find you."

"Young sect master, I am now at the People's Park of Tianjin City. The ninjas of the Pacific Island are also here after me."

"Find a place and hide in the People's Park. I will come to Tianjin and find you right now." Qingfeng hung up the phone after he said this and seemed to be in a hurry.

The Conqueror's Badge was left to him by Qingfeng Li's father Third Master Li. This was linked to summoning the ten demon kings, so Qingfeng Li had to get it.

"Ziyi, stay at home and protect Xue Lin. Tomorrow when she woke up, tell her that I had something to do and must leave Eastern Sea city." Qingfeng Li told Ziyi Miao, who was still in the living room.

"Yes, master." Ziyi Miao nodded with respect.

After telling Ziyi Miao what he had to say, Qingfeng Li couldn't wait anymore and stepped out of the house immediately and drove Xue Lin's BMW to the city of Tianjin.

He was trying to get a taxi but noticed that it was so late and there would not be any taxis anymore. Plus, if he found taxi, it would be a waste of time to watch it obey traffic rules, so he drove Xue Lin's BMW away.

It was midnight and the streets of the city of Eastern Sea was very quiet. There were few cars on the street, so Qingfeng Li drove with the fastest speed.

The city of Eastern Sea was quite far away from the city of Tianjin, about six hundred kilometres. After he got onto highway, the average speed of the car was a hundred kilometres per hour.

Qingfeng Li was in a hurry and afraid that something might happen to the Green Dragon Demon King, he sped up to two hundred kilometres per hour and the car was like lightening. He passed the cars and was like flying on the highway. (TL: Guys, speeding is bad, don't do it.)

The city of

city of Tianjin was one of the four biggest cities of Huaxia. It was the same powerful existence as the city of Yanjin. Also, a lot of families of Ancient Martialists were hidden in the city of Tianjin and also some old-brand families.

The People's Park was not only the largest park in the city of Tianjin, but also the largest of Huaxia. It was about two thousand acres including various plants and also amusement facilities and entertainment facilities.

There was also a man-made lake in the middle of the garden about 100 acres. There were green grass and trees around it. All were willows and the branches were falling on the riverside.

At the same time, about ten ninjas in black with a black cotton strip with the word "Nin" on it. They were holding long knifes and were searching in the Garden.

The leader Ninja was about 1.8 metres and was very strong. He was though big and tall, but also very flexible and he could move very fast.

"Lord Sato, we had searched the left side and we couldn't find the Green Dragon Demon King." A ninja that seemed small came to the side of the tall ninja and said respectfully.

The tall ninja was called Kayip Sato, and was a senior ninja. He was the leader of these ninjas.

"Green Dragon Demon King must be in People's Park. We will go to the front and search." Kayip Sato smiled ghastly. He waved his hand and lead the crowed and continue to walk to the front.

But after walking for a couple hundred metres, Kayip Sato stopped because there were not road to go to in his front, but only a huge man-made lake.

Now it was 3 am in the morning and the garden was the garden was peaceful. The man-made lake was also peaceful. There were only lake water and couldn't see anything.

"Lord Sato, there are no roads in the front. Maybe that Green Dragon Demon King knew magic? Why would he disappear?" The skinny ninja frowned with confuse doubt.

They saw Green Dragon Demon King rushing into the Garden and ran this way. But how did he suddenly disappeared?

In the Pacific Island, ninja was a very secret occupation. They had secret power and the most expert ability was hiding, being invisible and assassinating.

Kayip Sato stood still and closed his eyes and started to feel the movement of the air around him. He imagined himself as the Green Dragon Demon King. If himself was the Green Dragon Demon King and ran this way, where would I hide?

Then, Jiaye Zuoeng smiled, but the smile was cold.

He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the lake in front of him. He felt a some slight movement under the lake. Though the movement was very slight and no one could realize if they didn't observe closely.

"The Green Dragon Demon King is hidden under the human-made lake." Kayip Sato smiled and said peacefully.

What, under the human-made lake?

All the other ninjas were all surprised and their eyes were filled with disbelief. The human-made in front of them was about a hundred acres and it was huge and deep. Also it was winter and the lake water was very cold. The Green Dragon Demon King was a live person, how would he stay under the lake?

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