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A+ A- Chapter 678: Killed Ming Tie

Despite Xue Lin and Hao Luo’s worries, Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said, "Don’t worry. He’s just a weakling, I can kill him in one punch."

Weakling and kill him in one punch?

Ming Tie’s facial expression changed after he heard Qingfeng Li’s words. There was anger in his eyes.

Who’s Ming Tie? He was the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect and the strongest person amongst the young generation. He was one step away from being in the Higher-Heaven Realm.

But what did Ming Tie just hear now? He heard Qingfeng Li’s crazy words, that not only he was going to kill him in one punch, but also treated him as a weakling. This was not ignorance; instead, this was an insult.

"Qingfeng Li, you are asking for your death. I must break your heart into pieces today." Ming Tie said solemnly and viciously, wishing he could kill Qingfeng Li at this instant.

"Rock-Shattering Iron Fist!" Ming Tie yelled as he condensed vital essence into his fist, which broke through the air and aimed at Qingfeng Li’s heart.

Heart was the most important party of the human body; it was also the weakest part. Once would be dead for sure when heart was attacked vigorously.

Ming Tie’s act was malicious. He wanted to kill Qingfeng Li by one vigorous punch.

"Since you asked for your death, I will fulfill your wish." Qingfeng Li laughed viciously with killing intention in his eyes. For someone who wanted to kill him, he would not be generous.

Qingfeng Li did not move his body while he operated "True Martial Emperor Technique". His entire body was glowing in azure blue and his right fist became a ray of blue while punching at Ming Tie fiercely.

Two fists bumped into each other and made a loud cracking noise. Ming Tie’s fist was broken into pieces. Not just fist, but also his wrist and arm were crashed into pieces by Qingfeng Li’s fist.

In the same realm, Qingfeng Li’s Emperor level Attack was the best. Normal people would not be able to fight against him.

"Ahhhhh, my hand... and my arm!!!" Ming Tie screamed in grief. Those broken pieces of his arm and wrist made him suffer severely.

However, his scream stopped in the next second. Ming Tie watched his heart in disbelieve as Qingfeng Li’s fist kept on moving forward after breaking through his arm, and finally broke his heart into pieces.


Blood kept on flooding from Ming Tie’s mouth and he was horrified. He could feel his life being drained away quickly. He knew he was almost dead.

Tie Ming did not want to accept it. Anger, shock, regret, and all sorts of emotions interchanged on his face.

"Qingfeng Li, my father will revenge for me for sure..." Ming Tie’s said in bitterness and looked at Qingfeng Li resentfully. He fell down on the ground and died.

Wait what, our young sect master is dead?

The surrounding people in black were stunned and scared as if they were seeing ghosts. Young sect master was not only in the peak stage of Lower Heaven level, but was also an expert in Iron Fist Sect’s martial arts. Rock-Shattering Iron Fist was so invincible, but how did he got killed by Qingfeng Li in a punch?!

These pupils from the Iron Fist Sect did not believe that it was real. Yet, Ming Tie’s corpse laid right in front of them with hearts bleeding in broken pieces demonstrate that it was what really happened.

"Young sect master died! Run everyone!" One of the pupils dressed in black yelled and was ready to flee.

Even though Ming Tie was the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect and their leader, he got killed by the young man in one shot. They were no match for Ming Tie, and not to mention the young men standing right in front of them. They had to flee if they didn’t want to die.

"Run? Do you think you could get away?" Qingfeng Li laughed and flashed in front of them.

Crack, crack...

The sound of broken bones was everywhere. In a moment, the pupils’ arms were all broken


Qingfeng Li was not a murderer. His intention was to kill Ming Tie. It was unnecessary to kill everyone.

The sound of broken bones was so clear and the screaming echoed everywhere. These pupils screamed so loudly. All you could see in their eyes were terrified, terrified of Qingfeng Li.

They thought scattering would help them flee, but they did not expect Qingfeng Li’s speed to be so fast. He caught up with them right away and broke their arms by raising his arm.

"Bring Ming Tie’s corpse and get out of here. If you dare to step in here again, I will kill you all." Qingfeng Li said with malevolence in his tone.

The pupils could not care more about their body pain. They took Ming Tie’s corpse and ran away from Ice Snow Corporation.

Clap clap clap clap...

The employees of Ice Snow Corporation kept clapping when they saw these malicious people got beaten by Qingfeng Li. They looked at him with adore.

No matter where it was, a powerful individual would always have people’s respect.

Due to the damage of the gate and main floor lobby of Ice Snow Corporation, Ice Snow Corporation could not operate. Xue Lin gave all employee a one-day off.

Even though the company had a break, Xue Lin did not really rest. She contacted the construction company and started to repair the gate and main floor lobby.

Security department and logistic department were in charge of directing the construction company. Xue Lin drove Qingfeng Li and Alice back to the mansion.

After arriving the mansion, Xue Lin found out that there were no more groceries in the kitchen.

"Let me go get some groceries. You guys rest at home." Qingfeng Li offered after seeing Xue Li being so exhausted.

He knew that Xue Lin did not sleep well when he went away for two days. The company got robbed today as well and she must be tired.

"Okay, buy more groceries." Xue Lin said with her lips curved up.

Qingfeng Li nodded as he headed out with his wallet.

When Qingfeng Li passed by the door of the district, he was angered by an incident. More than ten thugs gathered in front of the convenience store beside the neighborhood and they were throwing things at the store. The owner of the store, Wanru Xu, was knocked down on the floor.

What the hell, it was this again. Qingfeng Li hated people bullying others. Ice Snow Corporation was destroyed by Ming Tie. After releasing his irritation just now, he saw the convenience store got smashed again.

If it was another supermarket that got destroyed, Qingfeng Li would not care since he was not nosy. The one by the district was different because he knew Wanru Xu. When he bought wine for his father-in-law last time, she did not charge him.

The head of the thugs was a young man. Qingfeng Li has heard of him before. His name was Ping Yang and he was Wanru Xu’s brother-in-law. Wanru Xu husband died from a car accident and she received one million as compensation. Ping Yang wanted to rob the money from her.

As of Ping Yang, Qingfeng Li did not like him at all. Ping Yang was a scumbag. Qingfeng thought he already learned a lesson from last time, but he came and bullied his sister-in-law again.

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