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A+ A- Chapter 677: Qingfeng's Rage

Hearing Ming Tie making her accompany him to dinner, a hint of disgust emerged in Xue Lin’s bright and beautiful eyes. She said coldly, "Go away."

"This beauty has personality, I like her. Seize this beautiful woman for me! I want her to come to dinner with me." Ming Tie’s face was full of arrogance. He smiled wildly, talking to the group of men in black around him. 

To put it bluntly, Ming Tie was like ‘Yanei Gao’, someone from the Song Dynasty who was protected by his powerful father and liked to plunder other people’s wives. Ming Tie was the same (TL: So basically a Qingfeng Li + a dad). He liked to plunder other’s wives and he had already done this many times and harmed many women.

Xue Lin was not only beautiful, also his enemy Qingfeng’s wife. If he snatched her, he could get revenge on Qingfeng, and, at the same time, satisfy his own desire with a beautiful woman’s body.

"President, what shall we do?" Seeing a group of men in black walking towards them like devils, fear appeared on Xiaoyue's pure face, her eyelashes shivering slightly.

She had never encountered such a situation, these people not only smashed their company, but also wanted to snatch people blatantly. These men didn’t even put them in their eyes and pay attention to the surroundings at all.

"Call the police." Xue smiled elegantly. She took out the cell phone and got ready to dial the number.

However, the speed of the men in black was faster. At the moment she took out her cell phone, a man came to her side quickly and slapped the phone away. After that, he stretched his hand to grab her by the arm.

This was what Qingfeng saw when he arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation. An unknown man in black was grabbing his wife.

Damn, daring to touch my wife? Do you not want to live?

Qingfeng’s face was full of anger. He stepped hard on ground, pushed his body up like a lightening bolt, and arrived in front of the man in black instantly.


Qingfeng pounded his fist directly into the chest of that man and broke his ribs. The man’s body inverted and fell heavily onto the ground. He passed out just like that.

Seeing that the man was punched away by Qingfeng’s fist, the surrounding men in black all changed their facial expressions, and shock flashed in their eyes.

They were the Iron Fist Sect disciples and their strengths were already at the Advanced realm. The young man in front was too horrible, his fist could instantly knock out someone at the initial stage of the Advanced realm.

"Honey, are you OK?" Looking at Xue’s slightly pale face, Qingfeng was concerned and asked her.

Xue’s delicate red lip opened slightly, apparently she had not regained her composure from the shock. How could her husband show up in front of her suddenly and punch that man in black away?

Xue rubbed her eyes with her white fingers and determined that she wasn’t dreaming. The young man in front of her was her husband, Qingfeng.

"Honey, you came back from Tiger Continent?" Xue asked excitedly and her face became bright red because of the excitement.

Qingfeng smiled lightly, he held Xue’s soft hands and said, "Yes, I missed you so I hurried back to see you after I finished my work over there." 

Hearing Qingfeng’s sweet words, Xue’s tender and beautiful face became more blushed, like a ripe red apple, glowing and exuding a tempting atmosphere. Qingfeng’s eyes bursted with hot flames. He really wanted to bite and taste her. 

Seeing Qingfeng show off his love with Xue, the beauty he was targeting, Ming’s face darkened and a touch of anger flashed in his eyes.

Disregard, this was blatant disregard. Qingfeng turned to completely ignore him and treated him like air. 

But Ming was the young sect master of the Iron Fist Sect. Not only was his status aloof, his strength was also extremely formidable. No matter where he went, he was respected by others. Now he was ignor

ed completely, and he was extremely angry.

"Qingfeng Li, you finally come out today. I will kill you." Looking at Qingfeng, Ming Tie said with his face turning cold and gloomy.

"Last time I knocked you out and left you with your life, yet you come asking for death now?" Qingfeng released Xue’s soft hands, turned around and asked him with an ice-cold face.

Qingfeng had found out that the Ice Snow Corporation had been smashed completely by Ming and his men. There was nothing left in one piece. This was his second home and he had deep feeling for it. So, when he saw his work home was destroyed like this, he was really mad.

Not only was his home destroyed, Hao Luo and some security guards were also seriously wounded. Seeing this scene, Qingfeng had already held in a lot of anger.

For Ming, Qingfeng knew clearly that he was at the late stage of the Lower Heaven level. The people of the Ice Snow Corporation were ordinary people; they were not his opponents at all.

For example, if Ming was an adult, the people of Snow and Ice Group were three-year-old children. How could three-year-old children be an adult’s opponents? This was obviously bullying.

"Qingfeng, I should tell you, I have broken through to the Peak stage of the Lower Heaven realm. My strength has reached 5000 kg. You want to kill me, I’m afraid that you don’t have the skills." Ming smiled coldly with murderous intention flashing through his eyes. 

The hatred between these two people was very strong, and the feud erupted completely this time.

"Is the peak stage of the Lower Heaven level very strong? It is just garbage in my eyes." Qingfeng also smiled coldly and looked at him with ridicule.

Qingfeng now was also at the peak stage of the Lower Heaven level and was invincible at this level. He could kill Ming easily without totem blood nor Flame Swordsmanship. He naturally didn’t take him seriously.

Poor Ming did not know Qingfeng’s real strength. He thought he had broken through and could kill Qingfeng, but actually he did not know anything.

"Qingfeng, today is the day of your death." Ming’s face was full of murderous intention; his foot stepped on the ground and he walked toward Qingfeng.

After Ming’s breakthrough to the peak stage, his strength became stronger and each of his steps left a hole on the ground. The marble floor beneath his feet looked like bean curd, that was trampled underfoot.

"Ha ha ha, Qingfeng Li is going to die. He even dares to fight with our young sect master." 

"You are right. Our young lord is at the Peak Stage of the Lower Heaven level, and is going to enter Higher Heaven level very soon. He is the first master of the younger generation of our Iron Fist Sect." 

 "Let’s bet, how do you think our young sect master will kill this Qingfeng Li?"

"That doesn’t need to be said, it is definitely a punch to blow open his heart. This is our young sect master’s favorite move." 

 The surrounding men in black were disciples of the Iron Fist Sect, they all knew how powerful Ming was and they all believed that Qingfeng would die. They started to talk to each other.

"Honey, this man is very powerful, you must be careful." Although Xue Lin didn’t know martial arts, she could also feel Ming’s strength. She whispered to remind him.

As for Hao Luo who was lying down far away bleeding from his mouth, he said loudly, "Brother Li, this man is very powerful, you must leave quickly."

Hao had seen Qingfeng fight before. He knew Brother Li was very powerful. He had no trouble beating up dozens of gangsters. But Ming was not a gangster, he was a master. Therefore Hao asked Qingfeng to leave quickly.

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