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A+ A- Chapter 676: Ice Snow Corporation Getting Smashed

Qingfeng had deep feelings towards Ice Snow Corporation. It was not only his wife's company; it was also his workplace and the first place he settled down at when he arrived at ES City.

If the mansion at Noble Palace was Qingfeng's first home, Ice Snow Corporation was Qingfeng's second home. He had deep feelings towards the company.

Qingfeng looked at the time and saw that it was noon. Xue Lin would be at work now so there was no point in returning home.

"King Kong, drive directly to Ice Snow Corporation," Qingfeng said.

For some reason, Qingfeng felt a strong sense of uneasiness. He innately felt as if something was about to happen to Ice Snow Corporation. His intuition was always very accurate.

"Yes, Grand Daddy Li," King Kong said with nod as he drove towards Ice Snow Corporation.

Outside of Ice Snow Corporation, a young man in black was leading a group of people. They were destroying the entrance of Ice Snow Corporation.

The young man in black was none other than the young lord of Iron Fist Sect, Ming Tie. He was furious that he was beaten to unconsciousness by Qingfeng and lost his Tendon-Strengthening Pill.

The Tendon-Strengthening Pill was a precious type of pill. It could be used to strengthen the muscles and tendons of the body.

Ming Tie brought some of the members of the Iron Fist Sect to seek revenge. He had been trying to find Qingfeng for the past two days. However, Qingfeng seemed to have disappeared; Ming Tie had searched high and low but could not find Qingfeng.

Even though Ming Tie could not find Qingfeng, he discovered Qingfeng's workplace so he led his men to destroy the entrance of Ice Snow Corporation in order to seek revenge against Qingfeng.

"What are you doing? How dare you smash the entrance of our company?" The Head of Security, Hao Luo, asked furiously when he arrived with a group of security guards.

These people were outrageous. How dared they smash the entrance of Ice Snow Corporation? Did they not know that Ice Snow Corporation was a large company of ES City and that it was the company of Brother Li's wife?

"Ask Qingfeng to come out," Ming Tie said coldly as he broke the glass door into two with a punch.

"Brother Li has some matters to attend to. He is not at work. Why are you looking for him?" Hao Luo asked with a tinge of anger as he furrowed his brows.

Ming Tie smiled coldly and said, "Since Qingfeng is not here, I will destroy his workplace and force him to appear."

Ming Tie waved his hand and directed the men behind him to smash the belongings of the company. The men were all strong fighters, they caused havoc with a few punches.

"Brothers, they dare to smash the belongings of our companies. Go beat them up," Hao Luo yelled as he led the security guards towards the men in black.

As the Head of the Security Department of Ice Snow Corporation, Hao Luo's responsibility was to protect the belongings of the company.

However, Hao Luo underestimated the strength of the men in black. The men that Ming Tie brought over were all Lower-Heaven tier fighters whereas the security guards were ordinary people. Naturally, the security guards were not a match for the men in black.

bang bang bang bang

Within a few moments, Hao Luo and the dozen security guards were beaten to the grounds. Some had broken arms while others had broken legs. Some security guards even had teeth knocked out of their mouths. Everyone moaned on the ground in pain.

The security guards looked at the men in black with fear in their eyes. These people were too strong! They had knocked them away and broke their bones with a single punch.

Hao Luo's arm and ribs was also broken. He had led the security guards so he suffered the heaviest injuries. Hao Luo had to admit that the men in black were the strongest opponents he has ever met. Perhaps only Brother Li could defeat them.

"How dare a bu

nch of weaklings try and stop us. Continue to smash this place!" Ming Tie spat on Hao Luo and the security guards before he asked his subordinates to continue destroying the office.

Ming Tie's goal today was very clear. He wanted to completely turn Qingfeng's workplace into a wasteyard.

Xue Lin was working in the CEO office when she heard the commotion from downstairs. She stood up and walked to the window side. When she looked down, she saw that the entrance of the company and the hall of the company were smashed by a bunch of people.

At this moment, the office of her office was pushed open. Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang walked in hurriedly and said, "President, we are in trouble. A bunch of men in black are smashing the office."

This was the first time Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang were faced with such a situation. They were ordinary women so they were extremely scared.

Xue Lin had worked at Ice Snow Corportion for a long time but it was her first time faced with such a situation. Even though she did not know the identity of these people, she knew that she had to stop them or the company would be destroyed.

"Come, let us go out," Xue Lin placed the document on the table and led the two out of the office.

Xue Lin's charming face was filled with rage when she arrived at the hall on the first floor. The entrance to the company was completely smashed. The vase smashed to pieces and there were dents on the ground. The reputation of the company was tarnished.

Not too far away, some employees of other companies were observing the commotion and discussing animatedly.

Xue Lin was furious. She knew that the reputation of the company would be destroyed if the situation was not resolved well today.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Xue Lin said with a cold smile. She needed to understand the situation first before deicing how to act.

What a beautiful woman!

Ming Tie's eyes became heated when he saw Xue Lin's beautiful face, silky white skin, charming eyes, cherry lips and seductive body.

As the young lord of the Iron Fist Sect, Ming Tie has seen many women. However, he has never seen a woman as beautiful as Xue Lin. Men loved beautiful women, Ming Tie was no exception.

"Beauty, what is your relationship to Qingfeng?" Ming Tie asked.

"I am his wife, Xue Lin. Let me ask again, why are you smashing my company," Xue Lin asked with displeasure. The man's heated glance made her very uncomfortable.

Qingfeng's wife?

Ming Tie furrowed his brows. He did not expec the beauty to be Qingfeng's wife. She was too beautiful.

Ming Tie could not find Qingfeng so he directed all of his rage on Qingfeng's workplace. He began to think of perverted ideas when he saw that Qingfeng's wife was so beautiful.

"Beauty, I am enemies with Qingfeng. Naturally, I have to destroy his workplace. If you want me to stop, you only need to have a meal with me," Ming Tie said with a heated gaze as he looked at Xue Lin's charming face.

At the moment, Ming Tie was completely charmed by Xue Lin. He only wanted to obtain the beauty in front of him.

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