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A+ A- Chapter 665: Yoshichiro Izu's Murderous Intent

Yoshichiro Izu's face turned red and his heart started racing as he started thinking that the Wolf King who overran the under world would be killed by him shortly.

As Qingfeng Li's enemy, the biggest dream that Yoshichiro Izu had was to kill him.

Qingfeng Li was from Huaxia and therefore, he never got along with the people from the Pacific Island. He used to have battles with them when he was executing missions.

Seeing Yoshichiro Izu blocking the way, Bernard gave his command to the dozens of bodyguards in the cars behind, "You guys go kill this guy!"

All the bodyguards got out of the cars and walked up to Yoshichiro Izu. They were all tall and big, with strong-built figures and extraordinary skills, which made them perfectly qualified as bodyguards.

"You are playing with fire." Yoshichiro Izu showed a cold smile. He waved his long sword suddenly, and spun his body through all the bodyguards and then went back to where he was.

Plop Plop Plop …...

The dozens of bodyguards all fell to the ground. Their necks were bisected by red sword cuts, from which blood erupted. The ground was dyed red by the blood immediately. All the bodyguards' necks were cut by Yoshichiro Izu within only three seconds.

Bernard's face dropped when he saw all his bodyguards died. Yoshichiro Izu was indeed powerful, as Bernard's bodyguards were all special troops. It was terrifying that Yoshichiro Izu was able to kill so many special troops within three seconds, and only by cutting their necks.

Bernard had seen many masters before, but none of them was as devastating as Yoshichiro Izu, who was this heartless, treating human life like sh*t.

"Miss Alice, what should we do now?" having a dreadfully pale face, Bernard's voice cracked as he asked.

Witnessing his own bodyguards being killed by Yoshichiro Izu in three seconds really put Bernard in a panic. He was only a business tycoon who knew nothing about fighting at all. He would probably be killed by the sword's momentum before he even got close to Yoshichiro Izu.

Alice's palms were sweaty too, since she was just an SS-Level master. She could dig up any information with great ease, but to deal with Yoshichiro Izu, she was way too weak.

Seeing Qingfeng Li was still in a coma, determination appeared in Alice's enchanting eyes. She couldn't let anything happen to Wolf King even it would mean death to her.

When Alice was about to open the car door and get out, a man dressed in Thai styled clothes showed up in front of the car.

On the charming face of this man, there was a tall and straight nose and dark eyebrows. He was a bit chubby, but that didn't affect his flexibility. He showed up in front of the car like wind without anyone noticing.

This young man in front was nobody else but Shiwei Guo, the Boxing King from Thailand, the super master who could knock over a car with one punch.

"What do you mean by this, Shiewei Guo?" Yoshichiro Izu asked, his face downcast.

Yoshichiro Izu was at the peak stage of the Lower Heaven realm and the second place of the Lower Heaven Ranking. Therefore he was more powerful than Yoshichiro Izu. Although Yoshichiro raised his question, he didn't dare to start the fight.

"The Wolf King is my friend, so you can get the f*ck out now." Shiwei Guo slightly raised his eyebrow and said in a low but arrogant voice. He didn't even take Yoshichiro Izu seriously.

"Shiwei Guo, I am from the Sword King League of Pacific Island. Are you sure you want to stop me?" Yoshichiro Izu's face darkened. Apparently, being yelled at by another person pisses him off.

The Sword King League had fearful influence in Pacific Island, it was well-known even in the Dragon Continent. There were seven sword masters in total, but Yoshichiro Izu was only at the seventh place. The masters ranked ahead of him were even more incredible. Gor example, Yoshichiro Izu's sixth Senior Brother was a hi

gher heaven level sword master.

Yoshichiro Izu knew he wasn't Shiwei Guo's opponent, so he used the Sword King League to threaten Shiwei Guo away.

"F*ck off, what about the Sword King League. I'll beat the sh*t out of you if you don't stop bullsh*tting." Shiwei Guo slightly tightened his fist. It gave out some indigo radiance which contained unimaginable power.


Shiwei Guo was just tightening his fist, and a crack had already appeared on the ground even before he started attacking. This was exactly how formidable the peak of the lower heaven level was.

Yoshichiro Izu was frightened as the crack on the ground appeared. Astonishment flickered in his eyes. He knew that he would definitely get blown up if Shiwei Guo punched him.

"Shiwei Guo, you dare to stop me? Just wait, and my Sword King League won't let you go easily." Yoshichiro Izu left after spitting out a few tough words.

"Boxing King, thank you," Alice gave a charming smile and expressed her appreciation.

Alice understood that Qingfeng Li would have been in danger if the Boxing King Shiwei Guo didn't show up today.

Shiwei Guo waved his hands and said with a smile, "Don't worry. I've had drinks with the Wolf King before, so I should help my friend."

"Regardless, our Wolf Fang team owes you one."

"Alice, actually there is another person you should thank. Michael De Santa."

"Boxing King, why should we thank him?"

"Alice, as soon as you guys left the gate, the master of the Russian Assassin school, Duluth, had noticed that the Wolf King was weak and was about follow you to kill him. It was Michael De Santa that stopped him secretly." Shiwei Guo explained, "They are all higher heaven level masters so normal people wouldn't have sensed anything even if they gave out their murderous intention."

Alice nodded, and said, "Boxing King, please bring my appreciation to Michael De Santa. The Wolf Fang team also owes him."

"I'll stay here to stop anyone who harbors bad intentions towards the Wolf King. You guys better leave now. The longer you stay, the more dangerous it gets." Shiwei Guo frowned and said.

Just a moment ago, Shiwei Guo had sensed many strong forces coming towards here, and among them, there was also one from a higher heaven level realm master.

Alice knew about the seriousness of the situation too, so she nodded and said, "We are leaving now, you take care."

Finished talking, Alice asked Bernard to get the car and drove the fainted Qingfeng Li towards his wine manor.

Half an hour later, the Rolls-Royce arrived at the Bernard Wine Manor successfully. Alice carried Qingfeng Li to a room in the manor and laid him down on the bed.

"Miss Alice, do you know when the Wolf King Highness will wake up?" Bernard asked in a nervous voice.

Although Bernard went back to his wine manor, there were many people outside spying on them. The powerful aura coming out of them indicated their evil intentions, which made Bernard panic.

Obviously, Alice noticed the shadows outside as well, she locked her eyebrows and answered, "he fainted because he was exhausted, so he will probably wake up soon."

Qingfeng Li was in a coma at the moment, but many changes were going on in his body. No, it couldn't be called changes, they were sharp metamorphoses. The bloodline power was evolving in his body, and the scarce Wolf King blood was increasing.

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