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Chapter 664: Totem Bloodline

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"What does a Devourer Bloodline mean?" frowning, Qingfeng Li raised his doubts.

The totem bloodline had been with Qingfeng Li since he was born. However, it was only activated three years ago. He overran the entire Wolf Continent and became Wolf King with the help of this totem bloodline.

"Huh, you didn't even know about Devourer Bloodline? It is one of the most formidable bloodlines which can engulf any other bloodline power in the world." Jihoon Park smiled grimly. Having his black ox bloodline entirely taken by wolf King bloodline, he knew he had lost and can't ever fight back. Therefore he felt a bit desperate.

"Okay, you can die now." Qingfeng Li sneered. A Wolf Bloodline Phantom appeared as he threw out his right fist. The punch landed hard on Jihoon Park's body, and the area around him instantly exploded into a vortex.


Jihoon Park's body vaporized suddenly, turning into pieces in the air and leaving nothing behind.

Jihoon Park, the King of Taekwondo, is dead. (TL: I understand, this author's so patriotic that I'm kinda embarrassed. But hey, think of it this way, the MC already killed off a lot of characters in China, it's only fair if he gets to beat someone else up before the Chinese go extinct.) 

"Wolf King, Wolf King, Wolf King ..."

The King Battle Arena didn't remain silent this time. Instead, it was an ear-drum splitting roar as everyone was yelling the Wolf King's name.

The Wolf King was so formidable, so terrifying, and so fierce. He blew apart Jihoon Park with one punch, which won the admirations of all the younger spectators.

"Congratulations, Wolf King, you defeated Jihoon Park, and you are now ranked third place in the Lower Heaven Ranking." Catherine walked up to Qingfeng Li, joy flushing on her charming face. The surprise of beating two kings in a row that the Wolf King gave to her was so big that it went beyond her expectations.

Qingfeng Li replied with a faint smile and said, "Catherine, you seem excited about seeing Jihoon Park dead."

"Yeah. I just hate that guy." Catherine answered in a low voice, seeming carefree.

"By the way, Wolf King, our Cardinal-bishop, Lord Albron, of the Holy Sea would like to see you tonight." Catherine whispered, her voice was so low that only the two of them could hear.


Qingfeng Li frowned, astonishment flickering in his eyes. The Holy Sea had the biggest influence in the Tiger Continent. The power they possessed was like an iceberg hiding underneath, which could be extremely terrifying.

Speaking of Albron, he was the Cardinal-bishop of the Holy Sea, one of the three cardinals only below the Pope, and having enormous influence in the Tiger Continent.

Although Qingfeng Li had never seen Albron himself, he had heard of his name before as he was a major force among all the forces in France.

Did Catherine have anything to do with the Cardinal? Otherwise, how could she become the stewardess of the battle arena in the underworld?

Qingfeng Li muttered to himself for a second, and nodded, "Sure, I'll go see Albron tonight."

Finished talking, Qingfeng Li walked off the battle stage. The people around all stepped back to make way for Qingfeng Li, while staring at him with their eyes full of admiration.

Apparently, there were some creepy looks directed at Qingfeng Li in addition to admired looks, which were from Duluth, the Master of the Assassin School in Russia, as well as Yoshichiro Izu, the seventh king of swordsmanship of the Pacific Island.

Whether was looks of admiration or hostil

ity, Qingfeng Li didn't care about them. He turned around and walked towards Alice.

"Alice, I have defeated Jihoon Park. No one will molest you from now on." Qingfeng Li said with a smile while touching Alice's blonde hair.

"Thank you." Alice's look in her eyes showed how touched she was, as she could see the pain Qingfeng Li had gone through. In order to avenge her, Qingfeng Li continued using his totem bloodline, which had already hurt him in return.

The time for the totem bloodline's effects was over so what came next was its after-effects. Qingfeng Li bit the tip of his tongue in order not to faint, as he knew once he lost consciousness, the enemies around, such as Duluth, Yoshichiro Izu, would come up to kill him.

"Bernard, let's go to your wine manor right now." Qingfeng Li asked in a low voice, his palms starting to sweat.

Bernard also noticed the situation was getting serious, so he brought Qingfeng Li to walk out with Alice.

Many people were waiting to get the Wolf King's autograph in the king battle arena. However they were turned down by Alice instantly.

As Qingfeng Li got out of the king battle arena, sweat already covered his forehead and back. His entire body was drenched in sweat.

"Your Highness Wolf King, please hold on a bit longer, the Rolls-Royce is ahead." Bernard and Alice were helping Qingfeng Li towards the car.

Qingfeng Li laid his head aside and fainted as soon as he got inside the car.

Qingfeng Li had defeated the Gator King and the King of Taekwondo in the battle arena just now. Overall, his totem bloodline had evolved into the fourth level and, at the same time, the after-effects also burst out immediately, which was more fierce than before, as he lost his consciousness immediately.

"Bernard, drive the car away now, don't park it here." Alice pulled Qingfeng Li into her arms and said to Bernard.

Alice knew that Wolf King had many enemies among the masters around the world who wanted to kill him. Bernard's bodyguards and her wouldn't be able to defend him once they figured out that the Wolf King fainted.

Bernard was smart. Obviously he knew the seriousness, so he started his car instantly and drove towards his manor.

However, the car was still stopped by a young man half way there. The young man was dressed in a kimono, standing quietly on the road with a long sword in his hand.

"The seventh king of swordsmanship of Pacific Island, Yoshichiro Izu?" the look on Alice's face changed dramatically as she saw the young man in the kimono standing in the middle of the road. What scared her the most hhas finally occurred. This man from the Pacific Island had intercepted them by blocking off the road.

It was undeniable that Yoshichiro Izu was very smart, as he had already noticed that Qingfeng Li wasn't in a good condition when they were in the battle arena. He figured out it was the sequela of using the totem bloodline. However, Yoshichiro Izu didn't kill Wolf King there, since Catherine was there too. It was obvious that this steward of the under world had a great relationship with the Wolf King.

Instead, Yoshichiro Izu chose to hide first. After following Alice and others, he found that the Wolf King fainted like he expected and thus, he was able to stop them once they left the battle arena.

"Yoshichiro Izu, what do you want?" Alice's face was downcast, and she asked angrily.

"What else could it be? Obviously its to kill the Wolf King. We are enemies." Yoshichiro Izu showed a creepy smile, his words revealed a seriously murderous intention.

There was no time like the present. This was the perfect timing. Yoshichiro Izu felt that even god was trying to help him, as the Gator King and the King of Taekwondo were already eliminated by Qingfeng.

"Huh, the Wolf King is peerless among the masters of the entire world. Even the Gator King was blown up with only one strike. You wanna be next?" Alice said coldly.

"Dear Miss Alice, stop bullshitting me. I can see with my own eyes that the Wolf King fainted in the car. Actually, I know about the sequela of using totem bloodline. Today is his date of death." Yoshichiro Izu said excitedly, with his eyes bloody red and face full of excitement.

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