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"Wolf King, don't be too arrogant even if you killed the Gator King. I am way more powerful than him." Jihoon Park had a creepy smile, and a chilly light flashed in his eyes.

As the King of Taekwondo, Jihoon Park was the third-ranked master of the Lower Heaven Ranking, who possessed formidable powers.

"Less trash talk, come up and battle with me if you have balls. Otherwise just f*ck off. And your apprentice flirted with Alice, so break whichever arm he used and send it over to me." Qingfeng Li said arrogantly while staring at Jihoon Park coldly.

Qingfeng Li used to be easy-going but that was merely because his bottom line wasn't touched. If so, then a fight was his only reaction. Apparently, Jihoon Park and his apprentice had gone beyond Qingfeng Li's bottom line. They were looking for trouble sincce they dared to touch the Wolf King's woman.

"Wolf King, take back your arrogance and I'll teach you a lesson today," the look on Jihoon Park's face turned cloudy. He stepped hard on the ground, and his body bounced into the air. The next second, he was on the battle stage.

"Are you two sure that you want to battle, no matter if the result would be death or survival?" staring at the two people on the stage, Catherine asked.

Both Qingfeng Li and Jihoon Park nodded. The conflict between them was due to Alice, but neither of them would give in. Only fists could solve the problem.

"This is not fair," Alice yelled under the stage all of a sudden.

Catherine opened her red lips and asked, "Miss Alice, why isn't this unfair?"

"Wolf King just finished the battle with Gator King. His body now is too exhausted to have another battle with Jihoon Park." Alice explained, as she had already noticed that Qingfeng Li's face was quite pale, which was the sequela of using the totem bloodline.

Catherine frowned after hearing Alice's explanation. She got along well with the Wolf King and thus she didn't want him to battle with Jihoon Park when he was exhausted.

"Wolf King, if you are too scared to have the battle, then give me Alice." Jihoon Park said suddenly, his tone laced with provocation.

"Jihoon Park, save your crap. Come have the battle. I'll beat you within five minutes." Qingfeng Li gave a faint smile, his face covered with aggressiveness.

His Totem bloodline could only hold onto five minutes at the first level of evolvement, ten minutes at the second level and fifteen minutes at the third level.

Qingfeng Li's Wolf King Bloodline had evolved into the third level, which gave him fifteen minutes. However, he had used ten minutes earlier and thus he was left with only five minutes.

Qingfeng Li was still confident in defeating Jihoon Park even though he only had five minutes.

"Wolf King, defeat me in five minutes? Don't underestimate me or I'll beat the shit out of you." Jihoon Park's provocation didn't work on Qingfeng Li, but he was infuriated by Qingfeng Li.

There were two kinds of attack in taekwondo, one was the punch and the other was the kick.

Jihoon Park stepped forward and stomped a deep hole into the titanium plate. More holes showed up on the stage with every step he made. There were dozens of holes on the stage as he walked up to Qingfeng Li, which was extremely terrifying.


Jihoon Park's right leg sprung out abruptly like a flash, aimed at Qingfeng Li center of mass. The kick was so hard that it struck through five circinate holes in the air with its spiraling momentum.

This was called the Spiral Kick, which was one of the hardest techniques to practice in taekwondo. It was extremely difficult for normal people to make five spirals with one kick.

The Spiral Kick was so powerful that even trees, rocks and steel plates could be easily destroyed by its force.

Qingfeng did not dare to undermine his opponent's capability, as no one could be normal if he was on the Lower Heaven Ranking.

In response to Jihoon Park's kick, Qingfeng Li gave a kick in return. Both their legs met up in the air and exploded the air around immediately, leaving a vortex that pushed them apart.

Qingfeng Li felt numb on his leg. Apparently Jihoon Park's taekwondo kick hurt his muscles. He had to admit that, as the King of Taekwondo, Jihoon Park was at least skilled in kicks.

Luckily, Qingfeng Li broke through to the peak stage of Lower Heaven state, otherwise he might not be able to be Jihoon Park's opponent.


Qingfeng Li gave out a wolf howling, the wolf head totem appeared on his chest again. His eyes and skin all over his body turned from ruddy to bloody red, as if he was a lobster coming out of a volcano.

"Wolf King, you think you are the only one with totem bloodline? I got that too." Jihoon Park laughed proudly, and chill flickered in his eyes.


Jihoon Park groaned, and a black ox totem showed up on his chest. The bloodline power of Jihoon Park was surprisingly a black ox.

The Black ox was famous for its extreme power, and the unlimited power of Jihoon Park was exactly from this black ox.

Although Qingfeng Li was bloody red all over, his mind was still clear. He was shocked from seeing the Black Ox Bloodline Totem. No wonder Jihoon Park had the guts to battle with Qingfeng Li, as he had already awakened his bloodline power.

It couldn't be denied that anyone who was able to be one of the top masters on the Warriors List would have their bloodline awakened and were also martial warriors. Not anyone could be on this list easily.

"Black Ox Kick." Jihoon Park kicked out his right leg abruptly. Vital essence was condensed at his leg through the flesh of his body, leaving a black ox phantom forming around his leg. The phantom then drove the kick towards Qingfeng Li's body with a terrifying force.

The kick was so vigorous that it could break through trees or steel plates, it was able to break a person's ribs if it landed on his body.

"Blood Wolf Fist." feeling the fierceness of the Black Ox Kick, Qingfeng Li punched all of a sudden as his right fist swept in a curve. On the fist, there appeared a wolf king phantom with its head, neck, back and abdomen.



As the Wolf King Bloodline condensed from vital essence and collided with the Black Ox, they started biting each other. The bloodline power seemed to be enemies since birth; only the death of one could stop the battle.

The Black ox phantom kicked the wolf king phantom to the point of shivering, while the wolf king phantom tore at the neck of the black ox in return, starting to swallowing its vital essence.

The Black ox was formed through condensing bloodline by vital essence, and thus it was only a lump of vital essence body instead of a real black ox. The Black Ox was bitten by Wolf King on the neck and its energy was swallowed, and the entire black ox phantom was devoured in the blink of an eye.

The Wolf King Totem began evolving as soon as it swallowed the Black Ox's bloodline. The appearance of its arms and legs indicated that it had reached the fourth level.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng Li's Wolf King Totem showed up everything except for its tail.


Jihoon Park opened his mouth and coughed a big pile of blood, and his face turned pale immediately. His body was associated with the totem bloodline, once the totem bloodline disappeared, his body would be damaged as well.

"Devourer bloodline? Your wolf king totem is part of a devourer bloodline?" Jihoon Park's face was dreadfully pale and his eyes were filled with fear, as if he had just witnessed something unbelievable.

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