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"Third punch." Qingfeng Li furiously roared and suddenly swung his Blood Wolf Fist carrying terrifying power right at the Gator King's head.


Gator King's head was blown apart instantly. He was punched to death in one shot! His body fell on the ground and blood covered the entire combat field .


Deadly silence.

The entire King Combat Field dropped into silence. All the people spectating were staring at Qingfeng Li, shocked with their mouths so widely opened that even an entire egg could be fit in.

There were screams after the dead silence, as all the crowd started going crazy.

"What? The Gator King's head was blown up!"

"That was the king for the last fifteen years! The Gator King who ruled the entire Tiger Continent from behind the scene."

"The danger from the forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain didn't faze him, but the Wolf King ended his life!"

"Wolf King is so amazing! He is definitely the idol of our younger generation."

The young people in the King Battle Arena were all staring at Qingfeng Li with admiration, sparks jumping out of their eyes.

Some people admired Qingfeng Li but there were also people who hated him. The old masters and people who bet on the Gator King were resentful as the death of Gator King meant the loss of all of their money.

"The Wolf King is indeed powerful. We bet ten billion, and it would have been a hundred billion after the ten times turnover." Bernard said with great excitement under the combat field.

Alice's charming cheeks turned pink as she was excited too. What made her excited wasn't how much money they made, but the fact that Qingfeng Li won.

After Qingfeng Li won, the looks on the masters from all over the world changed. Some were glad, some were shocked and the rest were mad and unwilling.

It was an undeniable fact that Qingfeng Li was the winner, disregarding the admiration or resentfulness from others.

"Congratulations Wolf King, you defeated the Gator King." Catherine gave a charming smile and walked up to Qingfeng Li in a black dress.

"Thank you for opreparing the field. Actually, I hoped that there would have been more people like the Gator King trying to seek trouble with me." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

Catherine rolled her eyes hearing Qingfeng Li's words. People usually were afraid that the kings would come look for trouble, but on the contrary, Qingfeng was hoping to get into trouble with them.

What Catherine didn't know was that blowing up the Gator King wasn't a big deal. It was swallowing the Gator King's bloodline totem that mattered. His Wolf King Totem had evolved to the third level due to that and his power was able to hit the peak level of lower heaven, which made him even closer to the higher heaven level. Therefore, he was glad that he came to fight.

"Wolf King, you just defeated the Gator King, now you are in fourth place of the 'Lower Heaven Ranking'," Catherine smiled and said.

Lower Heaven Ranking, what was that?

Qingfeng Li was completely confused since he had never heard about that Ranking system.

Seeing Qingfeng Li's confused look, Catherine kept going, "Have you heard about the Master Ranking?"

"Obviously I know about Master Ranking, which is a list of all the masters all over the world," Qingfeng Li nodded indicating that he knew what that list was.

Catherine continued her explanation, "the Master Ranking is also known as the Warrior Ranking which is composed of three lists, the Lower-Heaven Ranking, the Higher-Heaven Ranking and the Grand Master Ranking. Each list takes the top hundred candidates from around the world and ranks them by strength at that specific level. Gator Kung was the fourth ranked master on the Lower Heaven Ranking. You just defeated him so naturally you replaced his spot."

Qingfeng Li's look on his face changed after hearing Catherine's words, astonishment flickering in his eyes.

It was known that the Gator King was at the peak stage of the lower heaven stage and even possessed the Gator Totem Bloodline, but he was still only at the fourth place. How formidable was the third place master?

Could it be that if the top three masters on the Lower Heaven Ranking all had totem bloodlines? The possibility of that triggered Qingfeng Li's excitement, as he would be able to improve his strength by leaps and bounds by defeating the top three masters and swallowing their bloodlines. It was even likely that he could break through to the higher heaven level realm.

"Catherine, who are the top three masters?" Qingfeng Li asked.

He understood that Catherine was the main steward of the worldwide dark battle arena, who was in charge of all the dark forces over the world. Therefore, she knew the people on the list without doubt.

"The first place of the Lower Heaven Ranking is Black Impermanence from Ghost King Palace. The second is Yoshichiro Izu who was the seventh king of swordsmanship from Pacific Island. Lastly, the Third is Jihoon Park, the King of Taekwondo from Korea."


Qingfeng Li had some doubts and asked, "Those three are the top three of the Lower Heaven Ranking. How about the top master Michael Desanta from the Eagle Continent, Deroth, the grandmaster of the Assassin school in Russia, and Shiwei Guo, the boxing king from Thailand?"

"Wolf King, all three of them are masters on the Higher Heaven Ranking, not the Lower Heaven Ranking. They have all already reached the higher heaven level realm." Catherine answered.

Qingfeng Li was shocked at the fact that they were Higher Heaven level masters. They hid themselves well. He wouldn't know if Catherine didn't tell him.

"Thank you." Qingfeng Li thanked her, turned around and walked towards the battle stage.

"Wait." a faint voice arose suddenly.

Qingfeng Li frowned as hearing the voice, he scanned widely and found out that the voice was actually from the King of Taekwondo, Jihoon Park.

Jihoon Park was a middle-aged man with a strong figure. His muscles were all tightly built and emitting a powerful aura. He was Asian, and therefore had yellow skin and black hair and eyes.

Qingfeng Li and Jihoon Park didn't get along with each other well even though they were both Asians. They had even ran into some conflicts before. Not a while ago, the Wolf Fang team had just had a conflict with Jihoon Park.

"What's up, Jihoon." frowning, Qingfeng Li asked. He didn't have any good impression of him, and thus, he called him directly by his name.

Jihoon Park twisted his eyebrows. Apparently, he was quite unhappy as Qingfeng Li calling him by his given name. He was the third master of the Lower Heaven Ranking, while this Wolf King didn't even have a respectful title.

"Wolf King, I hope that you can give me Alice as she broke my apprentice's leg." Jihoon Park pointed at Alice, his voice revealing arrogance even though he attempted to hide it.

Last month, Jihoon Park's apprentice met the Wolf Fang team and flirted with Alice but ended up having his leg broken by her. As a result, Jihoon Park had been looking for Alice ever since in order to get revenge for his favorite apprentice. Now that he found Alice, he wouldn't miss the chance for revenge. However, he had to ask Qingfeng Li first since she was his subordinate.

Qingfeng Li took a look at Alice then Jihoon Park, a raging flame was surging in his heart.

Alice wasn't only a member of Wolf Fang team, but also Qingfeng Li's woman. Alice had told him about being hit on by Jihoon Park's apprentice last month.

What the f*ck? Jihoon Park picked on Qingfeng Li even before he made any moves. Asking for a woman in front of the masters in the arena, this was basically looking down on him!

"Who the f*ck you think you are, Jihoon Park! Asking me to give you Alice? How dare you, an unknown King of Taekwondo, threaten me! Fight with me if you have balls, I'll beat the shit out of you!" Qingfeng Li sneered and said aggressively.

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