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"Gator King, forgot to tell you that everyone who has been challenged by me in the past has died. You should be honored. You are my 700th prey." Qingfeng Li said casually, with a hint of arrogance.

Kings cannot be humiliated. As a king, Qingfeng Li had his own pride.

Gator King stood up, pointing his finger at Qingfeng Li, murderously said, "Ha ha ha. Wolf King, you are arrogant. You won’t be so arrogant later when you end up dead."

Gator King was tall, and has white skin, eyes blue, yellow hair. This is a typical feature from Tiger Continent inhabitant. His whole body was full of strong muscles, without a trace of fat. He looked like a giant when he standed up, giving out an overwhelming aura.

"If you want to die, I will help you out." Qingfeng Li smiled. He stomp his right foot, and his body soared. He leaped five-meter-high into the dueling arena.


Sawing Qingfeng Li in the duel arena, the crocodile revealed his white fangs. Qingfeng Li’s roar made him felt like his own territory had been invaded.

The animal crocodile had been tamed by Gator King. He was loyal like a dog. When the owner had been provoked, it was the same as provoking the crocodile.

King Battle Arena’s referee was the general manager Catherine. She shown up in the duel arena quietly watching them.

Do not underestimate Cather just because she is woman. She became the general manager of King Battle Arena not only due to her background and appearance, but her powerful strength as well. Catherine is a Martial Warrior. The Western Martial Warriors are similar to the East Ancient Martial artist, very powerful.

"Catherine, I am here to challenge the Gator King, not this crocodile, does this duel allow animals?" said Qingfeng Li as he smiled casually.

Catherine nodded and said, "In the arena, we don’t care if you die; if you bring weapons; if you bring animals except guns. You can bring any weapon or animal."

Qingfeng Li nodded his head, but he felt a little depressed. If he knew this, he would’ve came with Ziyi Miao. Ziyi Miao’s strength is not at King’s level, but still very powerful.


Taking advantage of Qingfeng Li talking to Catherine, the crocodile uttered a second roar. It actually climbed quickly on to the arena and rushed toward Qingfeng Li.

"Wolf King, let my pet fight with you to see if you have what it takes to fight me, if the crocodile killed you, then that you are a waste of my time. I do not have even have to move." Gator King glanced at Qingfeng Li, proudly said.

Hearing Gator King's words, the people around got confused. This Gator King was really despicable, using an animal to fight Qingfeng Li. This was like treating Qingfeng Li liked an animal, asking him to fight an animal.

Everyone looked to Qingfeng Li to see how he reacts. After all, Qingfeng Li challenged Gator King, and now Gator King lets a crocodile fight.

Even Catherine had a slight change on her face. She did not think Gator King would insult Wolf King with his crocodile.

F*ck you. You dared let a simple crocodile duel me. Qing Feng Li face darkened. His eyes burned with a strong murderous intent.

"A beast like this can be easily killed with just one punch." said Qingfeng Li when he looked at the crocodile arrogantly.

Just one punch?

The people around opened their mouth in disbelief. Come on. This was a f*cking crocodile. He was the top predators in the animal kingdom. This was not a dog or a cat. You think you can kill it with just one punch?

The people around didn’t believe him. Furthermore, Gator King himself didn’t believe him. The skin and scale of a crocodile was very thick like an armor. Even the sharp Long Sword may not be able to pierce the crocodile skin, not to mention just a fist.


Crocodile uttered a roar, opening his giant bloody mouth. When he opened his mouth, it was larger than a sink. You can see a lot of sharp fangs as he fiercely plunges at Qingfeng Li.

Crocodile’s bite force is extremely powerful. Once bite, it will easily break the prey’s body, even snapping it in half. It broken into two halves.

"You vile beast, prepare to die." Qingfeng Li shouted, his body began to gather energy. He condensed his energy into his fist. His fist smashed the air, creating a strong current. It smashed into the head of the crocodile fiercely.

The fist was so fast it was like lightning. It fiercely smashed the crocodile's head.


After a loud noise, the crocodile’s skin, flesh and blood was flying everywhere. The skull instantly burst, the crocodile head was directly exploded. The huge crocodile’s body fell to the ground, twitching twice and then died.

One punch, and it killed the top predator in the animal kingdom.

"What the heck, so violent, he used one punch and killed the crocodile."

"Really exciting. This is the most violent scene I've seen at King Battle Arena."

"Wolf King is amazing, with just one punch he killed the crocodile. I dare say that his strength is beyond the level of a King"

"Yes, Wolf King must be beyond a king, otherwise it would not be so powerful."

People around are talking non-stop, their eyes are full of shock. They are all strong. All of them were Kings who can naturally see the power behind this punch. It was beyond the level of a king.

"Martial Warrior, Wolf King Highness are you a Martial Warrior now?" Catherine's face changed. His eyes flashed a touch of surprise.

When Catherine met Qingfeng Li a year ago, Qingfeng Li was still only the top of the SSS class. She did not expect him to grow so much in just one year. Qingfeng Li became a Martial Warriors during this time.

Catherine was a Martial Warriors of the Western world herself. With her abilities, she can feel the power of Qingfeng Li’s punch. The force behind the punch wasat least 4000 kg. That is to say, Qingfeng Li is a late stage Lower-Heaven level Martial Warrior for at least one year.

Within one year, Wolf King was able to transcend to this level. He really is a genius, Catherine secretly thought.

However, Catherine did not know that Qingfeng Li had only reached Martial Warriors for a month. He was able to reach the level of one year in just one month. If Catherine knew this, she would’ve fainted for sure. This was not the actions of genius, but a demon.

Gator King's face darkened and said in a cold voice "Wolf King, how dare you kill my pet?" seeing his crocodile's tragic death.

Although this was only a pet crocodile, it was Gator King's animal, his tamed pet. As the saying goes, even if you hit a pet you should respect the owner. Qingfeng Li punched the crocodile. It was clear that Gator King is nothing in his eyes.

"I told you, a vile beast just needs one punch." Qingfeng Li proudly smiled and said. His tone was full of arrogance.

"Very well, Wolf King, you've angered me and today I'm going to blast you like the crocodile." Gator King smiled and said coldly. His voice was so cold that it sent shivers down your bone. You could not help but shuddered.

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