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Chapter 651: The Powerful Ming Tie

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"Qingfeng Li, you hit the men of the Iron Fist Sect. Now I'll give you a chance to break your hands by yourself, and kneel down to apologize." Slightly raising his head, the young man said arrogantly with a faint smile.

Kneel down to apologize?

Qingfeng Li frowned, with a flash of cold light in his eyes, "Your men of the Iron Fist Sect all like kneeling down? In that case, I'd like to say, if you fall to your knees as an apology to me, I promise I won't punch your face. Otherwise I'll beat you to a disgusting pig."

"I'm Ming Tie, the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, how dare you scold me? Do you want to die?" The young man said insidiously with his face darkened.

As the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, Ming Tie was responsible for the affairs in the secular world. Eastern Sea City Martial Arts School brought their talents into Iron Fist Sect as its new blood, while Green Hair provided Ming Tie with money by demanding protection fee and committing pengci at the railway station.

Young sect master Ming Tie?

Qingfeng Li gave a chilling smile, with a hint of worry in his eyes. It was true that he had once defeated Ying Zhou with ease, and that was because Ying Zhou's strength was only lower heaven level early-stage. This Ming Tie, however, was lower heaven level mid-stage.

Of course, Qingfeng Li was now also lower heaven level mid-stage, so he was surely not afraid of Ming Tie with regard to strength. Actually, it was Ming Tie's identity of Iron Fist Sect's young sect master that was beyond his expectation.

By talking with Xianzhi Qin, Qingfeng had known that the sect master of Iron Fist Sect was a Higher Heaven level master, as a result of which he did not intend to completely become Iron Fist Sect's enemy. But it seemed that he had to, since Ming Tie came to give him trouble today.

"Ming Tie, I remember there is a rule in the ancient martial arts world that they do not bully ordinary people in the secular world, and you seem to have broken the rule?" Qingfeng Li queried with a faint smile.

"Rules are rigid, while men are flexible. What is more, it was Green Hair who demanded a protection fee, so it can't be regarded as a violation since he is one of the ordinary. But you, dared to scold me today, it's impossible for you to leave in one piece." Ming Tie smiled coldly with a trace of cruelty in his eyes, and said with a tone of threat.

Ming Tie stepped toward Qingfeng Li once he finished his speech, intending to hit the guy in order to let he know that the dignity of Iron Fist Sect could not be violated.

Nowadays the society had become resource-oriented. The commonly needed resources might be money, authority and fame, while ancient martial artists also demanded resources, like money, elixirs, cultivation techniques and so on.

Like the saying that the poor succeeded by going to school which was economical while the wealthy succeeded by learning martial arts which were costly, the ancient martial artists' course of cultivation and refinement also was very costly because they needed money to buy elixirs, such as the thousand-year-old ginseng, as well as some rare herbal medicines.

The railway station was the most flourishing place in Eastern Sea City. Therefore Green Hair used to earn millions of Yuan per month in the railway station neighborhood. And most of the money was given to Ming Tie for the purchase of spirit herbs. Due to Green Hair's injury, the earnings would shrink greatly. As a result, surely Ming Tie wanted to give Qingfeng Li trouble. Otherwise he did not deserve to be the young sect master.

Ming Tie walked

toward Qingfeng Li, and his strength increased along with each of his steps. The atmosphere had become extremely serious.


Ming Tie shouted in a low voice, suddenly swinging his right fist as if he had thrown a rock. Instantly there were four big holes appearing in the air, which were smashed through by his fist.

Lower heaven level late-stage?

Qingfeng Li felt depressed as his pupils shrank. Only the lower heaven level late-stage had the strength of two thousand kilograms, who was able to tear up the air with one punch. The force was pressed to such an extreme degree that the air was compressed.

"Wind-Edge Palm." Qingfeng Li dared not to be careless, suddenly blew out the Wind-Edge Palm, ripping apart the air with a green light, ending up with crashing into the opponent's fist.


There was a loud bang, and Ming Tie stayed still. But Qingfeng Li could not help backing up with a few steps.

Qingfeng Li currently was only lower heaven level mid-stage, so he was surely unable to fight against Ming Tie who was lower heaven level late-stage. Besides, a touch of a burning sensation passed from Ming Tie's fist had left Qingfeng Li's palm with a burning pain.

Qingfeng Li promptly analyzed the situation in his mind, as he had known that the Wind-Edge Palm was unable to go against Ming Tie. The Iron Fist Sect was well-known for firm fists, and fist arts were its cultivation technique, which could make a pair of fists invulnerable and strong enough to smash apart steel plates with one punch.

"Not bad. No wonder Ying Zhou was defeated by you. You're a lower heaven level mid-stage master." Ming Tie frowned with a surprise in his eyes.

It was known that Ming Tie, as the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, was so strong that normally he could beat up the opponent with just one punch. Therefore he did not expect that Qingfeng Li was able to withstand his one blow.

"Ha-ha, I thought about how strong the Iron Fist Sect would be, yet it turns out to be so disappointing." Qingfeng Li said, and rubbed his palm that was sort of painful.

"You are too arrogant. Iron Fist!" Ming Tie smiled coldly, lashing his fist out towards Qingfeng Li again with the sound of the air that boomed out.

This time, Qingfeng Li did not choose the head-on fight because he knew his Wind-Edge Palm was unable to resist that, as a result of which he spans his feet on the ground, then backed up to the lift side, escaping from the opponent's struck in a second.

Ming Tie's punch did not hit Qingfeng Li, but on an advertisement billboard behind him. With a sound of a bang, the iron billboard was beaten into two halves and fell down to the ground.

What a strong force!

Qingfeng Li paled, because he knew that being erected just for a short time, the billboard was made of aluminum alloy and refined iron, but it was unbelievably destroyed by only one punch of Ming Tie.

Qingfeng Li gave a glance at the aluminum alloy billboard and mourned for it. But he nearly burst into laugh when he saw the content of the advertisement, because it wrote: "Good physique does not indicate your kidney works well. To benefit your kidney, please take some Kidney Treasure (TL: a supplement that's basically like Viagra)."

Qingfeng Li twitched the corners of his mouth, stopped looking at the broken billboard, as Ming Tie swung his fist at him once again.

In terms of strength alone, surely Qingfeng Li was unable to compete with Ming Tie. However, his speed was much faster than that of Ming Tie, for he had experienced countless dangerous situations on the Wolf Continent in his childhood. In order to survive, he even used to race with African leopards, and therefore his speed was promoted at that time with a record of ten meters per second.

Failing to hit Qingfeng Li with several punches in a row, Ming Tie got a bit annoyed, since Ying Zhou was still watching behind him and he might think the young sect master was not that good.

"Qingfeng Li, you think you're the only one that knows movement techniques?" Ming Tie smiled brutally, stepped hard on the ground with his tiptoe and leaped upward like a hawk spreading its wings, instantly approaching Qingfeng Li.

The movement technique Ming Tie used was called "Crane-Style Movement Technique", which was for the Higher Heaven level. Even though he merely learned the first level, his speed had become as fast as the wind, like a white crane, and he could move eleven meters in one second.

Qingfeng Li's highest speed was ten meters per second, but that of Ming Tie with Crane-shape Movement Technique could reach eleven meters per second, so surely Ming Tie was able to catch up with Qingfeng Li in a blink of an eye.

"Kid, where are you running to this time?" Ming Tie gave a cold smile, and fiercely swung his fist, which was shining with black lights, like an iron fist with horrifying force, aiming at Qingfeng Li's body.

Qingfeng Li paled because he did not expect Ming Tie was able to move so fast and instantly approach him along with the punch.

All of a sudden, Qingfeng Li hurried to stretch out his right hand and blew to the fist of Ming Tie.

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