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When hearing Qingfeng Li's words, the crowd around turned and looked at the middle-aged woman finding that there was no blood on her leg for sure. Didn't she claim that her leg was hit and broken off? Why was there no blood at all?

At this moment, some people had begun to doubt the middle-aged woman. The railway station was such a messy place, could the woman be doing pengci?

At the sight of the crowd's attitudes, a hint of panic came into the middle-aged woman's eyes, she took a hard stare at Qingfeng Li and blamed all of this on him. If he did not point out that there was no blood on her leg, she would not be so passive now.

The middle-aged woman blinked and gave a look at a middle-aged man with short hair in the crowd. The man nodded, then suddenly rushed out of the crowd and fell upon the woman.

"Honey, your leg is bleeding. What a cruel driver. The driver meant to kill you." When falling upon the woman, the middle-aged man with short hair took out a small bag of blood from his pocket and directly poured it on her leg while nobody noticed. All of a sudden, there was a lot of blood appearing on the woman's leg.

The surrounding people all showed their sympathy in their eyes with a feeling that the woman was truly unfortunate, when they saw the blood on her leg.

Although the middle-aged man with short hair did it sneakily and no one noticed him, Qingfeng Li had found out the blood the man used actually came from a chicken, not human beings.

"Pay us money. You've hit and broke off my wife's leg. Hurry and compensate us." Cried the middle-aged man, with a gloomy face.

It had to be said that these guys who did pengci were not only professional, but also rampant. They dared to commit blackmail in broad daylight.

Qingfeng Li gave a cold smile and walked to the middle-aged man, asking, "I have a question, if a broken leg is worth one million Yuan, then how much money we should pay to kill your wife?:

"Young man, you're lucky, you've just broken off my wife's one leg. If you hit her to death, you must pay ten millions."

"Take the liberty of asking again, if we can pay ten millions to kill your wife, then how much can I pay to beat you to death?"

"You're stupid, of course you must pay ten million to kill me, the same as that of my wife."

"Very good, there're twenty millions in my bank card which is enough to kill you both." Qingfeng Li smiled slightly with a sarcastic look.


Qingfeng Li turned back and got into the car, stepping on accelerator and turning the steering wheel, inching towards the middle-aged woman and man.

"Stop, stop, young man, stop the car." Seeing Qingfeng Li driving the car to run onto them, the middle-aged man, who trembled with fear, shouted at once.

"You just said paying ten millions could compensate each kill, so I'm going to kill you both and pay you twenty millions which you can spend slowly." Qingfeng Li smiled cruelly and continued to drive the car towards the middle-aged woman and man.

The middle-aged woman who was lying on the ground became dumbfounded. She thought that Qingfeng Li agreed to pay her, but beyond her expectation, the money the young man was ready to pay was for killing them, not for breaking a leg.

Looking at the approaching car, the middle-aged woman's face paled. She just wanted to grab some money by means of pengci rather than being killed. If she really died, getting so much money would make no sense.


The middle-aged woman rose suddenly from the ground, running away with long strides, who seemed not injured in fact. As for the broken leg, it turned out to be so flexible that it was not hurt at all.

"F*ck, they just committed pengci. No wonder they run so fast, the leg was actually not broken."

"Right, look at the blood on the ground, it's not human blood at all, it's chicken blood."

"What a shame! It's the young man who is smart enough to scare away the bad guys with the threat of hitting them to death."

The people around were commenting and getting angry.

Having found the trick was brought to the light, the middle-aged man turned back in the hope of running away as well. But Qingfeng Li grabbed the man's collar and said coldly, "Where are you going?"

"Let me go." The middle-aged man paled and shouted.

Qingfeng Li sneered and said, "Let you go? You've done pengci to lots of people at this railway station, right? Today I'll teach you a lesson since others dare not."


Qingfeng Li raised his right foot and kicked it towards the middle-aged man, ending up with breaking the man's left leg.

"AH, my leg!" The man screamed. He did not pretend this time, and it was true that his leg had been broken by Qingfeng Li.

"This a punishment to you, and I'll break off both your legs if you continue to do pengci." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, and threw the screaming man to the road side.

"Honey, let's go and buy electrical appliances." Qingfeng Li gave a slight smile, then walked towards the electrical appliances mall with Xue Lin.

The paled middle-aged man behind them was staring at Qingfeng Li with resentment in his eyes. The reason why he dared to do pengci here was that he knew someone who was associated with the gangsters. Otherwise, he would not have done pengci here.

"Young man, how dare you break off my leg and stop me from making money? I won't let you get away with this." The middle-aged man took out his mobile and dialed, with his face full of grudge.

"Brother Green Hair, I was beaten today when I did pengci. You must avenge me." The middle-aged man spoke over the phone.

"What, someone dare to stop us from making money. Where're you now, I send my men to beat him up." Green Hair shouted over the phone. In fact, the middle-aged man and woman mainly did pengci and a part of what they had earned would be handed in to Green Hair due to their partnership.

Qingfeng Li beat the middle-aged man and exposed their pengci business, which led to their loss of money, therefore they got very angry.

"Brother Green Hair, I'm at the electrical appliances wholesale mall next to the railway station." The middle-aged man said.

"You just wait, I'm coming with my men right away." Green Hair hung up the phone once he said that, heading to the electrical appliances wholesale mall together with a group of people.

At that time, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin had entered the electrical appliances wholesale mall, so they had no idea about the upcoming revenge from the middle-aged man. But even if he knew what to happen, he would not care about it. There were too many bad guys in the society, and correspondingly, there always had to be someone to teach them a lesson.

The ten-floor electrical appliances wholesale mall was a huge place occupying over one thousand acres with all kinds of electrical appliances such as TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and air purifiers as well as cell phones, and you name it.

Certainly, there were also many people here. When entering the mall, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin had found it so crowded that people walked shoulder-to-shoulder and the mall was jam-packed with a crowd of people.

"Honey, there're so many people here." Xue Lin seldom came here, and it happened to be the weekend today, as a result of which there were a particularly large number of people, so she felt a little uncomfortable.

"It's okay. You can walk slowly." Qingfeng Li held one of Xue Lin's small hand and went up to the second floor.

The second floor of the electrical appliances wholesale mall mainly sold TV sets, most of which were LCD TV, cable TV, ranging from 19 inches to 50 inches. And correspondingly there were various TV brands including Hisense, Changhong, Skyworth, TCL, Konka, LeTV, Amoi and so on. For a while, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin completely had no idea about which brand to buy, as they got dazzled by the bewildering brands.

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